Always Together

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Chapter 100

Alec’s POV

“What do we do when the light turns red?” Avery asks Liam while looking at him through the rearview mirror.

“We hit the wheel and groan and stop the car,” He answers in one breath.

Raising my eyebrows I turn to look at Avery who is looking heavenward while shaking her head.

“Good, at least he knows that we have to stop the car.” I lightly chuckle.

I have noticed Avery keeps on teaching him something all the time in a playful and interesting manner. She is homeschooling him. During grocery shopping, she told him to make piles of similar color items and then later she asked him to name things which she is keeping in the cart.

I just love the way she interacts with him, she reminds me so much of mom, even mom used to teach me different things like this.

He did throw a tantrum once or twice, but instead of showing her annoyance she calmly handled him. Either by simply hugging him, until his mood got better or by talking to him and asking him to share what is bothering him.

I am sure Liam is the only one who is blessed to see her calm side because I can bet if there was anyone other than him, then she would have smacked them on their head.

“Fuck!” She growls when the driver in front of us abruptly hits the break making her press the break quickly which makes the car jerk forward.

“You okay, buddy?” Quickly, turning around I check on Liam.

“Yes.” He nods his head with an angry pout.

“Ass-” She clenches her jaws.

“Avery.” I sternly interrupt her.

“What, Avery? Didn’t you see what he did?” She glares at me while complaining and points at the car in front of us, “What kind of jerk drives like this?”

A faint smile comes on my lips as I look at her because this is the first time when I finally got to see a glimpse of the Avery which I knew.

That Avery is not gone, she is still somewhere in her.

Also, this is the first time she has actually talked to me... like a normal talk.

“Mom,” Liam calls her and extends his hand in front of him, suddenly looking quite happy for some reason which I don’t know.

“Here.” She rolls her eyes and hands him five bucks.

Okay, I guess he is the swear police officer.

“And Alec?” He frowns and points towards me, “Pay him fine, too.”

“For what?” She narrows her eyes.

“You said a bad word, so you have to pay fine.” He shrugs, “And he is my partner so you have to pay him too.”

“Pay up.” I playfully arch my eyebrow, opening my palm, pressing my lips together to stop myself from smiling.

She looks at me while I anticipate that she will retaliate, but as always she does the opposite of what I have expected.

Because I have never expected her to silently hand me the money, without any remark or fight. I have hoped that she will bicker with me like the stubborn girl was.

However, my earlier smile vanishes from my face, making me think has she really changed this much?

Liam is a ball of energy. Since we have come to the park he is constantly playing around and hasn’t shown any signs of tiredness.

“Alec, help me.” He says as he jumps trying to hold the monkey bar which far from his reach.

“Okay.” I lift him so that he can hold the bar.

“Thank you.” He hangs for a moment judging his grip, then slightly swinging forward he tries to catch another bar with his hand.

I stand beneath him to make sure to catch him if he slips. I don’t remember how many times I felt like nearly getting a heart attack in the past one hour because of this boy.

This boy is surely an adrenaline junkie.

And this something which he hasn't got from me.

He doesn’t care about getting hurt at all. So many times I have stopped him from doing something dangerous, which earned me a label of being uncool and no fun.

I need to ask Avery, how she stops him from doing anything reckless. But then I don't think she stops him, because she herself is an adventurous person. Maybe she teaches him how to be reckless without getting hurt if that is possible.

“Can I have an ice-cream?” He asks while hanging upside down on the bar.

“Yeah, sure.” I nod, “But only if mom says yes.” I help him down as I remember Avery mentioned he gets flu easily so I am not sure ice cream would be a good idea, but I can’t say no to him.

So, like every smart dad, I leave it on mom to decide.

“Who’s that?” He frowns, at the same time my eyes narrow when I find some man talking to Avery while being all smiles.

I can clearly see he is trying to flirt with her, on the other hand, she has her signature bored expression on her face. She stands beside her car as if she is contemplating what to do with him.

“My mommy.” My mini-me possessively says as he runs towards her while I follow him.

“Mom,” He calls her and wraps his arms around her waist, and I have to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing when he pulls Avery slightly away from that man.

God! I just love him.

“Mom?” That man asks looking shocked. Let’s call him loser since I don’t know his name, neither I want to know, “He is your son?” Loser’s eyes slightly widen.

“Yes, my mom,” Liam answers instead of Avery, and the possessiveness is evident in his tone.

“Oh, cute kid.” Loser smiles and I can’t miss the way his eyes travel to her hand obviously trying to find her ring so he can figure whether his dad is in the picture or not.

Fucker, his dad is very much in the picture and will beat you to a pulp if you try to make a move on his son’s mother.

“What’s your name, kiddo?” He asks crouching in front of Liam, he raises his hand attempting to pinch Liam cheek as his eyes keep on flickering to Avery.

“Keep your hands to yourself.” Avery quickly grabs his hand before he can touch Liam, “I haven't allowed you to touch him and also I don’t like it if anyone touches my child.” She glares at him while pushing Liam slightly to her side.

For my peripheral vision, I can see my men closing in them ready to take down the loser if they think of him as a threat. However, I silently sign them to stay in their position.

I can’t leave Avery or Liam unprotected so I have positioned my men, to keep an eye on them to make sure they are always safe.

However, I strictly instructed them to be very careful as Liam is really quite observant and smart for his age. Because if Liam found them then he will instantly inform Avery. And I don’t want them to know that my men are guarding them because I just want them to live a normal life without any worry because now they have me to worry about them.

“Chill, I am not hurting him.” He shrugs, not taking Avery seriously.

While I can tell Avery is seriously considering breaking his hand, but after a moment she reluctantly leaves it.

“Any problem?” Standing beside them, I look at the loser.

“He tried to touch my face, but mom doesn’t like it.” Liam glances at me. “Even I don’t like it. Punch him.” He points his finger at Loser's face.

“No problem here, we are just talking.” He stares at me as he stands while squaring up his shoulders.

“But I have a problem if someone tries to touch my son.” I take a step towards him. “So, I would suggest that you should leave before my fist touches your face and fulfill my son's demand.” I stare at him.

“What do you think that I will be scared of you?” He doesn’t back down. “I am not scared of you.”

“If you are not then you should be.” I nod my head at him, “Because I barely leave any person alive who bothers my family,” I say quietly to make sure Liam doesn’t hear him.

“Cool man, no need to get so worked up.” He raises his hands, understanding that I am not joking, and walks backward.

Smart loser.

“Now can we go and have ice cream?” Liam asks in a bored tone maybe because he wanted to see a fight."He is not cool, at least ice cream will be cool."

Someday I should take him to the Battleground. I am sure he will enjoy it there and realize how cool is his dad.

“Yeah, sure, as somebody would need an entire gallon of ice cream to cool their mind.” Avery’s voice reaches my ears and a small smile breaks on my lips in spite of being angry.

And she said that she has forgotten me.

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