Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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“So this is how it’s going to go, old man?” Stig chuckles as he takes his seat at his station.

“Shut up and check this out for me, pretty boy!”

Stig does some of his magic while I sit on the couch watching him. Exactly like our first day together. He is shirtless, his back to me with the Tiwaz on his back. And that scar…

My stomach churns when I see that white line slicing through his colorful sleeve tattoo. My boy, hurt, trying to save me. He did save me. Not only from Takeshi. He saved me from me. I was dreading being here, permanently tied to him, the Riders, and the Valkyries. But after a month here I feel like this is where I have been all my life.

“Got it,” Stig says and stirs me off my inner rumblings.

“Never doubted you, pretty boy.” I get up and go over to look at his screens.

But the moment I get close, they all go dark. I scowl down at Stig.

“You came to me to dig info up so you could outrun Ava on this. Ava will find out and she will have my ass. Why not give it to her instead?”

His boyish face lights up with mischief and I forget everything else. I can’t even for the life of me remember what I asked him to look up. My body is on fire, more than the California sun coming through the window.

“First of all,” I put both hands on his ridiculous gamer’s chair, “your ass belongs to none other but me.”

Stig loses his smile and wiggles on his chair impatiently.

“Secondly,” I come closer and lick his ear slowly, “who said I am not paying for your services?”

My hand goes down his face, his neck, his shoulder. I linger on his scar, caressing it slowly. Stig places his hand over mine and squeezes.

“You know,” he says softly, “you still mumble about this in your sleep.”

“He could have-”

“He didn’t,” Stig says and makes me look into his eyes. “So,” his mood changes, “am I getting a blowjob or not?”

“Oh, pretty boy,” I narrow my eyes, “you are getting so much more.”

Without a warning, I cup him through his jeans. His head hits the back of his chair and he pushes into my hand. His eyelashes hood his eyes and I smile.

“So fucking hard,” I say into his ear. “Every fucking time.”

“For you, baby,” he responds through gritted teeth.

I keep caressing him like this, just enjoying the sight of him so taken, so lost. And then, his eyes flutter open and he looks at me. He grabs me and pushes me into his lap, my legs over his thighs.

“If we are dry humping, we might as well do it right,” he chuckles.

He makes his point by grabbing both my ass cheeks with his hands and makes me rub on his erection.

“Fuck!” I rasp.

It’s my turn to close my eyes and get lost in the sensation. The friction is so good, the feel of his hardness against mine. But it’s not enough. I make a move to get up but he holds me down.

“You started this, old man,” he says and he grabs me tighter, stroking our joined bodies harder.

“Stig…” I let out.

“Are you going to beg me, Nat?” Stig puts one hand under my t-shirt and caresses my body. “Beg me to fuck you?”

My mouth falls open but nothing comes out.

“This like our first kiss,” he comments and while one hand pushes his groin into mine, his other is caressing me tenderly.

That comment breaks me. Our first kiss. I am going to beg, get down on my knees and worship him, sell my soul to the Devil, just for him to fuck me right now.

“And then we rolled onto that rug,” Stig continues.

That rug. That heavenly rug, I am reminded of our first night together too. I search his lips and I kiss him, still not over on how turned on I am by his lip ring. It’s a slow kiss that turns deep soon as I rub myself on him faster and faster. I do not give a damn if I am going to come in my pants right now. I just… feel…

“Do you think,” Stig says as he breaks the kiss, “Eileen will give us that rug for our home?”

I pause. I lean back and search his face. Nope. He is not joking.

“I mean, how long are you going to stay in that shitty apartment?”

He is joking now but I see his tension. He is terrified. He is asking me to move in together and he is scared that I will turn him down. Stig is not afraid, he never loses it and never panics. Only when it comes to me. He almost killed Anthony for crying out loud.

“Pretty boy?”

“What you say, old man? You and me, together. A home of our own,” Stig says and licks my neck slowly. “A home you can scream as loud as you like when I am inside you,” he goes into seduction mode.

And it is fucking working. Not only because imagining how it would be to fuck without all that noise in his clubhouse and my apartment complex is appealing. It’s simply because I’ve never had a home. Never. Not for one day in my life. With my father we moved constantly and I kept doing that after he was gone.

But now? Now, my heart longs for a home. A home to go back to. A home where someone will be waiting for me, a warm hug, someone glad to see me, a bed to share. A home that Stig will turn into a pig sty with cables and computer parts and hard disks everywhere. And we will quarrel over that and then we will spend the night making up. A home.


“Yes, Stig.” I nod. “I am sure Eileen will give us that rug.”

Stig sighs in relief. He pulls me down to him and regals me with one of his rare sweet, slow, grateful kisses.

“Especially after we tell her exactly what happened on that rug,” I say when we come up for air.

“Trust me, old man,” Stig resumes his ministrations, “that rug will see things that will make what we did pale in comparison.”

With one move, he pulls my t-shirt over my head and peppers kisses all over my torso. I reach where our still clothed bodies are joined, and I go for his buttons.

His dick is freed and bounces against us. I swiftly get up and go on my knees before him. He groans deeply even before I come close and to my ears that is the best sound in the world. Now, all I need him to do is…

Sug min kuk! Stig orders and pushes his hips up.

There it is! I fucking love it when he talks Swedish to me. The rest of the Valkyries, call me and Ava “The Wandas”. But an accent is sexy and when the man is sexy and his accent his sexy and that – oh, God! – that pierced dick is sexy what is a man to do?

