Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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It seems that I am in dire need of medical attention. All my freaking life I have been meticulously careful. Ever since I went to Berkeley I seem to be doing one mistake on top of another.

What was wrong with us staying in a motel? Sure, we don’t want to be noticed but it’s not that I don’t know at least a couple of motels that would take cash and keep their mouths shut. Some are even fairly decent. But no. I had to bring him here.

Eileen won’t mind us crashing in one of her ten houses around the world, I know. After what I did for her, she owes me more than free lodging. But I do mind. Staying in this house, with the indoor-outdoor pool and the jacuzzi is-

Oh, now we are thinking of the jacuzzi, are we? I roll my eyes at my own self as I walk to the front door. No keys required to enter. Top notch security is set up here. I made sure of it. The reinforced door opens with an eye scan and its the same scan that deactivates the alarm. Eileen values her original art.

I place my eye on the scanner and the system welcomes me. I glance over my shoulder and I see Stig is quite impressed. For some stupid reason, seeing his approving smile makes my chest swell.

“Tight security,” he says.

Fuck, his tired voice is so damn sexy.

“Safe to work out of here,” he assesses.

Good. He thinks I brought him here because it’s safer. Not because it is... Fuck. Not because it’s more romantic than a motel.

“Yeah,” I say and push the door.

He steps inside and takes the place in. It is elegant but not in a too girly way. Eileen is anything but. The place is all metal and glass and two things dominate the ground floor. The huge, white couch with the immense TV screen and the sleek, all-metal kitchen with the unobstructed view to the city.

“Goddamn it!” Stig exclaims and drops his saddlebag on the granite floor.

I frown as I watch him go to the TV screen and drop on the floor.

“That is not even supposed to be out yet!” He points at some kind of video game console.

I shake my head. I remember how I first saw him with some kind of video game playing in the background. And no t-shirt on, my mind promptly offers. Instantly all I care about is whether he is in the habit of walking around barechested indoors and I do not know what I should wish for. Looking upon that glorious body or have it covered up?

“Eileen has some pull,” I cough and make for the stairs. “You want me to show you your room?”

“Nah,” he says still fixed on the console. “I will probably sleep on the couch looking at this beauty.”


I try not to sound disappointed but this is the only excitement he has ever shown ever since we left Berkeley. Great, I am jealous of a freaking machine now! I say nothing and go up the stairs. The place has enough bedrooms for us, one master and the others are guest rooms though Eileen seldom lives here and for sure she has no other guests but me.

I go for the master bedroom - why not take advantage of the situation? - and drop my duffel bag on the perfectly made bed. If things are how I left them, Eileen’s trusted old cleaning lady will be coming for her weekly rounds in two days. Hopefully, we will be gone by then.

I open the bag and fish for fresh clothes before I head into the bathroom. White marble covers everything and makes me feel a little bit more serene. I opt to have a shower though that huge tub is so inviting. I get in the stall and have the water run. It’s a big, glass stall. Big enough to, let’s say, fit two built men.

“Shit!” I exclaim.

The last thing I need is some hot porn fantasy while on the job. This is fucked up. This is so fucked up! But my brain seems to only register the “fuck” part of the situation and all blood flows to my nether regions while my mind is picturing Stig in here, under the water.

Yeah, that’s it! I would pin him against the wall and I would trap him there. I would push my body against his and we would be touching everywhere. From that hard, colorful chest of his to his perfect hips. And his-

Oh, come on! I grind my teeth and turn the water to freezing cold hoping that this will be enough. And to top that, I am thinking of the missing boy.

That does it. My focus moves from Stig to that boy that desperately needs my help. His father may be a ruthless cartel boss but he is still a little boy. Lost and alone. And Stig is here to help me find him and nothing more.

When I get out of the shower, my head is clearer and I am already planning our next moves. I wrap a towel around my hips and take another to dry my hair. I walk out to my room already thinking about what we can have for dinner and if ordering out is a bad idea or not when I sense something.

I drag the towel I am holding down my neck only to see Stig in the corridor. He is holding his saddlebag and is frozen mid-step. His clear blue eyes are fixed on me. Not in my eyes. A little bit lower. To be precise, his look is wandering on the towel I have around my hips. It has fallen low and the top of my pubic hair is showing but Stig regards me as if I were completely naked. Under his gaze, I do feel naked and I am not the slightest ashamed.

Everything else ceases to exist. The boy, the job, the cartel, the house, dinner, the world, the whole damn universe. All that remains is him, with that scorching look on his face that sends shocks to my spine and makes me hard in seconds.

The effects of this silent exchange are tenting my towel and I am sure, as per usual, that Stig will get his angry face on and walk away. What actually happens is a low growl that’s barely audible and his body leaning to me as if ready to launch himself at me. His fingers tighten around his saddlebag and the air is filled by the crackling of leather, evidence that he is trying too hard to control himself. What would happen if he lost control?

I wet my lips at the thought and when I see him pull that lip ring in his mouth, I am ready to blow. I am not ashamed to admit that it usually takes me some time to get it up and some effort to finally come. I always thought that maybe I had medical issues down there. Now I know that all it took is to have Stig look at me like that.

Stig is the first one to snap out of it. He coughs and releases his lip ring.

“My room?”

Your room, my room, who cares? I just want you naked.

“Pick any,” I say a bit too hastily.

I see it. I see exactly what goes through his mind for a second. The same thought that passes by my mind as well. Or I can stay here. Those are the words I want to hear him say. Or you can stay here. Those are the words I want to say.

None of those things are uttered. Instead, I just stand there and watch him go down the hall to find his room.

I turn and go back into the bathroom. I turn the water to freezing cold and get under the shower.

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