Always Together

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Chapter 118

Everything seems good as of now, but like always, there are questions in my mind which are not letting me focus on anything.

However, these questions are not about our future or my choices, they are more related to Alec. And unfortunately, the person who unintentionally planted these questions in my mind is that woman Kendra.

Who is this Kendra? And most importantly, who is Kendra to Alec?

How does she know something so personal about him even if it was just a lie?

My eyebrows pinch together in concentration as I start to bite inside of my cheeks.

Clearing of the throat, deepens my frown snapping me out of my thoughts. Shifting my eyes to the left I see Alec standing in the kitchen... and yeah, he is staring at me.

“How long you have been here?” I ask twisting my body to the left, completely facing him.

“Well, since you were stirring the pot of boiling water.” Arching an eyebrow he points at the pot... in which there is just water?

Why am I stirring the pot? And where are potatoes?

I look around for potatoes when Alec brings a bowl of diced potatoes in front of me.

I don’t remember cutting them.

“Diced potatoes will cook quicker,” He answers at the same time, he puts the potatoes in boiling water and covers the lid.

I was planning to make potato salad with grilled chicken for dinner as Liam wants to eat chicken as usual.

“Do you mind sharing with me, what is going on inside your head?” He crosses his arms as his gaze finds mine as if he is trying to read my mind.

“A lot of things.” I sigh, shaking my head.

“Are you...” Suddenly, he looks nervous, “Are you regretting your decision? Having second thoughts about it?” He asks tentatively.

It takes a moment for me to realize what he is trying to ask.

“Alec, when I decide something then there is nothing in this world that would change my mind.” Weaving my fingers together in front of me, I shrug while looking at them, “I am not like you who overthinks, or analyzes consequences before taking any action. I am more like do now and deal with it later kind of a person, and this thing hasn’t changed about me.” Glancing back at him, I smile.

“So to answer your question, no, I am not having any second thoughts about anything.” I slowly nod my head, “However, if you are having any doubts then be honest with me.”

“No, this is the only thing which I am sure doubt,” he quickly says as soon as I finish speaking, “I want us, Avery, and I don’t care about anything else.”

“Well, then I guess everything is fine.” I shrug as I return to work on dinner.

“Everything is perfect.”

A small smile spread on my lips when I hear him quietly saying.

However, I have to discuss with him what’s going on in my mind, as my mind will be restless until I don’t know who is that woman. But this conversation has to wait, as I don’t want Liam even to accidentally hear our conversation.

He taps on my shoulder, causing me to turn to him.

“I love you.” He suddenly pecks my lips surprisingly the hell out of me.

I don’t remember him being so... affectionate? What has happened to him?

There is a hint of mischievousness present in his smile as he again starts to lean.

“But, I don’t.” I shake my head, pushing him away.

“Keep saying that,” He says over his shoulder as he walks outside when Liam calls him from the living room.

What does he think of himself? Does he think he knows my feelings better than me?

“I don’t love you, Alec.” I half-shout at his retreating back which is shaking with silent laughter, “Don’t mistake my tolerance for love, Gregory.”

Yes, I don’t love him.

After dinner, Liam dashed inside his room dragging Alec with him. There is something cooking between these two which I am not aware of. Once or twice I found Liam trying to memorize something while hiding in his room and when I asked him about it he says it is a secret between him and Alec.

Liam seemed troubled when I reminded him, there are no secrets between him and me, so I did not push him to tell me anything as he can have secrets with Alec. However, I reminded him again that he should never hide anything from me or his dad, whatever it is one of us should know about it. As long as Alec or I know about it, it is fine.

After washing the dinner dishes which Alec had volunteered to clean before he was dragged by his son, I head towards Liam’s room.

Quietly, peeking inside the room I find both of them sleeping in Liam’s small bed. I guess Alec fell asleep while putting Liam to bed.

Biting my lips I stop myself from smiling because this looks sweet and weird at the same time. Alec has almost taken the entire space and Liam is half lying on top of me while his head rests on Alec’s arm. Even though they both are crammed up and the way they are sleeping seems uncomfortable, but the look on their face says it otherwise.

Walking inside the room, I grab the bigger quilt from Liam’s closet which we use to make pillow castle, and very gently I cover both of them.

Leaning down, I lightly place a kiss on Liam’s forehead then I glance at Alec’s peaceful face, hoping he would not get any nightmares.

For a moment or two, I become a creep as I stare at their peaceful faces.

There is nothing in this world which I wouldn’t do for these two people.

Glancing at them for one last time, closing the door behind me, I go to my room to get ready for bed.

The next morning when I wake up, I am not surprised to find Liam snuggled against me because as long as I can remember this is how I wake up. He always sneaks into my room, that’s why I don’t lock my door when I am sleeping.

I kiss his hair a few times then closing my eyes I try to get that precious five minutes’ sleep as I cuddle him.

As expected that five minutes turn into one hour, as quietly as possible I get out of the bed to start my day.

When I walk down, the front door opens as Alec enters carrying something.

He looks at me and flashes me a small smile as he heads inside the kitchen, and I follow him.

“I thought to bring some breakfast.” He starts plating the food, as I sit on the chair, leaning down my head on the table, “Is Liam still sleeping?” He asks taking the opposite seat of mine.

I simply nod my head, not in a mood to talk just yet.

“Oh, sorry, my mistake I nearly forget you are still waking up which means no talking.” He lightly chuckles.

We eat breakfast in silence, but I can feel Alec is more relaxed and seems happy which even brings peace to my heart.

“Don’t you have any work to do?” Lifting my eyes, from my laptop I glance at Alec who is idly sitting and staring at my laptop screen.

“No, I took an off today.” He shakes his head, “Family day.” He smiles brightly.

“Hey, I am working.” I protest when he closes my laptop and puts on the coffee table.

“No work today.” He shrugs and lies down on the couch keeping his head on my lap while his legs dangling off the couch.

“What’s gotten into you today?” I arch my eyebrow when he holds my hand and plays with my fingers.

“We should go and shop for Liam’s room, I have planned to turn one of the spare rooms in our house into Liam’s room,” He says ignoring my question, “Maybe we should have those car shaped bed for him, I think he will love it.”

“He will love it, or you?” I playfully arch an eyebrow at him.

He gives me a sheepish smile that answers my question.

“Avery, now since everything is okay between us,” he speaks tentatively, “Will you both come and live with me, in our home?”

Everything seems so sudden, but then it is bound to happen. We can’t live like this, a family lives together and that’s what we are... a family.

“Okay.” I nod my head, “But first, we have to talk to Liam and make him understand what’s happening. I don’t want him to be confused, now when things are changed between us.”

“Alec, all these years it was just me and him, so this change may affect him. If we don’t talk to him about this, he might feel neglected, as we moving in together is something big. Until now you spend time with him then you go, even he loves being around you and misses you when you are not with him, but living under the same house is an entirely different thing.” I try to make him understand my point, at the same time not wanting him to feel that I don’t want this.

Because I do want this... I want us to be together, as a family.

“I understand.” He smiles which makes me relieved, “I will talk to him, and then let’s see what does he thinks about all this. I will make him understand that I want to be a part of your and his life, and even when we will live together nothing will change between you and him.”

He understands my true fears even though when I have not voiced them out openly. I don’t want Liam to feel that now when Alec is part of my life, I am in any way being away from him or love him any less. Earlier my life only revolved around Liam, but now that will change as Alec is an important part of my life just like him.

“Thank you,” I say while a relieved smile settles on my lips as I place a small kiss on his hand.

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