Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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It happened! The one thing that I have been dreaming about since day one, has happened. I had him in my mouth, screaming my name, coming hard. And I am just getting started with him.

I was so pissed when I thought he was fucking Tor, that I was ready to throw a hissy fit as if we were dating or something. And then when I thought I would hear the same old bullshit I have heard from closeted men after they had crossed the line of their true wants, I was ready for a real fight.

What I wasn’t expecting, was him admitting that he wanted it. He wanted to kiss me, he wanted me to kiss him, he wanted our bodies crashing against each other, our dicks rubbing. So, I moved in to get what we both wanted from day one. I know it has made my job difficult and the life of a kid might be in danger but I am so fucking happy there is some paranoid criminal out there that has encrypted his hard drive. If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here with the hottest man I have ever met.

So fucking hot.

Stig comes to from his haze and he looks into my eyes with a bleary look, filled with hunger and I do not mind being eaten. Not one little bit.

“You sure you can take what I offer, old man?” Stig growls.

Give it to me, now! I am not beneath begging at this point.

“Very sure, pretty boy,” I rasp.

It’s Stig’s turn to pin me against the wall and he presses his whole bulk against me. He is slightly shorter than me but he is heavier, more muscular and those colorful tattoos make him look even bigger. I have never been handled like this by another man, never felt dwarfed. I like it. Fuck, I like it!

With his body pressed against mine, Stig picks up where he left off before Tor’s rude interruption. His hand moves purposefully to the seam of my sweats and he pulls the front down. My erection springs and hits my abdomen but is not allowed to stay free for long. His long fingers wrap around it and his hold is firm and rough.

"Du har en vacker stor kuk ," Stig says in Swedish, lost in his own world, his eyes half-closed.

I get Ava now. I have seen how she melted in a puddle of lust when Bjorn threw some random Swedish. Hearing Stig’s voice in my ear, whispering those delicious words? That is the most sexual thing I have ever experienced. And when his hand moves?


“That will come too,” Stig chuckles and I shiver in anticipation.

He squeezes me tight and moves his hand, my pre-cum making the move all the more erotic. All the encounters I have had so far had a procedural rush. I was horny, a guy came to me and we fucked, usually with haste, barely talking to each other. The way I am enjoying this slow build-up, the game we are playing, the tension is a whole new world for me. Along with a new realization: I want Stig to fuck me.

Not that I have any problem, but most times, I am the one to top, my partners quickly dropping on all fours. But now, right now, I want to rush to the bed, lose my sweats and drop on my knees and elbows, begging Stig to enter me.

As Stig’s hand slides up and down my swelling shaft, that thought becomes a deep need.

“Fuck me!”

He takes in a sharp breath that is half-surprise half an attempt to control himself.

“Fuck me, Stig.” I am surprised to hear me being reduced to a mass of want, my voice thick with lust and longing.

“Is that so, old man?” Stig’s voice strains to sound teasing but I hear the lust oozing from his every word. “You want my big pierced cock in your ass?”

I got nothing to reply to that. The moment I saw that barbell on his dick, I was a goner. He has a beautiful dick. I know I am as gay as a rainbow but even if I wasn’t, I think I would still beg him to fuck me, just to experience that.

I lean in and he takes his lips in mine. It starts as a declaration of “fuck me now”, fierce and demanding and arousing. But as his lips move with mine it turns deeper, slower, more sensual. My body melts into his and the tight hold on my erection becomes a tender caress.

We both break the kiss and look into each other’s eyes. Something has happened right now. Something that makes every inch of my skin crawl with equal parts of excitement and panic. I see it in Stig’s eyes too.

Before I get the chance to do anything about it - not that I would know what to do - Stig acts. He pushes me to the bed and climbs on after me. His look roams my body.

“I should have fucked you back then, in my room,” he rasps.

“I know what you mean, pretty boy,” I let out.

“Better late than ever, right?” Stig chuckles.

