Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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I watch Stig as he gets up and passes me by in fury. What started as an almost practical joke, turned dark pretty quick.

When Tor heard me and Ava talk, he asked me to go to his office. He had a deal for me.He would allow Stig to help me if I were to work for him without any of the other Riders knowing.

At that point, I thought it would be cool to see the look on Stig’s face. On his handsome face, the perfect mixture of boy and man, that has me going.

As Ava said, I am a workaholic and though I have needs, the complexity of keeping a partner is not going well with my job. Casual with no strings attached is how I prefer to go. I am so lazy in that department, I don’t even flirt. I let them come to me and if I like what I see, I give some of my time.

But when Stig opened that door, I felt the urge to take, have, taste. And the more he pretended to ignore me, the more I felt a primal urge to own him.

Obviously he is not open about it but I saw how he looked at me even if it lasted a second. It was not the usual dick measuring men go into. It was a hungry look that rivaled mine. But he smothered that quickly.

Did that made me angry? Sure did. Is it easy on my line of business to be openly gay? Got a few scars that say it all. But I stomach it and make sure assholes know they messed with the wrong fucker. Stig seems to have taken the easy way.

I follow him out the meeting room to his room. He has left the door open so I take that as an invitation. I step inside and look around. It’s like stepping into the room of a teenage boy.Dirty clothes scattered everywhere, a huge TV screen where some kind of game is frozen, half eaten food, empty bottles. As for the smell, it’s a charming mixture of sweat, rot and joint. And something that is completely his, a scent sweet like vanilla. I fucking love vanilla!

“What am I looking for?” Stig asks and I turn to him.

He is sitting at a corner desk with too many screens and his hands rest on a keyboard. He has shed his shirt once more and I take in his back. His body is adorned with colorful tattoos that catch my eye. And on the back of his neck the tatt of some kind circuit.

“Old man, let’s get it over with,” he growls.

Old man? Is that supposed to offend me? I smile at him. He’s what? 24? I am close to 30. In a week in fact.

“Sure, pretty boy,” I retaliate.

At that he squirms on his seat. There it is, the reason I agreed to this. To make him as uncomfortable as I can. I will push his limits and knock on that closet door till he opens it.

“Don’t call me that!”

Well, don’t you look cute angry?

“You started this with all that old man so I am returning the favor.”

“I was simply stating a fact, old man,” his eyes narrow with malice.

I chuckle and go closer. I place a hand on the back of his chair and I lean closer. Yep, vanilla! How the hell does a guy like this smell like vanilla and still look anything but ridiculous?

“I was doing the same, pretty boy,” I whisper too close to his ear.

His reaction is gold. The little hair in the back of his neck rise and he holds his breath. He grinds his teeth and swallows to wet his dry throat. I got something to wet that throat.

The image of him on his knees taking me deep in that pretty mouth of his while his blue eyes look at me is turning me inside out. My usually bored dick rises and wants in on this game.

Now, it’s me that is shivering. It’s one thing to mess with him and another to fall into my own trap.

“The boy was taken from his school,” I am suddenly strictly professional.

He notices the change and he seems relieved. I am too. If he is as good as Ava promised, this will be over soon.

“The school refuses to give me the tapes. They want to avoid any blame. And since this is not a legit investigation, I can’t make them. Actually, I can but I would love to avoid it.”

“Which school?” Stig turns to his screens.

“Lobdell Elementary, Los Angeles.”

He says nothing just types away and focuses on the screen. I have no idea what he’s doing so I look around. He has a small freezer and I help myself to a beer. Too early for me to have alcohol but I need it. I head for the couch and stare at the screen. I could never play these games. I have enough shooting in real life.

I look sideways at Stig. There is some light coming through the window that catches his blonde hair. He is concentrated and he pulls his lip ring in his mouth.

Fuck, those piercings! I saw them when he first opened the door but the sight of his naked torso was more interesting. But now I have the chance to study him. He has pierced all that could be pierced. Lips, nose, ear, eyebrows.

I let my look travel south. Both his nipples are pierced. Will it hurt if I pull on them, take those barbells in my mouth and twirl them, will it make him scream? I want so much to know, I have to grip the couch to keep me from actually going over and find out.

So I just keep on ogling him while he is working. His navel is pierced and that’s all I see. I am left wondering if he has his dick pierced, I almost taste his salty dick in my mouth with a metallic tang. I never wanted to go down on a guy more than I do now. What would he do if I just-

“Day?” He demands.

“What?” I am still a bit hazy.

“Going deaf, old man?” Stig turns to me rubbing his eye and stretching.

Like a cat wanting to be petted, I daydream. I shake my head to shake the thought and I focus on work.

“12th of this month, 15.00,” I try to sound professional.

Stig returns to his screens. After a few minutes, he rolls his seat back and points at the screen.

Already? Ava was not joking. He is good. I get up and move to the desk. There is a video paused there so I lean and press play.

Behind me, I hear a low growl but when I turn, Stig has gotten up and sits on the couch, grabs the controller and resumes the game.

I watch the video and try desperately to forget the man in the room. I see the boy come out with his friends and go straight to the car waiting for him. He doesn’t even pause before waving his friends goodbye and getting in the car. No one got out, no one grabbed the boy.

Strange. I am glad that this was more complex than I thought and I can get my blood flowing to my brain instead of my dick.

“Can you run the plates?”

“On the left screen,” he says without turning away from the screen.

I glance at the left screen and I see that the car is registered to my client. I scowl. What is going on?

“And before you ask, no I can’t focus on the driver, the windows are darkened.”

“How about following the car? Which screen should I look at?”

He pauses the game and looks at me bored. Or at least he pretends to be. He gets up and comes up to the desk and all I can see is the flawless way he walks. Not like a butch motherfucker like I do, but like a cat. A clever, cunning cat. He leans over the desk and it’s my time to growl. Only when he looks back at me, I don’t shy away. That’s a fine ass he is displaying in those drawstrings.

He nervously draws the lip ring in his mouth and focuses back on the screen. And I am left calculating how dead would I be if I dared draw him to me and take that lip ring in my mouth instead. Tor seems to run a tight ship and I noticed the tattooed beast waiting for just one word from his master to be unleashed on me. But something tells me it would be totally worth it.

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