Short Circuit (Riders of Tyr #7)

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I finally got what I was asking for. A distraction. It is a tedious task tracking a car through surveillance. It takes hacking into several establishments along the way and go into the main security mainframe in the area. So I welcome it though it’s not enough.

I am glad Nathan left cause it would take all my strength to resist him while he was in my room. His voice is the biggest trap. I have been around the Riders for long now. I thought I would never listen to a more erotic male voice than Bjorn’s and Wood’s. But that special gruffness in Nathan’s voice is sex in the air.

And then it’s that smell that still lingers in the room. Cinnamon. Spicy, edgy, mesmerizing. Focus, I hit the keyboard harder than I need to.

“Stig?” Tor is knocking on my door.

“Come in.”

Tor walks in and stands looking at my room possibly looking for Nathan. I am wondering what deal he has made with him to allow him access to me.

“Är allting okej?” He asks.

I glance up to my King. When I first came in, homesick and longing to speak a little Swedish, I came across Tor, then still the Earl. And I couldn’t but have a little crush on him. Never said or did anything, of course. Tor is too straight like all the other Riders. I just always thought he looked hot but now I think he is nothing compared to Nathan. What?

“Yeah, everything is OK, bror.”

“Did you help Nathan out?”

“Working on it.”

“Good,” Tor has his investigative look on.

I am not saying that the rest of the Riders or Valkyries are stupid or something but out of all of us, Tor and Ava are the most cunning. I may outsmart them by far in some areas but what Tor and Ava do? Extracting information without the use of my laptop is something I can’t do. Tor can extract your appendix without you knowing. Hiding shit from him is a challenge.

“I don’t need to tell you to keep club shit from Nathan, do I?”

“You don’t trust him?”

“I only trust the club, my brothers,” he says and puts an hand on my shoulder. ”Jag litar på dig, bror.”

He trusts me. Great, Tor, keep making me feel like shit.

"Tak,” is all I can say.

He leaves and I focus back on my work. It takes me a while but I track the car all the way to abandoned building. No surveillance in there but another car emerged so I followed that.

There, done. I did what I had to do, I found what Nathan asked for. I will give it to him and he will be on his way. I will never have to see him again. And that’s good. Definitely good.
I take the paper Nathan has written his number. His handwriting is firm, sure. I think again of his rough hands and I pull the lip ring in my mouth. How would it feel to have those hands on me?
I am negotiating sending him the information via text but I convince myself that it’s not safe. Nothing to do with me wanting to hear his voice again, right?

“Yeah,” he answers.

What time is it? He sounds groggy. I glance at the clock on the wall. Almost dawn. Only now feel the need to sleep and eat. But that deep voice brings other needs too in the break of dawn. No!

“I thought old men wake up early,” I tease.

A deep chuckle has me squirming.

“I thought pretty boys need their beauty sleep.”


“I got your info,” I end the too casual banter.

I hear the rustling of sheets. Does he sleep in his briefs? Is he wearing briefs? Is he naked? Is he alone? And why the fuck would I care?

“Let’s meet for breakfast,” he suggests.


“Cause you just woke me up and I am guessing you haven’t slept. I’m buying. Least I can do.”

“I can send them to you. I’ll set up a safe account...”

Suddenly, seeing him up close is the worst idea ever.

“Nah, telling me face to face is safer and easier,” he yawns.

“What if I don’t want to see you!”

“Well, don’t you, pretty boy?”

He is challenging me. I don’t know what his deal is but he is tempting and testing me. And I am tempted to take up on his offer. He is an outsider, we could have fun and he would leave. Bad idea!

“I know I want to see your pretty face.”

“Stop calling me that!”

Another chuckle. Damn those are sexy.

“Come on,” he pleads and sounds cute. “Early breakfast for me, late dinner for you. I’d like to thank you personally.”

Say no. Simple. N. O.


What? How did you mess this up?

“You are the local,” I hear water running. “You tell me.”

Is he having a shower? The image of a naked Nathan under running water invades my mind and I am suddenly very awake. All of me and especially between my legs. Goddamn!

“Are you with me, pretty boy? You didn’t fall asleep on me, did you?” Nathan’s voice wakes me up.

“No, I’m here,” I cough.

“You were breathing kind of heavy in my ear there,” I can see that smug smile on his face.

Spectacular! I was panting like a dog after a bone. And speaking of bones, I look down at my jeans and I see them tent.

“I’ll send you an address. Hope you like donuts,” I say and hung up.

I mess with my hair and light a cigarette. I need to get him out of my mind. Helvete! The more I try, the more vivid his image gets. It’s been a while since I met a man to catch my eye. The occasional rotter did the trick. Get her on her knees, close my eyes and I hit two birds with one stone. Relief and appearances.

I finish my smoke and I get up only to see that I am still painfully hard. I can’t meet him like that. I text him the address and I take my clothes off. I need a shower and an erection to take care of.

I let the water run on my body and I close my eyes. I haven’t done this for a while but I guess jerking off is like riding a bicycle. I fist my cock under the water and instantly I think of Nathan in here with me, his hand instead of mine.

"Skit,” I curse through tight lips.

I am not going to make it last. It’s just to take the edge off, not enjoy it. I can’t be enjoying it, it’s too fucking dangerous. Still, I feel his body against mine, his lips on my ear, his rough hand on me. And when I fantasize him whispering “pretty boy” in my ear, I come. Hard. And I am still sporting a semi.

I turn the water to freezing cold and stay under it for a few minutes. Only then I get out and throw some clothes on. I go for my bike and try to keep my head clear as I drive to the donut place I love.

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