Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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OK, this is the shit. I need to this right so we can all the hell out of here in one piece so Nathan and I can go back to Erin’s and fuck our brains out till the end of days. Or till you leave for home.

I shake my head at the thought. This is certainly not the time to think about that. Not there is something to think about. I will go back to Berkeley after all this is done. That’s where my family is, my brothers. my brothers that do not know... Enough.

“Now,” I say with my most commanding voice. “Let’s see why is everyone is going to go home and forget all about this.”

Nobody moves, not even Nathan that still has his gun extended and has my back. He has my back, the heaviness of that statement weighs on me. I glance at him and he simply nods. We are in this together.

“Let’s start with you,” I point at the man I know leads the kidnappers. “You puzzle me.”

“I will fix this for you,” he growls and shows off his gun holster.

“I can send this video and all the evidence I have to the police,” I say and linger to watch his reaction.

He tries to play it cool but his lips twitch nervously. His henchmen as if on instinct take a few steps back.

“Ooor I can send this to his father.” I point at the boy that is looking at us with hope.

At the same time, I see sheer fear go over the man. His hands tremble and he breaks in sweat. At the threat, his hired muscle take even more steps away from him. I guess he was hoping to this make a shitload of money and move away from the cartel’s grasp.

“So,” the man says with a trembling voice, “all I have to do is kill you. ”

I smirk. It is so great that people are so fucking predictable. It’s one of the things Ava and I love about them.

“You could. But then no one will be able to stop the automatic message to be sent to both recipients. I need to log in every ten minutes and punch in a secret code. And then we can all place bets who will get to you first, the police or the cartel.”

The boy behind him smiles in satisfaction. I do not know whether he likes what his father does for a living - or rather for a killing - but I am certain he is overjoyed right about now.

“Stop this nonsense right-!” Velez orders still on the steps of his jet.

“You,” I point a finger at him, “shut the fuck up and wait for your fucking turn or I will be really pissed.”

Velez stumbles. I might as well be the first person to talk to him like that for Tyr knows how long. But he comes to quickly and opens his mouth for a threatening retort.

“I said shut it!” I order and lean over my laptop. “Or I might as well be a fucker and crash you anyway. I am seriously tempted, you piece of shit! Sure your kid is very sick. But you are sicker! Willing to kill another boy just for a chance yours survives.”

“A drug lord’s son,” he spits.

I straighten my back and pin him with my look.

“Are you any better?”

He frowns. This man sleeps with a clear conscience.

“I do not know where to even begin with you,” I threaten. “Him,” I point at the head of the kidnappers, “I get. Probably born on the wrong side of town, no school, no family, no education. Yeah, he fucked up his options and he is an immoral asshole but I get that. You,” I narrow my eyes. “You are the worst scum on Earth. Born into riches, went to the best schools in Europe, you had every choice. And your choice was to be a worthless piece of shit.”

“Worthless? I am worth-” Velez is ready to intimidate me with his billions.

“Tempt me one more fucking time. I said SHUT UP!”

He clamps his mouth. Nathan behind me chuckles.

“Do you mind, Mr. Jones, if I start with him?” I turn to the ringleader.

He frowns in confusion.

“Don’t move, I will be right back to you. Just since Mr. Velez here was rude enough to interrupt, I would like to teach him a lesson.”

Jones nods comically.

“Now, Mr. Velez, where do I start? Should it be the factory fire in Vietnam that killed 2390 of the workers in your sweatshop because you had zero safety regulation? Half of which were kids your son’s age? I got proof right here.” I tap the laptop. “Neh, you were acquitted of that. You can get away with shit like these. A fire here, a death there, polluting a river now and then, killing whole villages with chemicals. Who cares?”

His face remains stone cold. As I predicted, these things matter little to him.

“So, two other options remain. One, the embezzlement.”

He goes paperwhite in an instant. I smirk. This was pure luck. Back when I was still a rookie hacker in Sweden I was challenged to hack one of Europe’s richest men. Some other on-line “friends” and I played this game and I was assigned to Velez. Easy as shit to hack the man especially since I took the trip to Madrid, printed a t-shirt of his Internet provider, created some problem and then rung the bell of his villa. And that asshole hasn’t changed a thing on his personal laptop. My backdoor was still wide open.

