Always Together

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Chapter 112

Alec’s POV

“How the fuck you thought to hurt him?” Her menacing tone makes me wonder how much anger she carries inside her, “Nobody is allowed to hurt them. Neither I will allow anyone to even touch them. Come after who is mine, I will make sure, your next stop will be six feet under the soil.” Her lips curving into a dangerous smile, while her eyes have that glint of craziness in them and I can clearly see the old Avery in front of me.

For other her words might sound icy just like her tone, however, for me they are nothing but heartwarming, melting away the years of sorrows that surround my heart. Her every action proves that she still cares about me, she still loves me. Her love for me has not gone anywhere, it is just deep buried inside her heart.

It is clear my feisty Firely is still as crazy as before. And I love her with all her craziness.

“Boss, I think we are wasting our time by guarding her because I don’t think she needs any protection.” I hear Ron’s surprised tone, “I am sorry, but the boss lady is scary. Even scarier than you.” He slightly makes a face when Avery stomps Freddy's hand when he tries to hold her ankle while she has a wicked grin on her face.

If Avery didn’t too entrance me, I would have rolled my eyes at his stupid nickname for her.

Since the time I informed him that she is my wife, he has started calling her boss lady. Most of my men know about her and Liam, it is impossible to keep such an important thing hidden from them especially when I am asking them to protect my family.

She is my wife and Liam is my son there is nothing to hide about it. And never I am going to hesitate from letting everyone know that they both are mine.

Mine and Avery’s relationship is estranged, but this doesn’t change the fact that we are still very much together. And I hope soon everything will turn out fine between us and we can be united as a family again.

“That must have hurt.” Ron cringes when Avery kicks him in his chest when he tries to hold the bat to save himself from the next swing.

She is like fire, anything that will touch her will turn into ashes. I just want to kiss Avery senseless, but then I know I would be lying next to Freddy. So, I have controlled my urge to do anything stupid as angry Avery is ruthless.

Avery never fails to surprise me, the confidence in her is something which I really admire. She doesn’t even look slightly bothered that the guy she is facing is twice her size and weight.

She is lethal.

“A little help!” Finn grunts, as I hear Liam shouting at him to leave him. Finn traps Liam’s hands into his one hand, because the annoyed look on Liam's face says that he is seconds away from punching Finn in the throat.

Finn and Ron were already behind us when Freddy attempted to attack me. I handed Liam to Finn and to keep him away, and when I turn around my girl has already taken care of him.

A small crowd has gathered around us, but among them, my eyes quickly find my men who are even enjoying the little show Avery has put up.

“Leave me.” Liam shouts, “Mom!” He starts to kick Finn. Maybe I think I’d have to apologize to Finn later because by the look on Finn’s face Liam has kicked him somewhere where he shouldn’t have.

Avery turns her head in their direction as her eyes narrow momentarily at Finn.

Her attention turns back to Freddy as she hits him in the stomach with the bat for the last time then she walks to Finn. Handing him the bat, she takes Liam from his arms and I didn’t miss the away Finn slightly flinches as he thought she is about to hit him.

“Let’s go, my fist and your face should have some private conversation.” Ron pulls half-conscious Freddy on his feet and drags him away as an evil smile plays on his lips even he is not any less crazy.

Silently, I gesture to Finn to disperse the crowd. Giving a nod, he motions everyone to get back to their business.

“You okay, buddy?” She softly asks Liam, her face holds no trace of harshness, it’s like some switch has been turned off.

“Hmm.” He nods his head with pout settled on his lips.

“And you? You didn’t get hurt, right?” She glances at me, her eyes filled with concern.

“Yeah, I am fine.” I smile at her and my smile slightly widens when her eyes scan over me to check if I am saying the truth.

Her eyes again stop at my face, in which there is nothing but worry... worry for me and my heart explodes with warmth and love that is only reserved for my Firefly.

I don’t even remember when was the last time I saw someone worried about me... because it has been so long that I have nearly forgotten how nice it feels when someone cares about you.

And is it stupid to say that, I am disappointed that I didn’t get hurt? Because then Avery would have been more worried about me.

“Why didn’t you wake me up when you were having fun?” Liam complains looking at Avery, turning my attention to him. “This is not fair! I wanted to watch from the start.”

Why I am not surprised that instead of being afraid like a normal person when they are attacked, my son is annoyed that we didn’t wake him up earlier. Although he is not wrong about Avery having fun, as far as I know, Avery enjoys such situations especially when she gets an opportunity to smash someone’s bones.

“Why didn’t you wake him up when I was having fun, huh?” She glances at me with a playful smile. “Didn’t want him to find out that his mom is better than his dad?” She raises her eyebrows.

A low chuckle leaves from my lips, looking at my weird family.

“I am sorry, I was to busy enjoying myself watching you swing that bat.” I shrug with a smile. “And about being better than me, well, it is kind of something which we still need to find out.” My smile turns into a challenging smirk.

“There is no need to find out, your ego will not be able to take it.” She rolls her eyes, “I am the one who saves you from the clutches of bad guys, so it is kind of obvious how much you suck outside the ring in the real world.”

“Alec, I think you have a habit to run into troubles.” She raises her eyebrows, “I wonder, how did you manage six years without me saving your ass from the bad guys?” Her tone is still playful.

“I hardly managed, that is why I am planning to keep you us my personal bodyguard for the rest of my life,” I smirk at her.

“I am mad at you guys, you guys always have all the fun leaving me out.” Liam looks at us in annoyance.

Well, I think he is more annoyed because for a while he was not the center of our attention and he was not included in our conversation.

“Will you still be mad at us, if I promise you to teach something interesting?” I arch an eyebrow at him and just like that his annoyance is replaced by the eagerness to learn something new.

“Will you teach me now?” He looks at me, excitement seeping into his words.

“Not exactly now, but tomorrow for sure.” I smile at him.

“Okay.” He nods his head while smiling at me.

Without thinking much, I wrap my arms around them just feeling thankful to have them. I just love them so much, that it is impossible to put my feelings into words.

However, my heart nearly explodes with happiness when Avery snakes her arm around me while with the other hand she is holding Liam.

A small gesture but for me, it means so much... not something which I can take for granted.

It is not easy to cover the distance of six years in the blink of an eye, but these small steps give me hope that one day there won’t be any distance between us.

I will wait, Avery, take your take time but come back to me.

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