Always Together

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Chapter 12

“Come on, get up.” Pops stands over me and gives me his hand, while I am lying flat on my ass on the grass.

“No.” I wave my hand in front of me, feeling like every bone of my body is broken, “I am good here. I think after landing me on my ass four times, your ego should be satisfied. I grimace while rolling on my side.

“Get up, Avery,” he says sternly and crosses his arm over his chest.

“Okay.” I frown and slowly stand up, ignoring the pain.

“Get back in position.” He motions me and takes his position opposite side of me.

“I don’t think this is any self-defense training, this is torture,” I mumble as I get in position to get my ass handed over to me.

“Torture?” He glares at me, “I know what happened last night and I have seen the video. Do you think I can sleep peacefully knowing that my Avery can’t even defend herself properly?”

Of course, he has seen the video. Kris is his personal informer.

“But, Pops, I have beaten him up. I can defend myself.”

“Really?” He questions me as he stands in front of me, “Four times I have managed to defeat you without even breaking a sweat and you say, you can defend yourself?” His voice raises, making me flinch.

“Avy.” He sighs and places his hands on my shoulders, “There are bad guys everywhere who can go to any extent to cause damage and God forbid if you land in any such situation I want you to be prepared for that, to defend yourself. I can’t compromise on that.” His eyes filled with fear and worry.

“Okay, Pops.” I smile at him, “I am ready to be your punching bag, again.” I joke as he smiles.

“Let’s call it a day.” He gives me a half hug, “But from tomorrow, be ready for daily two hours sparring.”

After taking a hot shower, I lay down on my bed while I feel like I have run over by a truck. Pops have left for garage and I don’t have the strength to make lunch for myself. As my whole body is extremely tired from my morning run and all the beating I have received in the name of self-defense.

Pops really doesn’t hold back.

In every summer break, Pops used to train me to fight. So that I can defend myself against the bullies, and it actually worked a lot of times. Also, he said it is a good way to channel your anger and strengthen yourself. So, I started practicing with him. I actually enjoy it, I found it is a good way to release my frustration.

Tiredness takes over me, as I fall to sleep. I don’t know how long I have slept, but my eyes open due to the constant ringing of my phone. I remember I had some plans with Kris, so this must be her.

“I am sorry, I will not be able to come, babe.” I put another pillow over my head and keep my eyes close, not ready to lose my sleep. I called her babe because that word works like magic to cool her down.

When I don’t get a response from her I continue, because I know she has the habit of giving the silent treatment when she is angry.

She is weird, she calls you and then doesn’t talk to you, letting you know that she is upset with you.

“I can’t even move a muscle after the torture I went through today, my ribs and legs are paining so badly.” I sigh and wince remembering the punch which I received on my right side ribs because I was not quick enough to block it.

Let me come back in form, Pops, then I will take my revenge from you.

“Hey, don’t be mad at me I will make it up to you some other time. You know I can’t bear your silence. You are my only friend if you will also not talk to me then whom else I will talk with,” I honestly tell her.

“Okay, if you want you can also come and beat me if that will make you happy.” I sigh loudly. I hope now she will talk to me, as she is a sentimental kind of person.


“Who touched you?” I hear a voice that definitely doesn’t belong to Kris.

“Who is this?” Removing the pillow I sit up. I check caller I.D and it says it is a private number.

“Just answer me.”

“Listen, crackpot, you are not a compulsory exam question that I need to answer you.” I narrow my eyes at the wall in front of me like I am glaring at the phone idiot, “I think you have dialed the wrong number. So, don’t waste my and your time-”


“Huh?” I suddenly feel confused, “Alec? Why the hell are you calling me from this private number?”

Earlier his voice was so cold and impassive that I was not even able to recognize his voice.

“You were not answering my calls.” He sighs, “So, I decided to call you from another number.”

“Are you freaking out of your mind!” I almost lose it, “If I am not answering your call, it might be possible that I am busy.”

“But you answered my call from this number.” He counters.

“Or I simply don’t want to talk to you.” I close my eyes while suddenly anger starts to bubble up inside me. This shuts him up as I don’t hear a single sound from his side.

“Avery,” he says quietly after a few moments.

“Alec, please, I had a very tiring day and I just really want to sleep.” I rub my temple with my fingers as exhaustion takes over my body and mind, “I am sorry, but I don’t feel like talking to you at this moment.” Without waiting for his reply I end the call.

Am I hurt? Of course, I am.

When I first time talked to him, I thought he is may be different from others, but I guess I was wrong. But in these few days, I did consider him as my friend. So, I don’t want to suddenly break our friendship if that is what we can call it. However, still, it will take some time to recover from the pain which his words have caused. Perhaps, if we talk next time I will clearly tell him, we can’t be friends.

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