Always Together

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Chapter 120

Something has definitely changed between us. The heaviness which used to be around us is not there anymore. Like the thick dark clouds have scattered letting bright sunlight consume the darkness in which we were living.

All because now there are no secrets between us. Isn’t it strange, how the weight of keeping secrets from each other crushes your soul with an unknown burden? You can only realize the amount of burden which you were carrying around when it lifts off your chest.

I have said this before, I am saying this again. I will not allow myself to be vulnerable again, but this doesn’t mean I am going to push him away.

Life never gives you second chances, and when it does you should not just throw it away because of your past or fears. However, you should avoid repeating the mistakes which you have done in the past and make the best out of your present.

That is what I have planned to do.

“So?” I raise an eyebrow at Alec when he returns from Liam’s room after talking with Liam.

Alec wanted to talk to Liam by himself, so I gave them privacy. He said he needed to earn Liam’s trust as well, and he needed to assure him that he will always come first for us.

“He surprises me, Avery.” He raises his eyebrows as he comes and sits beside me on the patio, “He is an amazing child.” He whispers while running his hand over his face.

“You mean everything to him.” He looks at me while his eyes hold awe.

“He loves you so much, Avery, and I can't explain my feelings when I watch his eyes shine with love for you.” He blinks looking upward, “When I asked him if he is okay if we all live together, he said he doesn’t have any problem if you are okay with it. If you are happy with us living together then even he wants us to live together because he loves making you happy.”

“He is so young, but his intelligence amazes me.” He shakes his head, while his tone is filled with pride. “I just felt like I am talking to an adult, not a child.”

“He straight away told me on my face that he loves me, but he loves you more.” He softly chuckles as I hastily wipe my tear which unintentionally slips from my eye, “And he even threatened me that he will never talk to me if I ever make you sad.”

Shaking my head, I lightly laugh as I wipe some more tears with my fingers.

“He is your son what else did you expect from him?” I sigh giving him a small smile, “Just like his dad, he tries to look after me in whatever way he can. He is just like you, Alec, he always put the happiness of people he loves before his. He might be too small to understand the difficult emotions, but his small heart knows how to love immensely.”

“Thank you... for giving me such an amazing child.” He holds my hand between his hands, “Even though I don’t deserve him-”

“Quiet.” Placing my finger on his lips I silence him, “Stop saying that you don’t deserve him because it is not true. You deserve happiness, you deserve to live your life, you deserve to be loved, you deserve to be a part of your son's life.”

“But you have to make peace with the fact that Liam will always love me more than you and I am his favorite person,” I give him a smug expression, “You don’t even stand a chance against me.”

He laughs and wraps his around my waist while I rest my head against his shoulder.

“Finally, I can feel everything is turning around for better,” he whispers.

“Everything will always be fine as long as we are together,” I reply in an equally quiet tone, “We don’t need to look for reasons to be happy, because if we are together then we can create our own happiness.”

“I love you.” He lifts my head with his thumb while a teasing smile is playing on his lips.

“Yeah... yeah.” I roll my eyes while attempting to hide my smile as I keep my head back on his shoulder.

He kisses my hair then keeps his head on mine, giving my shoulder a light squeeze.

My eyes narrow as I notice something, grabbing his other hand I bring it in front of me.

My lips part in shock as I run my fingers on his inner forearm.

“I was waiting when you will notice this.” He chuckles quietly.

“Alec...” I whisper glancing at him still in shock.

“I have told you, Avery, I was...and am... and will always be yours.” He smiles looking down at me.

My eyes again fall to his arm, my fingers caress the dark ink decorating his skin.


I read the words with my slightly blurred vision.

“When you first time claimed me as yours even though you were drunk, but it felt so right. At that moment, my heart said that if there is anyone to whom I belong, it is you. I just wanted to be known as yours, nothing else. I wanted everyone to know that I am Avery’s.” He sighs, “But, unfortunately, there was something else written in our future. Even though I was yours, but I couldn’t be with you.”

“I got this tattoo two days before our wedding day.” He swallows while my finger continues to trace my name in my handwriting on his arm, “I wanted to surprise you with this, but my life surprised me when everything turned upside down...”

“I swear I never wanted to hurt you.” His voice might be quiet, but the pain hidden in his voice is clear.

“I know...I know.” Holding his face, I caress his jaw with my thumb trying to comfort him.

My heart aches when I see his pained expression. He has suffered enough, now I don't want him to live with this pain again.

Pulling his face towards me, I close my eyes while brushing my lips against his, then I pull back slightly. Gaining the courage which I needed, taking a small breath, I press my lips one more time against his, however, this time instead of pulling back I slowly move my lips against his.

He lets me lead the kiss while following my pace. He pulls me into his lap and crosses his hands behind my back while his lips softly caressing mine.

I don’t want to rush, I want to live in this this feeling.

We pull back at the same time, but still embracing each other.

He strokes my lower lip with his thumb, his eyes following the movement of his thumb. He lifts his eyes to lock his gaze with mine, and I find nothing but warmth in them.

“Now we are going to stay together?” Liam asks Alec.

“Yes, we will.” He nods his head.

Liam thinks for a moment, then he looks at Alec with a questioning gaze.

“So, frisky will also live with us?” He asks keeping his face in his hands as he watches Alec fixing his toy car.

“Yes, of course,” Alec replies without looking up from the car, which has been destroyed by the dinosaurs.

“Where are you going to sleep?” Liam frowns slightly worried, “We don’t have any spare room in our home.”

This makes Alec looks up from the car as he glances at Liam worried face.

Suddenly, Liam’s face brightens up, making Alec confuse with his abrupt change in expression.

“You can sleep in my room, I will share a room with mom.” Liam smiles feeling happy to find the solution to our living problem.

“You don’t have to give me your room, Avery and I will stay together.” Alec smiles.

“Why are you going to share a room with my mom?” Liam narrows his eyes at him, and I have to cough to cover up my laugh while Alec looks a little lost.

“Because mom and dad live together in one room,” Alec answers him, trying to reply to his question in the best way.

“So, now you are going to sleep with my mom?” Liam shoots another question in Alec’s direction which makes him uncomfortable.

Of course, Liam is too young to understand his innocent question doesn’t seem innocent to our corrupted minds.

“Yes, I and Alec are going to sleep in my room.” I save Alec from his misery because by now I have mastered the art of handling Liam’s weird questions, “Because mom and dad stay in one room, and children in another room. Well, sometimes they also sleep together, remember how we all slept together that night?”

“Yes, I loved hugging you both while sleeping.” He smiles and looks at me and Alec.

“So that will be our living arrangement from now.” I smile at him while ruffling his head. “Mom, dad, and Liam living together and having so much fun.”

“I love you, dad.” Liam gets down from his chair and hugs Alec, “I am so happy that now you can live with us.”

Alec hugs him while looking at me with a bright smile which I return with my own. While an overwhelming feeling of elation and joy fills my heart because after so many years I am watching my scattered family, finally getting back together.

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