Always Together

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Chapter 108

Five days have passed since I have last seen Alec.

And in these last five days, all Liam talked about is Alec. However, all his conversation ends with the same question, whether Alec will come for his birthday.

I don’t know, but I can hope he will.

Alec, please, don’t break his little heart.

I don’t want Liam to experience the disappointment which I had faced in my childhood. When my father never fulfilled his promise, leaving me alone to tend my broken heart. This fear lingers in my heart, but then I remind myself Alec is nothing like my father. He will never do anything intentionally which will hurt Liam.

Today is Liam’s birthday, and still, I don’t know whether Alec will be able to make it for his birthday or not.

Taking a deep breath, I compose myself and plastering a big smile on my face I enter Liam’s room, which turns into a natural one as soon as my eyes land on Liam.

Sitting on his bed, I pull him into my lap and smooth his hair. A small pout forms on his sleeping face as he snuggles into my chest.

“Good morning, buddy,” I kiss his head while rubbing his back to wake him up.

He slowly opens his eyes and gives me a sleepy smile.

“It’s my birthday!” His smile gets bigger as he looks at me.

Only on his birthdays, he wakes up happy. Otherwise, he got my habit of taking some time to be able to be fully functional after waking up.

“Happy Birthday, Big boy!” I hug him and then smother him with kisses which makes him giggle.

“Is he here?” Liam asks excitedly as soon as his giggle quietens.

“No, baby, he is not.” I give him a small smile. His face falls a little making my heart sink.

“Hey, but the day has just started, right?” I nod my head, “Maybe he will come late. So, don’t be sad.”

“And since it is your birthday, so no early bedtime.” I smile, “You can play with him as much as you want.”

“Really?” His eyes shine with excitement as he is back to his happy self, “This is going to be so much fun, then.”

“Yeah, so much fun.” I tickle him as he squirms trying to get away from me.

“Let’s go and take a shower, so we can start your birthday fun!” Picking him up, I take him to the bathroom.

We usually don’t celebrate his birthday like throwing a party or anything, we just spend the entire day doing lots of things which Liam wants to do. However, we do cut a cake because it is not a birthday unless there isn’t a cake, right?

Most of his plans are spontaneous which makes his birthday more exciting for him. And he loves celebrating his birthday like this, instead of a traditional party and all.

Being spontaneous means fun and thrill, so even I enjoy his sudden plans. Last year, we had a paint fight I hope this year also he comes up with something interesting.

“So, what do you want to have as a birthday breakfast?” I ask as he wears his shirt.

“Chocolate ice-cream!” He grins and wiggles his eyebrow, looking stinking cute that I feel like squishing him in my arms.

“Okay, chocolate ice-cream it is.” I smile back at him.

The noises which come from the backyard instantly send me into alert mode. Grabbing Liam’s hand, I silently walk to the backdoor to look at what is happening.

Some guys are bringing some construction supplies and keeping them in our backyard. There are two entrances in our backyard, one from inside and other from outside. And they are using the outside one.

“What are you doing?” I demand and opening the backdoor I walk outside, “Stop, and step out of my property right now before I call the cops.”

The workers look at me with confusion.

Suddenly, Liam yanks his hand, free from my grip, and before I can stop him he sprints in the opposite direction.

“Dad!” Liam screams happily and jumps into Alec’s arms.

When I look at Alec even he is as surprised as I am.

Tears visible in his eyes as he attempting so hard to control his emotions while he catches Liam in his arms.

Well, he is not the only one who is trying to reign their emotions. There was a burden on my chest, which I don’t even know existed before this moment, that lifted off of my chest.

Finally, Liam has called him dad.

Another wave of relief passes over my heart when I find him standing in front of me perfectly fine and unharmed making me realize how worried I was for him.

Alec’s eyes lock with mine, then slowly a most beautiful smile which I have ever seen on his face forms on his lips. Happiness radiating off of his entire being.

I can’t help but smile back, feeling genuinely happy for him.

“I missed you, Dad!” Liam tightly wraps his arms around his neck and pressing his face in Alec's chest.

“I missed you, too, son.” Closing his eyes, Alec holds him closer to himself while his voice slightly cracks in the end. His face holds so much warmth, while he looks untroubled.

