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About Onus Angelorum

ONUS is a new series I really enjoy writing. I’ve mixed a variety of my own repeating dreamscapes, ridiculous personal experiences, and automatic writing fragments that never unfolded into full stories into one story about a female werewolf that wants to be human.

The fables and rhymes peppered in the book are automatic writing bookends. A lyrical rhyme begins or ends most of my sessions. The Grove, The Yolk, and The White are where I spend my time when I enter a meditative state. The same theory as a memory room, this three-part space helps me control what I think about when I meditate.

​None of the elements I’ve used for inspiration were related but I think they create a vibrant world where Witches, Demons, Werewolves, Angels, and Vampires could exist in the real world.

Alerie, the main character, reincarnated over the millennia with Henry trying to coax him back to his angelic life. The problem is she doesn't want any part of the werewolf world, and barely believes in the old folk lore and tall tales.

Alerie lives as a human, perusing her human goals until she meets Henry and he triggers the power in her blood to take him into the White. Fate pushes Alerie to full fill her full destiny against all of her opposition.

I generally write the 2k word chapters in one sitting on the inkitt.com platform several times a week, editing and updating past chapters every few weeks. I've forgone the traditional story arc and planning expected for such a long tale in favor of organic story development. I let all the characters do what they will and take notes from the sidelines.

​This story has two parts at this time with a third expected to end this tale. I am currently working on book two, Shadow. I plan to release my character profiles and their backstories on a separate collection of shorts once I have all the books completed.


This series won gold on webnovel.com, Angels and Demons contest for 2020. I plan to add this series to my Amazon Kindle offerings in 2021.

Thanks for reading and check out my articles on Medium.com https://celiewells.medium.com/

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