Always Together

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Chapter 110

For the past ten minutes, I am just sitting in the car staring at the place that changed my life forever.


This is the place where I have met him, and this is the same place where he left me.

His words still haunt me, sometimes. I know he didn’t mean them, hell, even that time my mind knew they were just words... meaningless words, but this didn’t lessen the pain caused by them.

His words pierced my heart like glass shards, and even six years can't lessen the pain. But now when I know the whole truth, I can’t hold it against him. I can’t keep holding on to something, that was the result of his poor decision.

He was suffering, and maybe he still is, and made a decision without clearly thinking about the consequences of his decision. Not something which Alec will normally do, but that time circumstances were not normal.

“Mommy, aren’t we going inside?” Liam asks from the back, finally, his patience reached its limit.

Alec has asked me to bring Liam here, as tonight it is his fight and he wants Liam to be there. He wanted to show Liam a part of his life, which he can. He wanted him to introduced to his this side as well, as Liam doesn’t really much know about him other than that he is his dad.

I was not actually quite comfortable with Liam being here especially when there is so much crowd. But he promised me that there is nothing to worry about and Liam will be fine here.

However, I am still skeptical because the mood of the fights can quickly change and even sometimes normal fights can turn into a bloody one. Alec assured me there are just going to be normal fights, nothing gruesome, or something that Liam can’t watch. He said he will enjoy watching these fights.

I am believing his words, hopefully, I don’t regret later. Because it will not be a nice scene for Liam to watch his mom beating his dad to the pulp. That’s what I am going to with Alec if anything turns wrong during the fights and affected my son in any way.

“Can’t we just go back and do something fun like playing video games?” I ask looking at him through the rearview mirror.

“No.” He curtly shakes his head.

“Okay, I guess, then we are going inside.” I sigh unlocking the door.

“Don’t leave my hand and don’t run away, just stay by my side,” I tell Liam as I help him outside the car and lock the doors.

He nods his head already looking excited to go to a big guy place.

“Will dad be here?” He asks as I turn to him.

Alec wants to surprise Liam, so he doesn’t know we are here to watch Alec’s fight.

“I don’t know.” I shrug, “Maybe we can meet him later.” I nod my head.

“Excuse me, miss, you can’t bring kids here.” I turn to the voice, to find Henry, the security guy, coming towards us.

“Avery?” His eyebrows raise in surprise as soon as he sees me.

“Hey!” I smile at him.

“Long time, girl.” He smiles and wraps his arm around me in a half hug.

“Yeah, it is.” I nod as my glance travel to the building while memories of that day flash before my eyes, making me swallow hard.

“Who is this little dude?” He kneels in front of Liam, who is studying him carefully.

“Liam,” He answers staring at him.

“Oh, so he is our special guest.” Henry smiles, “Nice to meet you, kiddo.” He extends his hand to Liam for a handshake.

A small smile appears to form on Liam’s face as he shakes his hand.

Well, Henry, you have passed the analysis test of Liam.

“Let’s take you guys inside.” Henry stands to his full height, towering us making me realize how tall is he.

“Okay, let go.” I force a smile and hold Liam’s hand tightly in my hand. Because this little hand in mine will give me the courage to cross the bridge of some of my painful memories.

My heart thumping wildly against my chest, feeling anxious as every word of his echoes in my mind. I never thought being in this same room would be so much difficult for me. But I have to let go of those memories.

“I wanted to be there.” Liam pouts looking displeased and points at the ring where a lot of crowds have gathered.

Henry directly brought us to Alec’s office from the backdoor to avoid the crowd, the glass wall giving a clear view of the ring, overlooking the entire down floor of the Battleground.

“I will take you there when there is no crowd.” Finn keeps a hand on Liam’s shoulder and points at the crowd, “No kids are allowed there, as they might get hurt in the crowd. That’s why you have to watch it from here.”

Finn and the other guy, whose name I don’t know neither I have bothered to ask, were already waiting for us in Alec’s office.

The glass window vibrates with the loud roar from the crowd when the first fighter enters the ring, and now my whole attention shifts to the ring. Another roar of cheers is heard when Alec’s name is announced and he steps inside the ring... looking calm and composed keeping all his emotions locked. His face giving away nothing, like always.