It just seems certain calmness has engulfed him like he has found his salvation.

“If I would’ve called cops on you, would they have arrested you?” I ask Alec, as he brings six boxes of large pizzas inside the kitchen, “Because you didn’t ask me before ordering those guys to start working in my backyard.”

Liam has told Alec that he wanted a treehouse. So Alec thought it would be nice to gift him a treehouse for his birthday. Even though treehouse will not be ready in one day, but still Liam is super excited to watch the treehouse in the making.

This is how he is going to spend this year’s birthday playing outside and helping the workers.

“Probably, yes, but mostly for the show,” He smugly replies.

“Then I would have dealt with you, myself only.” I roll my eyes at him.

“You can deal with me in any way you want.” His lips tilt up in a teasing smirk, “Remember, I am all yours.”

Crossing my arms, I give him an unimpressed look which doesn’t affect him in the least. As that stupid smile is still present on his face.

A loud groan, followed by a couple of deep laughter comes from the backyard, which turns our attention to the outside.

Walking outside, we find one of the guys who came with Alec is holding his family jewels while others are laughing at him.

Alec came here directly, from wherever had gone, as he didn’t want to miss any moment of Liam’s birthday. These guys were with him and even they want to meet Liam so they came along with him. There is one guy, named Finn, who has met Liam before and he even brought boxing gloves as his birthday gift.

When I have gone inside to get some drinks for everyone they were playing boxing. I guess it didn’t go down very well.

Liam marches towards us with an angry look.

“He pinched my cheeks, so I punched his weenie,” Liam informs in an annoyed tone as soon as he nears us.

“You did what?” Alec asks, his expression crossed between disbelief and amusement.

“Finn told Jeremy to fight me, but he said he will not fight with a tiny thing like me.” He crosses his arms over him small chest, looking even cuter. “So, I punched him.” He shrugs nonchalantly.

Mama is super proud.

“I see, you have taught him a lot of interesting things.” Alec shifts his eyes to me while raising his eyebrow looking thoroughly amused.

“No one should mess with him.” I shrug, not even bother to deny that I have taught him to hit where it hurts the most.

“Dad, have you enjoyed beating the bad guys?” Liam whispers, making sure no one is listening to him other than us.

“Wait, do you have a gun?” He raises his eyebrows asking all the questions back to back. “Can I see it? I promise I will return it to you after seeing it once.”

“Mom has a gun she had even let me hold it once, you can ask her I did not break it.” He looks at me then back at Alec who is now glaring at me.

Your glare will not work on me, dude.

“Liam, I need to have word with your mom.” Alec smiles, the kind of smile which says he is trying to conceal his anger, at Liam, “Can you go and play with Finn for a while?”

“Okay.” He nods his head as Alec pulls me inside the house.

“Were you out of your mind, what were you thinking when you hand him a gun?” He asks looking at me with horrified and angry eyes, “He could have got hurt or something.”

“Do you know what killed the cat?” I arch my eyebrow at him, completely unfazed by his anger, “Curiosity.” I slowly nod my head.

“If you want to keep children safe, then don’t make them curious about things which can be harmful.” I shrug, “He saw I have a gun and wanted to see so I let him, of course after making sure it was not loaded. I asked him if he ever wants to see the gun again, then he will come and tell me. He is also aware that it is a dangerous thing and not something with which you can play. This gave me an opportunity to teach him about gun safety. So, it is alright. ”

“Alec, I am not a bad or careless mom.” I give him a pointed look, “I am just a different kind of a mom. He knows that he doesn’t need to go behind my back because if he wants anything, as he can freely come and ask me.”

I have ingrained this in his mind that he can talk to me or ask me anything and he doesn't need to hide anything from me. This is one of my ways of protecting him and keeping him safe.

“I know you are a superb mom, I am sorry if I sounded like I am doubting you or anything.” He sighs, “I just got worried, because of the thought of him being in danger in any way just shakes me to the core.”

“It’s okay.” I lightly pat his arm, understanding his fear.

“Thank you for understanding me.” He gives a small smile, which I return letting him know, I am not mad at him.

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