Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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I go up the stairs as if the hordes of Hell is on my back. But it’s not. If anything, being in Nathan’s arms, feeling him so close was absolute heavenly bliss. If Tor hadn’t called... Yes, If Tor hadn’t called, I would have gone all the way with him, throwing all caution out of the window. And I know it would be worth it. Helvete, the little taste I got was worth it.

But it was good that Tor called. Brought me back to reality, back to the world where we are not just the two of us in a cool house, watching movies. Back to reality where we got a job to do, where a kid is missing, where no one must ever to know what... what I really am.

I get in the room I chose and go straight for my laptop. Some shit on the porn website or something. I was not really listening, I was still caught in a haze, fucking hard for Nathan, already feeling his hot mouth on my raging erection. A raging erection that is still going on no matter how Tor’s call rattled me.

I grab the laptop and sink in the comfortable bed. Before I get the chance to do any real job, the door knocks. I frown and swallow. I am torn between wanting to see him, smell him, feel him and keeping my distance.

“Stig,” his voice is demanding.

I take a deep breath and leave the laptop aside. I wouldn’t be doing any real job anyway. I would be thinking of that kiss, of his arms around me, of the softness of his skin and those damn firm ass cheeks that were inviting me to spread them and dive deep into them.

I know how this conversation is going to go. He is going to blame me for stopping this and he might even call me out for my closeted status. He is openly gay and given the nature of his job I doubt it has been easy getting others to respect that. I... I can’t. I am a Rider and I fucking love being a Rider. I belong here, I have a home. How would my brothers feel with that? Besides, after Takeshi? I am not taking any chances.

I go to the door, ready to raise a wall between us. If he wants to make me feel shitty for not coming out, then fuck him! I am not going to be pushed around to do shit I am not comfortable doing and he can shove all his self-righteousness up his incredibly sexy ass. That’s right!

The door opens and I am revved up, ready to shut him down hard.

“Are you fucking with Tor?”

What? I was expecting anything but that.

“Are you?” Nathan demands.

He seems really angry, his straight eyebrows forming a deep V.

“Why...?” I can’t seem to be able to form a comprehensible question.

“Why? Cause before he called you were ready to go at it. As soon as you hear his master’s voice you turn all icy cold.”

“No, Nathan. I am not fucking Tor.”

A sigh of relief. Wait. Was he jealous or something? No, it can’t be.

“I mean, I would totally get it if you did. Tor is hot. A major asshole but a hot asshole at that.”

It’s my turn to frown. I know Tor would never go with a guy but why does it bother me that Nathan finds my King hot? Is it because back in the day I had a one-day crush for him before I got my senses back? Though I know. It’s not because Nathan finds Tor hot. It’s because Nathan finds Tor hot.

“Then why, Stig?” Nathan interrupts my mind from wandering. “Are you going to go all defensive I am not a fag and shit like that? If you are, bullshit! You were hard for me the moment we met. And you were hard for me on that rug so don’t give me any shit because-”

“I won’t,” I stop him.

This seems to make him more mellow. Still, the V has no intention of moving on to other letters of the alphabet.

“I won’t OK?” I repeat. “What... What happened, I wanted it to happen.”

Nathan takes a deep breath. For a few seconds, we just stand there. It’s in the air, I can feel it and taste it. More or less the air has cleared so... Why not go back to what we were doing before, right? Nathan seems to be on board as he moves to me, gluing his body to mine.

My body reacts differently than my mind orders it to. My raging erection stretches and thickens and I even feel pre-cum soiling my briefs. How I long for him on his knees, sucking me, my fingers through his hair and those defiant eyes of his looking up at me. And when he leans in and rubs his nose on my cheek, breathing on me, I can’t stifle a deep moan rising from my throat.

“I get it, pretty boy,” he whispers and I shiver. “You don’t want your big, bad bikers to know. But they are not here. It’s just us.”

Exactly what I am dreaming of. A hot night with Nathan. The clashing of bodies, the bliss of being free to explore. I am so torn between my body and my mind that I am just standing there while Nathan keeps his assault on my sanity.

“I can make you feel so good,” he whispers in my ear.

He doesn’t have to sell him to me. I am holding a handful of dollars and I am throwing it his way like a drunk divorcee on his first night in a strip club.

“So, so good,” he whispers and his hand goes down my naked torso.

He takes one nipple ring between his fingers and he twists it. The pain and the rush are so fucking incredible, I get weak in my knees. Nathan grabs the chance and pushes me to the wall while his hand ventures south.

“That’s it,” he keeps whispering. “Let go.”

One by one the buttons of my jeans are unbuttoned and his hot hand reaches in. I take in a sharp breath when his agile fingers wrap around my shaft.

“You are so hard. All this for an old man?” Nathan teases.

I have no fucking retort. All my brain cells are doing now is taking in the amazing feeling of his body on mine, of that cinnamon scent of his and those fingers making me so high.

Without even knowing that I am doing it, I move my hips to rub my erection in his hand. It’s been so fucking long. So very fucking long.

My body relaxes and my head leans back to the wall, my eyes closed. Nathan leans in and kisses my neck, licking his way up my jaw. And all this time his hand has made me painfully hard.

And just when I can’t take it anymore, Nathan stops. I am ready to protest when Nathan drops on his knees before me and looks up at me with a hungry look on his face. A look that gets even hungrier when he looks at my dick protruding from the jeans.

Helvete! I have never seen a sexiest thing in my life than this man on his knees before me, looking starved for my dick. If Tor calls now, he can go fuck himself!

Nathan comes closer and his hot breath is almost enough to make me come. But not quite enough.

“Fuck!” I hiss.

Nathan has wrapped his mouth around the head and licks it with his tongue. None of the skilled rotters has made me feel this way. But it wasn’t their lack of skill. They just weren’t Nathan.

I gather myself and look down only to lose my breath once again. Nathan pins his eyes in mine and takes one long lick over the leaking head. His eyes narrow with lust as he swallows my length.

"Djävlar! Don’t stop!”

I reach down and grab a handful of his hair and roll my hips to be buried in his mouth. He takes me all in and for a slip of a second I am pissed at thinking how he got so good at this. And then I get lost in the bliss he is offering me.

He is taking it slow, enjoying every time I sheathe down his throat and he shows his appreciation by moaning. The vibration is just adding to the sensations attacking me.

"Seså! That’s it. Take it all,” I hear my voice so hoarse I barely recognize it.

And damn him he does. He picks up the pace and he takes it all, rough as I might be. My grip in his hair must be painful but all he does is caress my abs with one hand and cupping my balls with the other. This is not going to take me long.

“Fuck, that’s so good,” I can’t shut up when he is going at it like that.

I know I am not going to last long and I don’t fucking care. It has been so long and my body is rushing to the high I have deprived it. And just like that, I let go, just like he ordered.

“Fuck, Nathan, I am coming!”

I expect him to lean back but he swallows deeper and when my cum starts shooting he doesn’t let one drop drip.

“Fuck, fuck, Nathan. Oh, fuuuck!” I am screaming as I come.

I have never ever screamed like that. Ever. And the way my body tingles from head to bottom? Newly-found experience. What the hell is going on? I am wondering as I am struggling to catch my breath.

I do not know how much time it takes me to come to but when I do, Nathan is glued to me, his nose close to mine, one hand twined him my hair and the other over his jeans where his very impressive erection is outlined.

“Not bad for an old man, right?” he whispers seductively. “Now," his voice goes even deeper, "let’s see what a pretty boy can do.”

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