Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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My leg twitches out of control but I do not have the state of mind to control it right now. Nathan insisted that he should come alone. Like Hell... I tagged along. And now I regret it.

Nathan’s masterplan? Flirt. He wore a smart suit, bought a leather carry-on and an expensive laptop bag, both properly packed to make him look like any respectable businessman. Though he kept his stubble and his hair combed back. That combination of sophisticated luxury and bad boy vibe he has going on is irresistible. I hate to admit it but it’s a plan that might work. I can already see most of the women passing by him linger and smile seductively at him.

Fan! I’ve had a taste of this, know it’s all an act and still can’t resist him. For now, he is just checking some papers of pie charts and some shit he had me print. Or pretending to do so. He is scanning the area looking for a way in. He has moved to three different locations but this is not the LAX. If he doesn’ t make a move soon, he might get noticed.

Sure, I had him a ticket booked for Chicago under a fake name and his flight doesn’t leave for a few hours and sure, he looks respectable enough, just some businessman stranded between flights and meetings but these are strange times we are living in.

And then I see him focus. There is a change in the shift at a gate near him and he has his eyes focused on the man taking the chair and preparing. A glint lights up in his face. I turn to the man too.

He is a sturdy middle-aged man, rather strict looking African-American. That has a ring around his finger. What the fuck? Is he taking a bet? Or has he... By the way the other man looks at Nathan as he walks up closer, I am guessing that he has met with the man before. With a mixture of surprise, lust, and dread.

A bite of jealousy runs through me and I growl lowly much to the dismay of the old lady solving puzzles a few seats next to mine. I was not expecting Nathan to be a blushing virgin before he met me. I wasn’t. But to see him actually stroll confidently to an ex-lover has me tied up in knots.

“What are you doing?” I whisper into the comm.

Wood has seriously rubbed off on me. I wouldn’t dream of letting Nathan go in without some form of communication or surveillance. He is a respected businessman and him talking in his headphones is totally realistic so I went with the obvious choice.

“Getting your klubba in the right place,” he chuckles.

I hate it when he does all he can to enrage and arouse me at the same time. And yet I have never felt more alive than when he does.

“Are you sure that-?”

“Oh, trust me,” he chuckles again, straightening his jacket. “I am very very sure.”

Fuck! I am this close to blowing this thing. I don’t want Nathan near that man. That man has touched what is mi- Fan! Ditt jävla rövhål! I swear and hiss making the old lady simply take her bag and leave.

I see Nathan stand before the gate, holding his latte and his papers, smiling at the man that is seriously sweating and looking around nervously. Nathan leans to say something to the man, the man softly pushes him away. Nathan then, deftly, making it look like an accident pours his coffee on his papers.

The other guy gets even more stressed and seems anxious to have Nathan leave as soon as possible. He is swallowing to wet his throat and at some point, he even seems as if he is begging Nathan to leave. Nathan waves his spoiled papers and makes some kind of a small, discreet scene but a scene nonetheless. The man is sweating profusely now in the airconditioned area.

That’s when Nathan gives the man the USB stick. I sit up. The man quickly takes the USB, leans down and a few minutes after hands Nathan a freshly printed set of papers. Nathan smiles at the man, whispers something in his ear that makes the other man widen his eyes and then walks away.

I smile and pull my lip ring. Masterfully done. I watch as Nathan wonders in the Duty-Free Area for a while before walking out of the airport. I wait for a few minutes and I follow his lead. I hop on my bike and ride straight to the meeting point.

I am so fucking hard right now. For a million reasons, half of them wrong. I am turned on by the way he handled the situation. But also so frustrated and angry that he met an ex-lover, that he used their old connection. I want to take him now, erase even the thought of the other man. Nathan sure seemed to wear a broad smile when he saw the man. Was he reminded of the time they had spent together? I will fucking erase his memory. I will fuck Nathan till he forgets his own name.

I enter the area and Nathan is already there, eating from a bag of potato chips. Anthony is nowhere to be found. That makes me happy cause the things I want to do to Nathan right now are not for underage eyes. But then again, we are in the middle of some shit. Where is the kid?

I say nothing to Nathan, just head straight to Anthony’s station and unlock it. Then I chuckle. The kid has left me the route he is taking to a burger place and the surveillance feed from establishments on the way as well as the monitoring of the place itself.

“Oh, it was nothing really,” Nathan says right behind me.

I growl and mess with my hair to keep focused. But that’s a losing game. He leans closer to me and breaths on my neck.

“Mm,” he murmurs lowly.

I take in a deep breath cause if I don’t, I will grab him, push him on his knees and have him suck me off while I check where the kid is so I would know if I would need to make it quick or gag him painfully slow.

“What, pretty boy? No thank you for a job well done?”

I push my chair back and get up to face him. The blood in my body has divided between my two heads and it’s boiling. Nathan just stands there and takes another chip from that bag. I am supposed to be the cold-blooded Scandinavian in the room. He is still toying with me, still fucking with me constantly.

“So you stumbled across a pathetic, church-goer, married man with two kids that you bend over some trashcan in Fuckville or some shit, ” I say and narrow my eyes with malice. “Sure, good job, old man.”

Nathan leaves the bag on the desk and takes one step to me without dropping his venomous smile.

“Then why are you mad jealous, pretty boy?”

Because I fucking am! I want to scream in his face. Instead, I grab him by the expensive dress shirt he has bought to look the part he was playing and pull him to me. I say nothing, I just punish him with a bruising kiss that is meant to be sheared on his skin, my fingers almost tearing the shirt at its seams, my body an electric wire. I am harsh and cruel and vengeful and territorial as shit right now. No more hazing the Riders with their Valkyries anymore, I promise as I drink from the same bitter cup.

“Did he fuck you as good as I did?” I hiss over Nathan’s lips.

One wrong word and I will lose it. I will motherfucking lose it! Nathan swallows having lost his smug smile.

“No,” he whispers. “No one has. Ever.”

I push him back just to look into his eyes and see if he is bullshitting me. He is not. He is as shocked to let this slip as I was to hear it. My fingers uncurl and search his face slowly. He tries to look away. It has cost him to confess that and I know why. If it was only an admission that I was a good fuck, he would have some snarky remark to go with it. But it is more. I know it is more cause - fuck me - it is more for me too.

I lean in and I take his lips, this time slowly, taking my time to savor his taste, my tongue searching his softly. He is rigid at first, barely kissing me back, weighing how much more he would be giving out if he did. But then he gives up, his body relaxes and cradles my head in his hands, kissing me back in a tender way that has me shivering from an emotion I can’t handle.

“Burgers for every- Ooops, sorry.” Anthony barges in.

I chuckle.

“Tor would love this kid,” I laugh and shake my head.

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