Always Together

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Chapter 123

I have just finished putting away the old stuff in boxes when I nearly jump in my spot from fright when arms wrap around my middle catching me completely off guard.

“What the fuck, Alec!” I place my hand on my heart which is hammering like crazy against my chest, “I could have got a heart attack.”

His chest vibrates with laughter which he tries to muffle while pressing his mouth against my shoulder.

“When will you stop sneaking up on me like this?” I frown, not finding this amusing at all.

“When will you learn to be aware of your surroundings?” He retorts, with an amusing tone.

“You don’t keep your guard up when you are in your own damn house!” I say in slight frustration.

“It is not funny,” I complain when he continues to chuckle.

“Trust me, it is if you see from my eyes,” He says in between laugh.

“Maybe I should just poke your eyes then,” I mutter rolling my eyes.

Thundering footsteps of Liam makes me jump out from Alec’s embrace, just in time when Liam dashes towards me with a wide grin on his face.

“My mommy!” He wraps his arms tightly around me and presses his face in my stomach.

“My baby,” I reply mimicking his tone, which makes him laugh, while placing my hands around his shoulders.

“My firefly.” Alec hugs me from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder and places his one arm around Liam, “My son.”

“My dad.” Liam’s voice comes out muffled as his face is still pressed against my stomach. While he tries to hold Alec sandwiching me in between.

Time for payback, Alec.

“My Alec,” Turning my head to the side, I peck his lips while whispering against them.

His eyes go wide, comically, while he stiffens behind me.

Stepping away from him, I hold back my laugh when I notice he looked absolutely shocked obviously not expecting this.

A smug smile spread across my lips, liking his features covered in surprise.

“Mom, dad bought me new shoes, come let’s see.” Liam holds my hand and starts dragging me out of the room completely oblivious to his stunned Dad.

“Two new pairs of shoes?” I ask as Liam places shoe boxes in front of me, “I liked both red and blue ones, and don’t know which one to chose. So dad bought me both.” He smiles as his eyes travel behind me.

“Alec, there was no need to buy him another pair of shoes?” I whisper, glancing at Alec, “He already has red shoes, which I bought him last month.”

“It is not a big deal.” He shakes his head, with a small smile, “And I will do anything to keep that smile on his face.” His eyes fixed on Liam who is smiling while trying on his new shoes.

“You are spoiling him.” I roll my eyes although even I would have done the same thing because just like him I would do anything to keep Liam happy.

“I have just found someone to spoil.” He shrugs, “Of course, I will not leave any opportunity to make him happy, even if it means fulfilling his every demand.”

“However, I know he will never get spoiled because you will not let him.” He gazes at me while holding my hand. “I have full faith in you.”

Abruptly, the corner of his lip pulls up in a roguish smirk, as he leans closer to me.

“And even you should have faith in me, my firefly,” he whispers right next to my ear, “That I will definitely get back at you for the cute stunt which you have pulled a few minutes ago.”

With a small gasp, my eyes travel to Liam when Alec places a lingering kiss on my neck. Poor Liam fawning over his new shoes, thankfully, completely unaware of his shameless and pervert of a father.

Leaning Alec’s smirk deepens when he notices my flustered state.

“Liam, don’t you think your mom’s face has suddenly turned red?” Alec asks Liam, making me want to kill him because now Liam will shoot a thousand questions towards me.

This is the way he is getting back at me.

Clever bastard!

“Yes, her cheeks are red.” Liam looks at me and nods his head, “Do you have a fever mom?” He asks looking concerned leaving his shoes on the floor he walks to me.

“No,” I mumble as I glare at Alec who has a perfectly innocent face.

“Then why are your cheeks red?” Liam continues to ask, slightly narrowing his eyes in confusion.

“Yes, why are your cheeks red?” Alec blinks at me innocently, but the smile which he is trying to conceal is making him look anything, but innocent.

“I don’t know.” I grit my teeth, and now I am sure the redness of my cheeks is due to annoyance.

“Liam, I think I know why are cheeks are red.” Alec slowly nods his head at Liam.

“See this,” Alec says as his arm shoots up to grab my hand and he pulls me towards himself.

He kisses my cheek and my eyes go widen because this is something which I don’t have expected from him as embarrassment fills me.

“See, they are getting red again,” He softly says while caressing my cheek.