“That’s my dad!” Liam shouts excitedly pointing at the ring while jumping on his spot,” Look, mom, that’s my dad!”

Finn and the other guy laugh looking at his excitement.

Suddenly, Alec’s gaze lifts towards us as if he has heard Liam’s voice, which is impossible, and a hint of a smile dances on his lips. But as soon as the fight starts he masks his expression behind the stoic look.

“Is he going to win?” Liam asks me quietly while watching Alec and his opponent circling around each other, both of them waiting for the other to attack.

How much I know Alec he is not going to attack first, he always judges his opponent’s strength and skills by playing defensive. Later he gets into an offensive mode when he wants to end the fight.

“He always wins,” I answer Liam while keeping my eyes on the ring where Alec blocks his first hit.

By the time fight is coming to end I am already cursing Alec left-right-center while sitting on the edge of my seat, because he is just prolonging this fight just for the show.

“About damn fucking time!” I mutter under my breath when finally he delivers a knockout punch and sending his opponent down.

“Dad won!” Liam jumps and punches Finn in his shoulder, which makes him groan.

Poor guy has been subjected to Liam punches ever since the fight has started.

“Liam, see that.” Holding Liam’s shoulder I turn his face back to the ring where Alec is helping his opponent to his feet, just like every time he helps. Although, his opponent doesn't look too pleased with his kind gesture.

“Why is he helping him?” Liam frowns looking confused.

“Because this fight is just a game which ends within the ring, outside the ring they might not be friends but they are not enemies either. And we should respect our every opponent, as they have also worked hard to be where they are.” I smile at him, “And also because your dad is a good man.”

A good but stupid man.

“Dad!” Liam leaps into Alec’s arms, without caring that he is sweaty as hell, as soon as Alec opens the door. While I can’t stop myself from cringing.

“Okay, boss, thank you for saving me from getting killed by your son’s punches.” Finn laughs, “After being his punching bag, I have my sincere sympathies with Jeremy's junior. As I don’t think it will ever be able to recover from Liam’s punch assault, because this guy really knows how to throw a punch.” He laughs then he walks outside. So did the other guy.

“You were so awesome.” Liam leans back in his arms to see Alec’s face, “You are super strong. And I love you so much.”

Alec looks like he is riding on cloud nine, because of all the praises he’s receiving from his son.

“Mom already knew that you are going to win.” He smiles and turns to me then again he hugs Alec. “But even then she was cursing you and I earned a lot of money.”

Yeah, the exciting fight also didn’t stop my determined child to make his mother poor by robbing her of all her money.

“My dad.” He kisses his cheek, “You are the best.”

I can’t hold back any longer as I quickly grab some tissues from Alec’s table and put Liam down from his arms.

I wipe his face which makes him whine, and then I rub his hands clean.

“Dad, ask her to stop,” Liam whines and runs behind Alec hugging him from behind while Alec looks at me feeling amused.

“What’s wrong?” He arches an eyebrow, “Sweat is just natural.” He shrugs and before I know he wipes his arm against mine.

“Alec, you jerk!” I cringe and clean my arm furiously while both Liam and Alec are thoroughly enjoying my misery.

Liam laughs loudly when I shudder in disgust and I already know, now he will annoy me by wiping his sweaty head against my clothes whenever he can.

Both of them are seriously gross!

“C’mon, I need to take a shower then I will show you around.” He ruffles Liam’s hair and holding his hand he walks towards the door but pauses when I don’t follow him as instead I turn back to look at another fight that has just started.

“Do I have to give you an invitation?” Lifting his eyebrows, he nods his head.

“Huh?” Tilting my head, I look at him in confusion.

Alec mumbles something under his breath then taking a few steps towards me he grabs my hand and starts pulling me with him. He picks up Liam as he can’t match his strides while I am just being dragged.

I sigh loudly while looking heavenwardly.

“You both have some serious dragging issues.” I shake my head at Alec. Both of them just drags me instead of asking me, it is like I have no free will.

When I don’t get any response from them, as both are busy talking to each other completely ignoring me, I huff defeatedly and not so willingly follow them.

Like father, like son.

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