I take him all in my mouth and I feel his piercing scratch my throat so deliciously. This man is mine. I will get to taste that cock for the rest of days. And I am not going to waste one inch. I suck him deep and hard and soon, Stig is panting and mumbling under his strained breath.

“Stop, Nat, stop.”

I don’t. I can’t. I want to feel him come in my mouth so bad. I suck harder and I look up into his face. He opens his eyes to look upon me. His lips fall open and he lets out a loud groan before I feel him unload. Heaven.

When we both recover, Stig pulls me up to him and kisses my mouth ferociously. I know he tastes himself as he kisses me but that only seems to fuel him more.

“Did you think,” he says between kissing, “that your little stunt is going to save your ass from pounding?”

I smile at him wickedly.

“Stig!” There is a knock on the door.


“Why did we ever think that bringing in that miniature Tor in was a good idea?”

We both laugh and Stig pulls me down on his lap again to give me a wet kiss.

“Hello? Are you doing the nasty in there? I can come back later.”

I leave one last kiss on Stig and I go to open his door. Anthony is there, beaming with happiness. Stig took him under his wing and is training him to be his right hand while his family is being taken care of. Stig and I found them a nice home, jobs and with the pull the Riders and their affiliates have I am sure they will be granted legal status soon. Anthony is indebted to the Riders and is thrilled to be here. I will not be surprised to see the Tiwaz on his back one day.

I mess with the boy’s hair and I walk out the bar. I greet Vince that gives me a wide smile over the blonde he is talking to and the other hang-arounds look at me with a mixture of amazement and curiosity. Word has gotten out. One of the infamous Riders, the Nerd of the ROT is gay and everyone is fine with it.

I cross the street to head to the Valkyries Bonds when Rage comes out from his tattoo parlor. I have been here a month or so and I haven’t talked to the man still. He is scary. Even when Iris is around and he acts like a lovesick puppy - rather like a lovesick hellhound - he is even scarier.

“Nathan,” his voice booms in our small road.

I swallow and look up to him. He motions me to go closer and I do while I am trying to think if I said anything to offend him. I did jokingly call Iris “steampunk pixie” but that was a joke. A cute joke. Rage gets jokes, right? Right?

“Hey,” I say when I am closer.

He replies nothing, just checks me out.

“Where do you want it?” He finally asks.


“Sorry, I don’t get it.”

“Stig says you are a virgin.”

“I am sure Stig of all people know that is not the case,” I chuckle.

Rage’s face remains an unmoving statue.

“Ava was a virgin before she came in.”

This has gotten awkward. Is this some sort of weird Viking initiation nobody has talked to me about?


“Tattoo virgin,” Rage explains.

“Oh.” I am feeling stupid right now. “I… I am not a Valkyrie technically, you know,” I joke again.

Nothing. He stares into my eyes coldly. Man, those are some seriously pretty eyes on an exquisite face but that man unnerves me.

He turns his back and goes into his tattoo parlor. He leaves the door open. What now? I am supposed to follow? Do I stay here?

I venture in since curiosity won me over. There are people coming from all over California to be tattooed by Rage. He has been invited over and over to participate in tattoo conventions all over the world and though he never does, he is still a legend in that world. The psycho biker that hides a true artist. Rumor has it that several Hollywood stars bear his designs.

I walk in his realm. Exactly like I imagined it would be. Dark and mysterious and yet alluring. Unlike other tattoo parlors, he has no photos of his creations. One wall is taken by a terrifying, mesmerizing mural of the Fenrir wolf ready to devour the world. Ready, but not yet devouring. There is a bright light around the world. Iris. I instinctively know.

“This one,” his voice draws my attention to him. “We start tomorrow. I made an opening for you.”

“Look,” I say as politely as I can, “I don’t think that this is -”

My look drifts down to the sketchpad he has opened on the table. And I stop talking.

“What time tomorrow?” I look up to Rage.

There is no way in Hell I am not getting that tattoo on me. It is pure art. Rage has created and intricate design of an arctic fox made of circuits. And still, he managed to slip in the Tiwaz, Rider symbol. The look on that fox, mischievous and cute, dangerous and playful all at the same time… Rage has managed to capture Stig’s essence on that piece of paper.

“Morning. I work better early.”

“OK,” I simply nod and turn to walk away.

Suddenly, I am too emotional, there is a lump on my throat. I am Stig’s. I might not be wearing the Valkyrie astride as the rest of the women of the Riders but I will bear his mark on me, the first ink on my flesh. A declaration. Still, there is not panic that I am feeling. I am feeling-

“Nathan,” Rage says curtly.

I turn to find him fuss over his equipment. I shudder a little. I know Rage was and is the club’s chief torturer and executioner and tomorrow I will be willingly under his care.

“It’s going to take some time,” Rage says before looking up at me.

“The tatt? No problem.”

Rage pins me with that deep blue look and momentarily I am looking away.

“It’s going to take some time getting used hunting with a pack,” he says. “It’s worth it.”

My jaw drops. I have been welcomed by a grand party courtesy of Vince and I have been accepted by everyone here. Everyone was cool and wanted to show me and Stig that they are fine with us being a couple. No one – except for Stig - not even Ava has thought what it means to me to be a member of the club. No one but the man they all call psycho.

“I know,” I say and walk out the door.

I stand in the street. That same street that looked so alien to me when I first walked it. Now? I look around, from the clubhouse to the Valkyries Bonds, from the gym to the tattoo parlor, to the garage. This is home. Stig gave me life, his love, his body, his soul and a home.

I smile. I do need to repay the man somehow…

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