My face is definitely getting warmer, as he is the one who brings out such a reaction from me, even when I angry.

“Wow! Her cheeks turned red when you kissed her.” Liam looks in wonderment while I am dying of shame, “Kiss her, dad.” He demands, looking at Alec.

“You don’t even have to ask because I plan to do that all my life.” Alec gazes into my eyes, the promise in his eyes causes my heart to skip a beat.

Alec has left quite early in the morning because he has a lot of work today. He informed me last night, that he might not be able to come back home tonight as he doesn’t know when he will be free.

Liam was not happy to eat breakfast without Alec, and he was terribly missing him. Alec called to talk to him, but he only managed to talk to him for five minutes.

I have noticed they have formed this routine of theirs where after having breakfast Alec asks him about his classes and what new things he has learned. Alec also spends his time with him teaching him different things.

Since Liam was a bit upset since morning, so I thought to cheer him up with a small picnic in the treehouse. He is mood visibly brightened when I told him about the picnic. So now I am preparing a picnic basket while he is in his treehouse.

I have just packed all the food and open the fridge to grab the box of juice when I hear gunshots.

Before I can register what is happening I already running for the back door to grab Liam. I hear commotion happening in the backyard, which makes me run faster. The only thing in my mind is to get Liam, nothing else.

“Mom!” Liam’s scream runs my blood cold as I watch one masked man quickly carrying Liam towards a black SUV.

“Liam!” I yell as I run after him as Liam struggles to get free of his hold. “Let him go, you bastard!”

My boy is fighting too hard to get out that man’s hold, but of course, he is no match for that guy.

Somebody harshly grabs my hair from behind, anger surges through my body like hot lava and I see all red when that guy covers Liam’s mouth, and just before my eyes, Liam falls unconscious.

Turning around I find another masked man holding me tightly with my hair. He raises his hand to slap me, but I ram my elbow in his ribs. Holding his hand which is grabbing my hair I get down and twist his hand in another direction with my full force which breaks his wrist as he instantly let go of my hair. Quickly, freeing myself, I pick up the cement planter and swing it at his head not caring about killing him.

The pot cover with his blood as he goes down.

Coldness washes over me because there is no sign of Liam or that car.

They took my son away from me.

I fall on my knees as Liam’s scream rings in my ear tearing my heart into million pieces. However, there are no tears in my eyes as I stare in the direction where Liam was.

No, I will not fall weak. Avery is not going to be vulnerable again, I will kill anyone who tries to come in between me and my son.

With a newfound determination, I collect myself as I stand up from the floor.

My eyes travel to that guy because of whom I couldn’t reach my son and save him, picking up the pot from the floor I drop at his chest to make sure he is down for good.

"Liam..." I hear a pained voice coming somewhere from the treehouse, this voice sound familiar.

Patting the masked man, I pick up his gun as I make my way towards the treehouse.

"Liam?" I watch Ron trying to sit up as blood seeps from his wounds.

"They took him," I say impassively, as I help him sit against the tree, "Are you shot?"

"Don't worry about me, we have to find Liam." He clenches his teeth, "I am sorry I couldn't save him, they killed our men." His eyes filled with guilt.

"I am calling the police." I take out my phone.

"No, don't use your phone it might be tapped." He stops me, "You have to get to Alec, we can't waste time."

"I have to get you to hospital-"

"Avery, I will live, just go and inform Alec!" He yells in agony, "I have promised to protect that kid, I have failed..." He whispers.

"Leave me, just go." He swallows, as tears well up in his eyes. To see such a tough man tearing up shows how much he cared for my son.

"I can't leave the guy to die who took a bullet while trying to save my kid." I help him on his feet against his protest and take him to my car.

Slamming my foot on the gas, I drive to Alec's house because that's where Ron has asked me to take him. Without a care in the world, I drive my car at an alarming speed.

Liam's scream still echoing inside my head, making me hard for me to concentrate on anything.

Thankfully, the gate security recognized my car and opened the gate as soon as they notice my car coming towards the gate.

"He is injured, call the doctor." I jump outside the car, leaving my door open, as I inform the guard pointing at Ron while I rush inside to get Alec.

I directly head towards his office as Ron has told me there is a meeting going on at his house.

A man tries to stop me, but I push him out of my way as I open the door and step inside.

Every eye in the room turns to me, whereas my eyes lock with Alec.

"Somebody has abducted Liam."

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