“How much is it now? I am not sure but I am guessing the board of your company will count every fucking penny. You can kill all the poor men you want, Velez, but you do not steal from other rich men.”

He stumbles as he glances at the boy and then his hired muscle. Nathan moves behind me and focuses on them still keeping an eye on the kidnappers.

“The other option now. Correct me if I am wrong,” I say with malice, “but you and your wife do not have a prenup, right?”

I can’t help but smile even wider when Velez supports himself on the rails of the stairs. This will be the last nail on his coffin.

“I do not know how your relationship with her is but I am pretty sure she will not appreciate your mistress.”

If he could kill me with a look, I would be dead under Velez’s gaze.

“And a prosecutor would really really appreciate your mistress’s age. 14? 15? The age of consent is 16 in Spain last time I checked.”

Everyone looks at Velez now. Even the hardened criminals scowl at him. It was one thing to try and save his boy. But have a girl on the side? That means that there is a true monster underneath. If it wouldn’t bring too much heat, I would put a bullet in his head and rid this world of his filth. But I have to think of the kids involved and my brothers. And him.

My eyes drift back to Nathan for a split second. I cannot afford to be reckless and put him in danger. I withdraw my eyes quickly. I want them all to think that at best we are here to split money the cartel gives to bring the boy back alive. No one here must know what he means to me.

What does he mean to me? I have no fucking clue. I know he is by far the best fuck of my life. I know he makes me feel alive. I know I... I don’t want to leave him behind. Focus.

“I got you, pretty boy,” Nathan whispers behind my back.

Something deep inside me breaks. No, not breaks. Something deep inside me settles. I know my brothers got me like I got them. I know they love me, all of them and their Valkyries. We tease each other, we share the good and the bad. They are my family.

And yet there was a void inside me, a missing piece, a secret adventure to the game of my life. Not a side quest but that secret adventure that reveals the truth of everything. The day Ava knocked on my door with Nathan in tow, that adventure started. Where will that lead me?

“OK,” I glance at the clock in the terminal quite dramatically. “Not a lot of time before I need to punch in the code and help all of you to keep your life as it was. More or less. This is what’s going to happen. Nothing too fancy. We will take the kid and go. That’s it. It’s too fucked up a situation to make it worse. Jones, you will be safe from the cartel. But I will be watching you. Take another kid and I will unleash some friends of mine on you cause I really don’t want to see your fucking face again. And trust me,” I growl, “when they are done with you, there will be no face left.”

Without a reply, Jones beckons at his people. Anthony looks at me but I dismiss him. I have plans for him but to be sure he is safe, it all must be done after this mess. He smiles softly and leaves with the rest of his crew.

“Velez, tell your captain to leave. I will make sure you get clearance,” I say dismissively.

He is still shaken.

“Your boy is sick and I am sorry for him. Some might say the gods punish you with this but I don’t want to think that there is a god to make a boy suffer because his father is the worst human being.”

I am glad to see that my words shake him more than before. Perhaps this ordeal will teach him a lesson.

“Do not even think to come after me. I will crush you. Let it go or it will burn you.”

He hangs his head low, defeated for once, the pain in his heart weighing down on him. He steps back into the airplane with his goons and soon after the jet trails out of the terminal.

“Fuck that was hot.” Nathan breathes into my neck. “Thank the gods you were imposing enough to keep everyone from looking down my crotch. If it wasn’t for the kid, I would bend you over that fucking laptop and fuck you raw.” His voice is hoarse. “And ask for the video afterward.”

He glues his body for a few seconds, enough to make me feel his erection against me and I feel my throat dry and my body crave for more. Nathan then moves for the kid that falls in his arms.

“OK, I will take him back to his father.”

“You need me to come?”

“Nah,” he says. “I will be back soon.”

“You sure?”

Nathan nods and we all walk out before I give the control back to the airport’s security.

I just faced a bunch of hardened criminals and one of the most powerful men in the world and all I can think about is to have Nathan naked.

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