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Demons and Angels, Warlocks and Vampires — none of the old stories sounded like truth. Fables and cautionary tales meant to dampen the mischief of childhood were passed down through the ages. I didn’t pay them much attention then. The old hardbound book looks much different to me now. After seeing what I have seen everything looks different. Ally is busy working on her future. One action triggers her blood curse throwing her into a world she thought was reserved for children's bedtime stories and ancient clan lore. Can she make the modern world live alongside the ancient, or will she have to choose?

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Leo is a beautiful male specimen —a product of thoughtful breeding. Over the past few years, his teen-aged body converted to the muscular athlete’s physique he parades around naked today, but his chest is still covered in the tanned remains of soft baby fat. After a year on the rugby team, his stomach muscles continue all the way down past his waist. The sight makes my insides quiver.

Leo’s mother was a competitive swimmer in her youth, tall and lean. His father is a paramedic and still plays soccer in an old man’s city league. I think his perfect muscle tone is guaranteed in his genes.

Our extracurricular activities are tolerated by our families because we were raised together and are out of sight of clan gossip. But we won’t be allowed to continue our interactions once we move back home.

It’s not like we are in love, or anything as ridiculous as that. Leo and I are more like siblings. Incestuous siblings with a shared secret that we are bound by a whole list of ridiculous clan traditions to keep. Leo is a Kane one of my family’s oldest allies.

Allies are thicker than blood in my limited experience. Sometimes those bonds are more important than our own pursuits. Someday he and I will be expected to find suitable spouses that will advance our way of life. But for now, I can enjoy my time with Leo, looking down at him, looking up at him, looking back at him.

Leo’s a business major and will be done with the university in two semesters. I decided to switch from full-on Med to Biology. I’m here for at least another year. There's less math with this major, and less of everything else I was failing at miserably.

The real issue is that I’m a spectral wolf and Leo is a physical wolf. While this sounds like segregation it’s just old-world politics. The physicals are considered the worker class in my world; they are the warriors and heavy lifters. My kind is treated as the brains to their brawn.

My mother is spectral. My father is her second husband, an investor, he’s very human. She claimed him like a pet and now she’s responsible for everything he does. I don't know if I could do that to a man.

My younger sister and I are part of our mother’s second life. I have heard rumors that she was an accomplished leader in our clan at one time. I also heard her first husband was related to Leo, a Kane, so our families are a bit closer than just clan blood.

“Hey this study meeting thing you have today, how long will it take?” Leo walked from the shower to the table across my bedroom, picked up a towel off a pile of clean laundry and began drying off.

“Couple of hours, why? What do you need now?” I asked flipping over on my stomach.

“There’s this girl,” Leo started. I sware if that boy was a song he would be a whiskey drenched country tale.

“Oh, my God Leo, not another one? What the hell is wrong with you?” I whined, pulling the wrinkled sheet from the floor to cover my bare skin.

“I didn’t do anything. She’s stalking me. Everywhere I go she’s there. I just need you to pretend to be my girlfriend for twenty minutes.”

“Need, the main word I can use to describe you is needy,” I pounded my pillow back into shape much the same as I wanted to pound Leo’s face.

“Come on Ally, Alley Cat, Ally Ally oxen free, save me from this one little human girl.”

“You are such a pain in the ass. For the sake of this poor girl’s mental health, I will help one last time.” Leo jumped on the bed, rolled me over on my back, and presented his flaccid penis like a gift.

“Put that thing away or I might snip off that floppy extra skin you have dangling over his face.” I had to laugh when we were children Leo would flash his fleshy friend to whoever happened to be near him.

Leo’s was the first penis I ever touched, his lips were the first I ever kissed and now we keep each other entertained because it is easier than the alternative of finding someone new we would have to constantly lie to.

“No, no it doesn’t work that way. I need all that skin, keeps the dirt out while I’m running through the brush and leaves at night.” Leo laughed and jumped down off the bed.

“Good God that’s a visual I didn’t need.”

“Nah, If I run through the brush naked all I’m getting arrested. Hey, your math geek, what’s wrong with him. I saw him at the food court yesterday. There’s something off about that guy.”

“He’s blind you Tard. There’s nothing wrong with him.” I corrected, tossing Leo’s wadded up t-shirt at his face.

“No shit, a blind math geek? How does he see math problems in the books and stuff?” He asked.

“Seriously?” I said. “computers and whatever else he uses instead of his eyes. Without him, I would be failing two of my classes. Being sighted hasn’t helped me much this semester.”

“You should bring him to the clan gathering,” Leo suggested, stopping bedside on his way to his jeans to pinch my right nipple.

I slapped his hand away. “That would go over well with my mother.” I rolled my eyes and flopped back on my stomach.

“You have to bring somebody since you lied and told them you found a human boyfriend, it’s not like he can see what’s going on, it’s the open event. Everybody brings pets.”

“He’s not my pet. Besides, I have almost a month to find a new boyfriend. Hey, do everyone a favor and stop flirting with the human girls. You’re too pretty for some of them to ignore, but with that brown curly mess covering your face. I’m surprised they can see you at all.”

“Oh, I’m not nearly as pretty as you pink cheeks.” Leo smacked my butt cheek with a firm open palm, leaving behind a bright red welt.

“Jesus, not that hard.” The welt rose and reddened before slowly fading.

“Aww let me kiss your round, peachy cheeks and make it all better.”

“Get your face away from my ass crack you weirdo.” I slung the sheets over me covering my backside.

“Al I don’t know what stupid son of a bitch ruined you, but let me speak for all real men, we will put our faces in or on any steamy parts you will let us. I would love to get my hands on the idiot that told you otherwise and beat his ass.”

“It’s unsanitary,” I whined.

“You would never make it as a lesbian,” Leo said, planting his hands on his hips.

“That’s not the same. They have strap-on jelly dicks and whatever else they want to use to get off.”

“If you need to strap on a dick just open the window and yell, hey anyone mind if we use your dick? Guarantee, most women will get some takers.”

“I doubt that’s the point of the strap-on,” I said. "I don't think they like actual dicks."

“Well, you have the cutest, tiniest little clit I’ve ever seen and I know you like me to lick it. You need to let other people too. I’m just saying get over yourself already.”

“I’ll add that to my list of daily affirmations. Allow strangers to lick my steamy bits.” I recited the words as if I was reading a passage from the Upanishads.

“Hey, that pink crystal poem shit works, don’t mock the zen and don’t forget to meet me later. Wear something intimidating. Get that damn girl to leave me alone.”

“What time do you think?” I asked.

“Five-thirty or six, I’ll text you after practice, let you know where we end up. But probably pizza like always.”

“Fine, hey there boy, zipper.” I motioned towards his crotch, Leo grabbed his zipper and carefully pulled it to his waistband.

“Close one. Thanks, beautiful.” Leo grabbed his backpack off the floor and headed down the staircase to the door.

My apartment was tiny but I had it to myself. One of the requirements for actual secrecy to be achieved is to live alone. Leo was trying to share a two-bedroom with a human friend of his. So far there weren’t any problems.

I heard Leo’s key turn in the lock, looked at the time and rolled off the bed towards the shower. I had just under an hour until I needed to meet up with my tutor.

Leo is a necessary component of my life like food or water. I could survive for weeks on cookies and protein bars, but at some point, I would need someone strong with the chemicals and pheromones in their blood to satisfy my needs. Leo needs the same things. It is a good arrangement for us now, but not always an easy thing to balance when you add outsiders to the equation.

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