Goddamn it, he is so freaking cute. I feel my smile widen. He is a buff guy covered in badass Yakuza tattoos, the gun he carries is casually thrown on the floor along with his cut that identifies him as a member of a dangerous biker gang. And yet, as he smiles over me, he looks like a cute... like a cute fox up for mischief. How the hell am I supposed to resist that?

I pull him down over me and I kiss him with all I’ve got. Our mouths are hungry, his taste still in my mouth, my body craving for more. He moves purposefully and has me naked under him. He is still in his jeans and the chain he has attached to it hits me as he moves, the cool of the metal against my hot flesh.

My hands are all over his body, from his strong neck down his elbows, his pecs, his chest, his abs. I too pull down his loosened jeans but he gets up off the bed and throws them away on his own. I lift my self on the elbows and look upon the man standing before me. I have never in my lonely life have seen anything more beautiful.

He notices me inspecting him and he pulls on his lip ring nervously and a blush reddens his Scandinavian white cheeks that had taken nothing from the Californian sun. Again, those contrasts on him get under my skin. Right here before me stands the finest male specimen that has done me the honor of letting me touch his perfection. He is the nerd of the Riders, the most dangerous of them all, the weapon that makes his gang one of the most feared in the area. And he blushes. I mean... I am just a man.

“Come here,” I say with a trembling voice.

Instead, he reaches for his saddlebag and throws condoms and lube on the bed. I look back at him with a lewd smile.

“Yeah, shut up,” he kneels on the bed. “I brought these just in case.”

“Just in case?” I pull closer to him. “Just a certain old man begged you to fuck him?”

Stig pushes me back on the bed and goes for my neck. he feasts on my skin and I get light-headed. He bites my ear before breathing in and in that low purring of his, he says.

“Or the other way around.”

OK, I know that right now I need to be filled by him, but that image he painted in my mind is so powerful, I get even harder than I already am. without even thinking - what do I have left to think with anyway? - my hand goes for my dick.

“Hands off!” Stig barks and to prove his point, he takes both my hands and secures them over my head.

He slides his body close to mine, his leg between mine, his pelvis riding my thigh, our chests so close. I do not dare to move, I just breathe.

“I think,” Stig rubs his nose on my cheek, “I want to have a taste first.”

I take in a breath so forcefully that I sound like a panting engine right now. Stig. Going down on me. I will come when he breathes over me.

“Just... fuck me,” I try to spare me the embarrassment.

“I promised you, old man,” Stig moves lower onto the bed. “That will come too.”

He is merely breathing over my skin as he goes south but it’s enough for all of me to come alive. There are cells on my body that seem to have been dormant until Stig gave them attention. How will they go back to how they were before?

What? Where did this thought come from? I frown at this and my mind races both form the thrill and the panic but all goes to blinding white when a hot mouth wraps around my dick.

“Fuck,” my body jerks in response and my hands go straight to Stig’s hair.

“Mm,” is his reaction as he sucks deeper.

My eyes squeeze shut by the amazing sensation. I am lost in it and when I feel his lip ring grazing my skin I look down. He has his eyes closed and moans in pleasure. When he opens his eyes and he looks into mine, a shiver comes over me, a feeling so new and forcefull, I gasp for breath and I use all my willpower to stop from crying. The hottest man on Earth is giving me a blowjob, I am not going to cry, damn it!

Though I manage to keep it together and not ruin everything by untimely tears, to keep from coming as my dick hits the back of his throat is an inhuman feat.

“Stop,” I beg.

He releases me with pop and grabs me firmly, stroking idly.

“What’s wrong, old man? You going to spill too soon?”

“Too soon?” I am struggling. “I have had blue balls ever since you opened that goddamn door without a shirt on.”

He keeps his deliberate slow torture.

“Blue balls?” Stig squeezes. “Haven’t fucked anyone in the meantime?”

Innocent banter, right? Just teasing me, toying and keeping this light, right? Right? So why do I hear a slight tremor in his voice? Or do I wish to hear a tremor in his voice, a little bit of jealousy? And why am I thinking of this instead of asking him to swallow my dick or fucking my ass?

“No,” I answer his question and we both let out a breath.

"Bra,” he says and with one sudden move, he has me on my stomach.

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