Always Together

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Chapter 115

Alec’s POV

Sometime during the night, I feel like someone is crawling up on me, which instinctually forces me to open my eyes. My eyes glance down at Avery who is sleeping peacefully snuggled on my side, then my attention shift to small weight now lying on top of me turning my lips into a contented smile.

Wrapping my other arm around Liam’s back who is settled on my chest, I place a kiss on his head. My nose tickles when his ruffled hair touches my nose, making me smooth his hair gently.

My heart feels so full just like my arms.

Honestly, this is not a comfortable way to sleep as I can hardly shift. But I will be damned if I want to sleep any other way, than this.

Turning my hand, I caress the side of Avery’s face. I have to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing when she frowns and cuddles more into my side nearly pushing Liam off of me.

Lightly pressing my lip to her forehead, I look at her face as my heart fills with warmth. Whenever I look at her I know from the bottom of my heart, that I would do anything for her. She means so much to me, even more than I could have imagined.

I need her in my life, more than I need my next breath. Because I truly want to live my life, not just pass days and wait for my breath to stop. And without her, my life is nothing. She is my life... being with her means truly living.

And I can give away anything to get a chance to spend one moment with her. And here I want to spend the rest of my life with her. So even I don’t know to what extent I could go to fulfill my wish.

Avery says she doesn’t love me, but I know her better. However, when I have said that my love will be enough, I wasn’t lying. I will love her even if she doesn’t love me back, just her being in my life is more than enough for me.

A small whine comes from Liam, as he opens his sleep-filled eyes while scratching his head. Raising his head from my chest, he glances at me then sleepy grin forms on his face.

Before I can ask him what happened, he kisses my chin, and then just like that he goes back to sleep. Leaving a big smile on my face.

I love this whiny little guy.

Holding both of them a little more tightly, I welcome blissful sleep with a huge smile on my face.

When I wake for the second time, my heart goes into a panic feeling disoriented of my surroundings, as I find myself alone in the room, thinking everything was just a dream of mine. But a sigh of relief passes when the haze clears as I realize I am still in Avery’s room.

Thankfully, the last night was definitely not a dream.

Twisting my body, I glance at the clock to find it is half-past ten. My eyebrows shoot up in surprise as I don’t even realize I have been sleeping this long as normally I am up till six in the morning.

Maybe Avery’s threat really scared me.

I silently chuckle as I get out of the bed. Walking into the bathroom, I freshen up and use the spare toothbrush which Avery has left on the bathroom counter. After taking a quick shower I change back into last night’s clothes as I don’t have anything else to wear.

I just want Liam and Avery to move in with me, so we all can live in our home together. However, I don’t want to push Avery as I can see she is trying which is more than I can ever ask for.

After making up the bed, I step outside the room to find Avery on a video call with someone while Liam is busy in making some kind of structure with legos.

There is annoyance on Avery’s face but I can see she is attempting to maintain her calm because of Liam.

However, when she glances at me her lips tilt in a faint genuine smile as she nods her head in the kitchen’s direction. She lightly taps the earbud with her finger letting me know she is on call.

Liam’s face lights up as he watches me, and leaving everything he dashes towards me while I prepare myself to hold him.

“Good morning, dad!” His arms wrap around my waist.

“Good morning, buddy!” I ruffle his hair.

“C’mon let’s go and have breakfast I am so hungry.” Looking up at me, he grins. “I was waiting for you to wake up.”

“You should have woken me earlier.” I frown not liking he’s hungry.

“Mom said not to disturb you, and let you sleep.” He holds my hand and drags me to the kitchen, turning my head I glance at Avery who has an angry frown on her face as she listens to whatever that man has said.

“What do you want for breakfast?” I ask Liam, tearing my attention away from Avery.

“Mom has made pancakes.” He points at the pancakes in the oven, which she has kept there to keep them warm.

“Has she eaten?” I ask serving him the breakfast.

“No, she is mad,” he answers already digging into the pancake as soon as I have placed in front of him then I pour him a glass of milk.

Crossing my elbows on the table, I watch him eat while my mind wanders back to Avery as I think what made her upset.

Not a moment later, she enters the kitchen trying hard to keep the annoyance off her face.

“Why are you not eating?” She points at my empty plate, “Want me to make anything else for you?”

“I was waiting for you to end the call so we can have breakfast together.” Going to the cabinet, I take out another plate for her.

“I am not hungry.” She shakes her head, “I already ate an apple.”

Normally, I would have forced her to eat but from her face, I can read this not the right time. Something is going on in her mind because she has this thinking look on her face.

Whenever she is thinking she keeps biting the inside of her cheeks. It is something which I find really cute, not that I am going to tell her.

“Something bothering you?” I ask her silently, making sure Liam doesn’t hear me.

“Something from work.” She whispers back.

Placing my arm around her shoulder, I pull her to my side and kiss the side of her head just to comfort her. She stiffens not expecting this, but a moment later her shoulders relax.

“Why did you kiss my mom?” Liam narrows his eyes at me, his possessive side making an appearance.

Kid, you might be possessive of your mom, but I am your father.

Glancing down at Avery, I find her holding back her amused smile.

“I didn’t kiss your mom.” I shrug still keeping my arm around her, “I kissed my Firefly.”


“Hush!” I glare at her playfully and place my finger on her lips when she starts to argue, “You are my Firefly. Nothing can change that.”

“Why are you calling my mom an insect?” His frown deepens.

I chuckle in amusement because sometimes I feel like all my beautiful memories with Avery are flashing before my eyes in the form of Liam.

“Because she brightens my life.” I honestly answer him, “When she is with me, I am not scared of anything.” I glance down at Avery, who is already looking at me with an unreadable expression.

“That’s why she is my Firefly.” I softly smile at her.

“Mom, do you have a glowing bum?” Liam asks as he slips from his chair after quickly chugging down the glass of milk.

“Liam!” Avery shrieks and turns back when Liam goes around her demanding to see her glowing backside.

I can’t help but laugh as she tries to make Liam understand her bum doesn't glow.

“She doesn’t have a glowing bum, but she does have a cute bum.” I wink at her, just to tease her which works, as a dash of pink covers her cheeks.

“Liam, let’s go, I will teach you something interesting.” I throw Liam up in the air, and his laugh resonates throughout the kitchen.

Just to tease her more, I smack Avery’s bum which makes her jump in surprise.

I laugh looking at her shocked face, but soon my grin turns into a grimace when she hurls her shoe on my backside as soon as I turn to leave.

“Be grateful it was her shoe, instead of any pot or knife.” Rubbing my back, I say to myself.

Another proof that she still loves me.

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