Always Together

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Chapter 122

Later in the night, we lie in each other's arms cuddling and stealing kisses.

And everything feels so damn right. No regrets, no guilt of doing something wrong ever seep into my heart.

Alec's hand is draped lazily across my stomach as I run my fingers on his arm absentmindedly. Tilting my head to the side, I glance at him with a small smile.

His head is resting on his propped up elbow while he is staring at me, the corners of his lips are curved into a smile of his own. He moves his hand from my stomach and cups my face as he traces my smile with his thumb.

I meet him in the half when his lips are about to descend on mine. The feeling which surges through our hearts with each time we express our feelings wordlessly is addictive.

Pulling back he again moves back to his previous position as he smiles down at me.

With his tousled up hair and a lazy smile on his lips, he looks so carefree and relaxed that I want to capture this moment.

Turning around, I stretch my arm to grab my phone from the bedside table. Opening the camera, without giving him any warning I click his pictures.

His pictures vary from relaxed to shocked to laughing, and I love each of them.

Taking my phone in his hand, he lies down on his back while placing his arm behind his head as he goes through the pictures. I place my head beside him on his pillow, so that even I can look at these pictures.

My camera roll is filled with Liam's pictures just like any obsessed parent. Alec lightly chuckles watching Liam's weird faces which he makes for the camera. Then I hear him sighing contentedly when he glances at the picture of sleeping Liam as he puts back the phone.

Rolling on my stomach, I cross my arms over his chest and rest my chin on them.

"Alec, why do you keep checking on Liam while he is sleeping?" I ask with a confused smile.

Even I check up on Liam when he is sleeping, but not as much as him. I remember he even made me video call him to show him Liam is sleeping soundly because he was feeling restless.

"I feel at peace when I look at him, especially when he is sleeping, knowing that he is safe and sound." He places his hand on my back, "Just like I am at peace when you are with me." He glances down at me.

I wrap my arms around him and kiss his heart.

"I feel the same, Alec." I admit quietly, "Knowing that you are with me, nothing looks daunting anymore."

Soon sleep consumes us, while we are lost in the comfort of each other's embrace.

My eyes open to Alec’s sleeping face while a shy smile blooms on my lips recalling last night’s events.

Leaning forward I press a kiss on his jaw, then placing my cheek against his warm chest I close my eyes feeling content to be where I am... in his arms.

I feel him kissing my head and his arms tighten around me.

A few minutes later I fall back to sleep.

I stir awake from my slumber when I hear Liam’s voice from the other side of the door.

My eyes widen as he knocks on the door.

“Mommy!” He calls while knocking on the door, “I am hungry, can I eat that bar of Mars which you have hidden in the top shelf?”

Of course, he would have known where I have kept my Mars away from him. Nothing can be kept hidden from him.

“Alec.” I shake Alec’s shoulder waking him up instantly.

“Liam.” I point at the door feeling slightly panicked as again he knocks.

Removing his arm from my waist, he stretches his arms above his head.

“Relax, I’ve got this.” He flashes me a smile and places a swift on my lips as he gets out of the bed.

Thankfully, out of the two of us, he is decently clothed. Although he is just in his sweat, still in better condition than me.

I hold the sheets tightly around me, making sure to cover my barely covered self as he opens the door.

“Good morning, buddy.” Alec throws Liam over his shoulder, even before he can rushes inside the room, making him laugh loudly.

His cheerful mood says he has been up for a while.

“Let’s get mom breakfast in bed.” Alec turns his head towards me and winks at me, as he closes the door behind him.

A slump back in the bed, as soon as they both left.

Quickly, picking up the first clothing item from the floor which happens to Alec’s shirt I wear it. It is reaching till my mid-thighs and properly covering me so it will work for now, because I am too lazy to leave the bed and wear something of my own.

I lie back in bed and close my eyes, enjoying the comfort of the bed. It is been a long time since I have slept in, and now I don’t want to get out of the bed.

“Wake up, mommy.” Liam kisses my cheek, as I realize I have fallen back to sleep for the third time.

He keeps on switching between mommy and mom. Sometimes he calls me mommy and sometimes I become mom. And I love it because it just warms my heart.

Smiling, I hold my arms to him, and immediately he gets in my arms as I hug him tightly.

“I brought breakfast for you,” He speaks excitedly.

“Thank you, baby.” I kiss his forehead, as I sit up.

My eyes travel to Alec and a smile settles on my lip when I find him already smiling in my direction.

“Are you enjoying your classes?” Alec asks Liam, as he slices an apple and gives it to him.

“Yes.” Liam nods his head, “But yesterday, I didn’t like it there,” he says as his eyebrows pinch together in annoyance.

Immediately, Alec looks at me questioningly, but I am as clueless as he is.

“Liam, sweetie, what happened yesterday?” I place my hand on his shoulder.

“There was a guy, and he was a meanie.” His frown deepened, “I don’t like him.”

“Who was he?” I turn Liam to me, “And what did he do?”

“He was talking with Ron and when Ron told him that I am your son he said I can’t be your son.” His lips turn into a sad pout as he glances at Alec, “But I am your son, right?”

Alec and I share a look, and I find the same anger on his face which is brewing inside me.

“You are my son, don’t listen to what anybody says.” Alec jaws tightened while he is trying to keep his tone soft as he comforts Liam, “They are just jealous because they can never have an amazing son like mine.” He hugs Liam which turns Liam’s lips upward in a heartfelt smile.

My eyes can see that he is struggling to keep his calm, the way his jaws tick. Moving towards him, I hold his hand in mine as I rub my hand up and down on his back trying to calm him.

It is nearly afternoon and it’s time for Liam's class, normally, I drop him off for classes as Alec is already there. But today Alec will be dropping him off.

Honestly, I am worried because kids tend to take things to their heart pretty quickly. I just can't handle when Liam is upset, his sad face plunges a knife into my chest making me want to destroy anyone who has brought this expression on his face.

If even today that guy says anything which affects Liam, then I will lose my shit. And that guy will not be able to say anything else after I will have a word with him.

Biting my lip, I am considering whether to take Liam to classes myself or let Alec take him, when Alec walks to the living room where I am checking Liam’s bag to make sure he has everything.

“Don’t worry, I will handle everything.” He gently kisses me, “I will be damned if I let any prick hurt my child’s feelings.” He takes his bag from my hand.

“I will drop him off, then later I will bring him back home with me as I have some work at the club which will take an hour or two till then his classes will be off. So you don't need to pick him up.” He drapes his arm around my shoulder as he kisses my temple.

He calls Liam and not a moment later Liam comes down running, feeling elated as Alec will be dropping him off because he loves to show off his dad to everyone.

“Bye, mom, love you.” He wraps his arms tightly around my waist then follows Alec to his car.

"I love you, too." I wave at him, "Andersons have mean punches, and you are Anderson plus Gregory which makes your punches even deadlier, so don't forget to use them if someone is being mean to you. I will handle the rest," I say smugly while Alec shakes his head at me as amusement clear in his expression.

I watch Alec with Liam, and I already know that I don’t need to worry about anything as Liam’s dad is there to take care of him.

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