Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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OK, this was not the way I was expecting to talk to Stig again. What I have dreamed was him calling and begging me to forgive me or me “bumping into” him while with a young hot stud.

No! My body protests to the idea and that has been the one constant thing since he left me. Even now, chained and guarded by mean-looking assholes, the one thought that makes my skin crawl is have someone else touch me.

That call has made matters worse. The agony I heard in his voice floored me. He hasn’t said much, just my name a couple of times. But I could hear it. The fear of something happening to me. Tenfold what he sounded like when he saw the scar on my back or when Anthony almost blew me up. And to hear that Yakuza bastard talk to him like that? It doesn’t matter how we end up after that. No one talks to Stig like that!

Sure, I got a slap for my insolence but what a small price to pay to defend my boy. The only thing that ruined it was that Stig sounded so distraught when he heard that. I hope he keeps all that brain in his head and do not do something stupid.

Speaking of stupid... I check my surroundings once more. I do not know if they have done their homework on me besides the fact that Stig and I fucked but I am not that certain. Takeshi is left with three of his Yakuza friends and they got muscle with some Korean dudes that look fucking scary, to be honest. I mean I have dealt with mafia and cartels and shit but these suited-up, cold motherfuckers sporting guns? I have to be smart here.

All of them seem preoccupied with what’s coming not what’s in with them already. They seem to fear Stig and the Riders – as they well should – but they do not give me much attention. Which works perfectly for me.

I know a few things now: One, Takeshi wants shit on the Riders, god knows why. Two, he has some evidence of Stig being gay and he is not afraid to use them. Three, Stig is not going to go to the Riders with this. And four, he will not allow me to get harmed. That much I know.

I squeeze my eyes together. Fuck me but I know. I know he feels something for me like I do feel something for him. I know those days we spent together blew up his life as he knew it as they did mine. But while I am prepared to pick up my pieces and build again with him, he is not ready. And damn me if I am going to press him to go into this if he doesn’t want to.

Focus, goddamn it! I mean, sure, my life was turned upside down the minute that golden Norse god opened the door to his worryingly filthy room but I got shit to deal with right now! Real, fucked-up shit. Three of which are watching me like hawks right now standing in the corners of this closed-up room with their guns in plain sight.

OK, OK, I got this. I wiggle my wrists in the handcuffs. Not too tight, not too loose. I can get out of this anytime I like, that is not the problem. The problem is what do I do after that. Cause what I need, is to get out of here – preferably in one piece but I could live with a bullet or two in non-vital parts of my body – then alert Stig that Takeshi has no bargaining chip and then ideally get that Yakuza motherfucker alive so he can spill who is after the Riders. Which means that if I can pull all this off, I pay my debt to Tor in one go.

I have to do this at night when most of them would probably be alive and then sneak out. That is my best shot. Desperate much? You can say that again. Cause there is another thing I know. Takeshi is not going to let me live. Not because I am a witness or something. Because of Stig.

I do not have the whole story but the way he looks at me, the way he talked to me the few times he had… He hates my guts for being with Stig. I know he pretended to be with Stig as a ploy to make him do shit for the Yakuza, shit he would probably never agree to otherwise but it became more. Of course it did! Have you seen my pretty boy? But like Stig, he’d rather die than admit to the rest of his Yakuza buddies that he had a soft spot for a certain pierced cock.

Wait, was Stig pierced back then? If not, Takeshi really missed out! FOCUS!

OK, OK, here is the plan: tonight, at the deepest hour, I free myself out of these cuffs, kill as many as I can and I make a run for it.

The day seemed endless not only for me. Everyone was on high alert all through the day. Takeshi has given Stig a day to gather what he needed and I can tell he regretted giving him that much time. The guards were on edge, I could hear them walking the perimeter of the modest size mansion we are in.

The choice of the place was clever. Just enough room for everyone, something thirteen people can easily guard, nicely placed on a small hill with relatively sparse housing around. That’s all I got before I was holed up in here. I am betting there is a security system and cameras with people watching but we all know here that these are useless when it comes to Stig.

So, it’s no surprise that when as the sun sets, everyone is exhausted. Unlike me, that managed to take a few naps and rest my body. Thank the gods that my father’s lifestyle trained me to sleep in all positions anywhere and still be alert. The only ones still coming and going that seem to be battle-ready are the Yakuza. That’s why when the night falls, two of them are in my room guarding me.

I haven’t seen Takeshi all day and I do not know if that is a good or a bad thing. What I know is that I need to be ready. And as the night gets darker and the long hours pass in absolute silence, I can see the Yakuza statues beginning to crumble.

I have pretended to be asleep for some time now. With my eyes closed, I can hear the noises of the house better. There is no one outside the room. I am guessing some are sleeping and the rest are patrolling. I must act quickly. There is going to be a change in my guards soon and I do not need to be here for that. OK, here goes nothing.

I pretend I am falling deeper asleep while I slip off my ring. Best purchase I've ever made! I have practiced for it for fun and now I couldn’t be more grateful. I get the shim out of it and I unlock my cuffs while I snore to cover any noise I make. Click, I am quick to catch the free band. I keep my hands behind my back. Now the next part I have to do extra quietly.

I get up and make for the guy closest to me while I take the small throwing knife out of my boot. I throw it and it get my victim into the throat. Yes! Thank you, Ava!

I do not pause to triumph. I grab the other man by the mouth and fall on him. When other kids threw balls around, I got Krav Maga training and that kicks in hard, with an extra push of adrenaline. The man is dead in seconds.

I calm my breath and my heart and listen. Nothing. So far so good. I take both guns and a cellphone, car keys and I hesitantly make for the door. I am coming, pretty boy!

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