Always Together

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Chapter 111

Nothing has changed, this room looks exactly like the way it was six years back. Sometimes I feel apart from us nothing has changed.

Alec brought us to his room which he uses whenever he is here, we are waiting for him, as he has gone to take a shower.

Liam seems pretty excited just to be with Alec, sometimes I feel he wants to make up all the missing time with him.

The excitement from the fight has brought Liam’s energy level down, as he looks sleepy and now he is quietly lying down on the single bed.

A few minutes later Alec comes out of the small ensuite bathroom. His clean and fresh scent instantly fills the room, making it so hard not to inhale a deep breath. This is a kind of smell, that imprints on your mind, which makes you feel comfortable.

“Tired already?” Alec chuckles and nods his head towards Liam while running a small towel over his head to dry his hair.

“Yeah, he was non-stop cheering for you while punching Finn in annoyance whenever you got punched.” I glance at Liam with a small smile who already fell asleep, “He did enjoy a lot. Thanks.”

“Umm... I was thinking, Jake told me Liam takes kick-boxing classes. We run classes for children here as well, so if you don’t mind can we put him in classes here?” He turns to me, “Until you guys don’t return?” His voice quietens while his eyes show his internal struggle.

“Alec, Liam will not be going anywhere.” I glance at Liam then back at him, “I am not going to take Liam with me. He will stay with you.”

I can’t separate both of them. Liam is so happy to found his father, and I can’t take away his happiness from him.

“What?” He frowns, “Avery, you can’t do that... he needs you.”

“And he needs you, too.” I sigh, “I can’t take him away from you.”

“And I need you.” He clenches his jaws, “I can’t stay away from both of you. You both are all I have left.” He looks away.

“Alec, I am trying to make things work.” My shoulders slump as I shake my head, “Sorting things out, to make all this work.”

Being away from Liam is nearly impossible for me, but taking him away from Alec is not an option for me. One of us has to do a little sacrifice to make thing works, and I am ready for that.

“You don’t have to do anything alone.” He kneels in front of me, holding my hands, “We will make this work together. We don’t need to be away from each other, we can stay together. I will come with you anywhere you want.”

For some reason, his words bring a smile on my face.

“Alec, your everything is here, you can’t just move like that,” I smile.

“My everything is where you both are, other things don’t matter.” He shrugs nonchalantly.

“We will talk about this later,” I softly say while holding his hands.

“I am not letting you go, Avery, not now or ever.” He closes his eyes and presses a kiss on our hands.

And this time, I know he is telling the truth.

I trust you, Alec, but allowing my heart to give in is not easy for me.

“It is not his bedtime, yet, then why he is sleeping?” Alec quietly asks looking at Liam, his tone suggests he wanted to spend time with him.

“He woke up quite early in the morning and then never took any nap in the afternoon, so now he is recharging himself.” I lean on the edge of the small corner table, “Be prepared to keep him entertained at night because now he is not going to go to bed early.”

I don’t think I need to tell him that now Liam will ask him to mimic his every move that he used in the fight, probably, three times before he will agree to go to bed.

Well, I have done almost twenty cartwheels for him, because he thought it was cool before he had let me put him to bed. So even Alec can fulfill his demands, right?

There is a small smile playing on his lips like he is smiling at some inside joke.

“So, you knew I was going to win?” He asks, abruptly, changing the topic.

“Wasn’t it obvious?” I shrug, “I have never seen you lose.”

“So, do you believe that I am always going to win?” He arches an eyebrow at me.

“Yes, I do believe that.” I nod, unsure what does he mean by this question.

“Why are you asking this?” I frown feeling confused.

There is a twinkle in his eyes, while a faint smile is still present on his lips.

Instead of answering my question with words, he simply shrugs in response.

“Have you had dinner?” He asks while checking the time on his wristwatch and unintentionally my eyes travel to his arms.

Bad Avery, very bad!

Scolding myself I tear my eyes away from his forearms, as the full selves shirt is doing nothing to hide the way his muscles coil even with the slightest movement. They are even more toned and packed with lean muscles than I could remember.

“No,” Clearing my throat, I answer him.

