Always Together

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Chapter 121

Everything was going fine until Alec mentioned we will not live in this house. That was the moment when Alec witnessed Liam’s demonic avatar for the first time.

There was hair-pulling, there were fists banging on the couch, there was screaming, there was shouting, and there was crying... a lot of crying.

It was a total disaster.

Because he doesn’t want to go from here, as his most favorite treehouse is here and he will not leave his tree and his treehouse.

It took more than an hour of convincing and a written promise from Alec that he will build him an exact treehouse at his new home, then only Liam agreed to move to the new house.

Yes, Liam made Alec write on a paper that he has to build him the same design treehouse, and then he got his signatures too.

There is no escaping for Alec.

“It was chaotic.” Alec shakes his head while raking his hand through his hair, “I swear my ears are still ringing. I can’t believe he has this much energy in him, he was screaming for straight two hours...”

“One minute he was fine and then boom.” He bumps his fists together then makes an explosive gesture, “He just exploded like a volcano.” He raises his eyebrows, still looking stunned.

“I am sure when you mentioned moving from this house, at that moment he has already started debating that living with you is really worth it.” I quietly laugh, “In his mind, he had already chosen his treehouse over you.”

“Thanks for making me feel so special.” He rolls his eyes, pretending to look offended.

My eyes shift into my lap, I smile looking at Liam when his lips turned into a small cute pout as he sleeps in my arms looking like an angel.

My son is a little demon, disguised as an angel.

And I love my demon.

While watching cartoons he fell asleep in my arms as constant yelling and crying have tired him out.

He frowns in sleep when Alec lightly taps his finger on his pouted lips.

“Do you want to face the wrath of Demon Liam again?” I arch an eyebrow at him.

He shakes his head in negative but still continues to disturb Liam. Alec has a mischievous smile on his face because he is enjoying disturbing him.

“Stop.” I grab his hand while glaring at him, “Don’t disturb his sleep, he is tired. If he woke up then he will be cranky,” I say in a hushed tone.

I pull Liam closer to my chest while slightly twisting my body away from Alec to shield Liam from him.

“He makes funny faces.” Alec quietly laughs as he rubs circles on Liam’s back.

“Dad...” Liam opens his eyes and glances at Alec, “Hold me.” He whines and extends his arms in Alec’s direction.

Instantly, Alec takes him from me, then snuggling into his chest Liam falls to sleep again.

Alec glances at Liam fondly and kisses his head as he leans back on the couch settling Liam comfortably on his chest.

“Not want to disturb his sleep anymore, huh?” I raise my eyebrows questioningly at him.

He wraps his arms around Liam while silently staring at Liam’s face.

Lifting his eyes away from him, Alec looks at me and shakes his head in no while softly smiling as he keeps his cheek on his head.

Alec also fell asleep on the couch while being a bed to Liam, after covering both of them with a blanket I started to pack up some of the stuff, mostly my work-related papers, which I will need from here.

I can’t abandon this house... and Alec understands this, so he suggested that every week or two weeks we will spend some days here.

My Pops home will always be filled with life, happiness, and love.

It took me more than four hours to realize how much crap I have gathered in the name of important papers. Sorting them exhausted me to the point that I just want to burn every single paper of the pile. Finally, giving up to finish this task now, I head towards my room to treat myself with a relaxing warm shower.

After I long shower, I walk back inside the room while humming to myself as I start to towel dry my hair.

Towel falls from my hand, as I get startled when a pair of lips touch the side of my neck.

“Always unaware of your surrounding.” Alec lightly chuckles as his breath touch the base of my neck causing goosebumps to cover my entire skin.

“This mole always teases me,” he whispers as he stands exactly behind me, as his lips caress the back of my neck near my hairline.

“Alec.” I take a step away from him.

But he wraps his arm around my waist and yanks me back to himself. Placing his hand on my stomach and keeps his chest pressed against my back.

I grab his hand which is halting my movements, as my eyes close on their own accord when he trails soft kisses from my neck towards my shoulder.

My eyes open with a surprised gasp when he hooks his finger in the strap of my top and pulls it down my shoulder while peppering my skin with feather-light kisses.

My heart starts to speed as he runs his knuckles down my arm towards my wrist then back up to my shoulder.

“Alec.” I swallow, “It is not right...” I manage to say as I try to remove his hand from my waist.

He turns me around his arms harshly while pulling me against his chest.

“Really?” My heart nearly stopped witnessing the intensity in his eyes, “Is this not right?” His eyes drop to my lips as he leans towards me.

He brings his lips closer to mine, but instead of my lips, he plants a kiss on the side of my mouth.

“Is this is not right?” He runs his nose along the side of my face, my breath hitches in my throat when he tangles his fingers in my hair and pulls my head back.

“Is this not right?” Placing a kiss, he whispers against my throat.

Abruptly, he leaves me and my hand shoots up to hold his arm as I nearly lose my balance making me realize all this time he was the one who was holding me up.

Grabbing my wrist, he presses my palm against his chest, as his eyes blazing with unseen intensity.

“Is this is not right?” He holds my face with his other hand forcing me to lock my eyes with his, “My heart beating with yours, tell me, is this also not right?” His hand moves from my cheek and rests above my heart as he presses his forehead against mine.

I am waiting for the moment to feel all this is not right, but it near comes. Because even though my words say it is wrong, but my heart knows the way we feel for each other, the way we want each other, is anything but wrong.

Even if it is wrong, but then when I have ever done the right things... I repeat the same line in my mind which I said to myself years back.

Something never changes, I guess.

Lifting my head, I eliminate the distance between our lips as my hands pull him more towards me if it is possible.

His arm goes around my waist as he picks me up so I am not standing on my toes.

He walks backward until the back of my knees touches my bed. He lowers me on the bed while holding our weight on his one arm.

His lips momentarily leave mine as he removes his shirt by holding the back of his collar then again his lips find mine.

“My Avery... my Firefly,” He breaks the kiss as he looks deeply into my eyes, as he whispers.

The faintest smile appears on my lips as I hear these words from his mouth.

Suddenly something pops in my mind when he is about to place his lips on mine again.

I place my fingers between our lips the moment his lips are about to touch mine which makes him frown.

“Liam?” I whisper questioningly.

“Tucked in his bed, out like a light.” He lightly chuckles, his laugh tickles my fingers.

He leans forward, but again I push him away causing him to groan.

“Door?” My eyes widen as I turn my head towards the door.

“Locked.” He raises his eyebrows.

He kisses my fingers and removes my hand away from his mouth.

“Avery.” Before something else can come in my mind, he speaks.

“Forget everything for a while.” His eyes roam over my face, his lips curve into a soft smile.

“This moment is only for Alec and Firefly, no one else's.” He nuzzles my cheek, “Just us.”

“Let’s be just Alec and Avery,” He speaks and his breath caresses my skin with each word.

Cradling his face between my hands, I close the distance between us. And soon I feel myself getting lost in the feeling of his touch as our hearts beat together on the rhythm that is running through our veins.

The only thing which I remember, before letting myself completely lost in this feeling, is him... my Alec.

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