“Okay, then let’s grab some dinner.” He walks to Liam and gently lifts him up, careful enough not to wake him up.

I don’t think I can ever get used to his contradicting personality. I mean I have seen this person just beating his opponent till he passed out, and now he is being so gentle and careful, his this change in attitude always surprises me.

“Where do you think you are going?” Alec asks and grabs me from behind my shirt.

“Alec!” I scold him as I turn around, “Behave yourself.”

“I am behaving like myself.” Biting his lower lip, he shrugs.

“So, back to the question, where are you going?” He asks while shifting Liam slightly in his arms as his head lolled to one side. He sleeps like a passed out drunken man.

I swear sometimes Liam can sleep through the storm and sometimes he wakes up even at the sound of dropping of the pin.

“My car.” I jerk my thumb in my car’s direction.

“I am taking you out for dinner, so you are coming with me.” He nods his head in the other direction.

“Okay, I will follow you,” I say with indifference.

“Avery, let’s go together like a normal family.” He insists.

“And before you say we are not a family and all that nonsense.” He quickly speaks when I open my mouth to correct him, “You are Liam’s mom and I am his dad, so that makes us a family.”

“And I just want to have some family time and celebrate my win, is it so much to ask for?” Lifting his eyebrows, he questions while trying to guilt-trip me.

“If we are celebrating your win, then it is going to be my treat.” I cross my arms, meeting his eyes.


“Then I am going.” I shrug and turn on my heels.

“Wait! Okay, your treat.” He quickly says, then I hear him muttering something under his breath about being bossy or something while a victorious smile forms on my face.

“But you are going to come with me.” I hear him say.

“No, since it is my treat then I am going to take you with me.” I glance over my shoulder, “Follow me.” I snap my fingers.

I start walking without even waiting for his reply.

But not a moment later, an unhappy-looking Alec matches my stride as he walks to my car with a fallen face.

“Stop behaving like Liam,” I say when I notice the small pout forming on his lips which he is trying hard to straighten.

“Avery!” Alec's alarming voice reaches my ear and at the same time, he shifts body and covers Liam completely while pushing me slightly out of the way. I watch a guy coming at us with a baseball bat ready to hit Alec.

Grabbing Alec’s arm for support, I kick that guy straight in his chest just in the nick of time before he could have hit Alec's head. Instinctually, I push Alec behind me as he has Liam with him while taking a step forward protectively.

My eyes narrow at the guy who is about to become a victim of my rage. He is the same guy who Alec defeated today in the match.

Bloody fucking loser.

Before he can gain his footing, I grab the bat and yank him towards myself as my foot connects with his groin in a hard kick. Instantly, I hit his wrist forcefully which loosens his grip on the bat as his other hand goes to his member, making me snatch the bat from his hand.

Without even waiting for a moment, I swing at the bat at his kneecaps which causes him to scream.

So much for teaching my son not to fight outside the ring and respecting the opponent.

“Fuck you, bitch!” He spat groans.

“Really? I have just busted your nuts, dude, you are not in a position to say that, let alone actually do something like that.” I give him a bored look. "Even if by miracle the dead rises from its grave, then it will be fractured along with the rest of your bones."

Should I play baseball? I have a bat and he is the owner of balls. Nah, it would not be fun to hit a deflated ball.

With that thought, I settle on hitting him on his another kneecap.

"Settle your issues in the ring, because outside the ring there are no rules which can save you." I smirk at him, feeling every bit of anger rising inside me thinking how he could have hurt Alec, "I am not even going to think twice before cracking your skull open. And trust me, I am just seconds away from swinging this bat at your head just like you have attempted to attack him." To make my point, I lightly-well not so lightly but also not hard to give him concussions- smack his head with the bat making his eyes go wide. He looks horrified while he tries to get away from me.

"You are lucky that none of them got hurt, otherwise, you would not have been in any condition to have this conversation with me. Because as far as I know, dead people can't speak." I shrug nonchalantly and hit him in the shoulder with the bat. Why? Because I feel like doing it.

"But this doesn't mean I am going to leave you, without giving you near-death experience." My lips curving into a satisfied smirk as his scream reaches my ear when I kicked him in his stomach.

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