Always Together

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Chapter 125

“What do you want John?” Alec asks and I notice the confidence in his voice which was not present before.

“I want you to hand me over Umbra files,” he demands.


“Why do you want those files?” Alec asks.

“It is none of your business,” John seethes, “Just do as I say!”

“I am giving you forty-eight hours, Alec Gregory, because I am not a cold-hearted person. I know it will not be an easy decision because you are loyal... So yeah, forty-eight hours to choose between your blood and some papers. Just a bit of advice, because you are like a family to me, handover the files and take your son.” A sinister smile appears on his lips. “Or else watch your son die the same way, you have witnessed the death of my dear friend and his loving wife.”

“Till then your son will be my guest, after all, he is my dear Harold’s grandson.” He harshly clutches Liam’s hair... the same hair in which I run my fingers lovingly. I don’t even brush his hair harshly, and he pulled my baby’s hair.

“Mommy.” Liam whimpers loudly while stretching his hand in my direction.

Tears stream down from my eyes against my wishes breaking all my restraints as I helplessly watch my son but can’t reach him. My heart cries wanting to have my son back in my arms where I know no harm will ever come to him.

“You should not have touched my son. You will regret laying a hand on my son, John,” I growl menacingly, “I will hunt you down and kill you slowly and painfully.”

“Forty-eight hours, Alec.” He looks at Alec, “Otherwise, say goodbye to your son.” He ends the call.

Wiping my tears, I shake my head.

“He should not have touched my Liam.” I shake my head, as blind rage consumes me, “He should not have touched my son!” I yell while punching the wall.

“I want him dead.” I grab Alec’s collar and look dead in his eyes, “Alec, do you hear me? I want to watch the life leave his eyes in the most painful way.”

“You will get what you want,” he says in a quiet tone, the silence in his voice screaming his anguish and anger.

“I WANT MY SON BACK!” I scream clutching my hair with both hands and yank them forcefully wanting to feel the same pain my Liam has endured.

Alec grabs me by my shoulders and pulls me into his chest.

“I want him back in my arms...” I whisper as I clutch his shirt in my fists, “He should have been with us, not there.”

“Please, bring him back.” A small whimper leaves my lip, “I will not be able to live without him.”

He doesn’t say anything, as he keeps holding me.

“I couldn’t trace the call, it keeps on switching location after every two minutes,” Finn says frustratedly.

“There is no need as I have an idea where we should start looking for him,” Alec replies as he presses a kiss to my head and unwraps his arms.

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I take a deep breath trying to calm myself.

Liam needs me to be strong, and I will stay strong.

“You were recording the call, right?” Alec asks and Finn nods his head.

“Play that recording.” He moves back to the laptop as Finn plays the video.

“Mute the voice and carefully watch this.” Alec points at the screen.

Marshall, Kevin, and Finn lean slightly closer to the screen to see whatever Alec wants them to see. Whereas I try to think of anything which I know, that might be helpful.

“Holy fucking shit.” Finn whistles lowly, as he looks at the screen and back at Alec, “Is he doing what I am thinking, he is doing?” He runs both hands over his head and holds them behind his neck.

“That kid is smart.” Kevin nods head having an impressed expression on his face.

I look cluelessly attempting to understand what they are seeing which I am unable to.

“What are you guys talking about?” I ask while placing my hands on the backrest of the chair, leaning forward I try to see what are they seeing. But I don’t see anything other than Liam crying and gripping the front of his shirt.

Finn is scribbling down something on the paper, as Kevin is helping him.

“Liam is trying to tell where he is.” Alec glances at me, as a very faintest smile tilts his lip.

“How?” I frown in confusion.

“Look at his hand, he is communicating with me.” He taps the screen.

“He is just clutching and unclutching his shirt.” I look at Alec in an attempt to understand what is he talking about.

“The way he is doing it, it’s a pattern. For the past two months, I have been teaching him code...” He closes his eyes for a moment, “Just like dad taught me.”

“I never thought he would actually have to use something like this, that we would have been doing for fun.” He runs his hand over his face, “You and him, have so many things of your own... sometimes I used to feel left out. So I thought I should share my own things with him, something over which we both can bond and develop our father-son relation.”

I blink at him in surprise, as I never thought about this. I never tried to make him feel left out. I always try to involve him with everything we do, but I guess, my tries were not enough that’s why he thought like this.

“This was your and Liam's secret.” I nod my head in understanding, "This is what he used to learn in his free time, hiding from me. Because it was something strictly between you two"

“Knowledge never goes waste.” Marshall claps Alec’s back, “Your dad would be so proud of you and him.” He smiles reassuringly as he goes to Finn.

“But how are you sure that he is using those codes?” I ask then my mouth falls open as another fear grip my heart, “Alec if you know this then even John might have known what he is doing? What if he hurt Liam?” Panic starts to rise inside me.

“Nothing would happen like this.” Alec holds my face, “Just breathe,” he says and inhale and exhale.

Looking at him, I follow him as I intake breath and exhale slowly.

“Good.” He nods his head, “Just stay calm.”

“Dad used to say we should make our own way to use those codes, that’s the same thing which I taught him. And that’s what he did. For others, those movements just look something that any scared kid would do, but for me, these movements prove my son might be scared but he is strong and believes in me.” He swallows.

“Alec, what are Umbra files that John wants?” I ask while rubbing my temples as my head hurts.

“The hidden files of the organization,” he answers, “Those files carry all the data of the organization, along with details of every person working with and in the organization.”

“You can’t give those files to him.” I shake my head, “It is too dangerous to give him access to such important information.”

He doesn’t reply, his eyes stay focused on the map he is looking at and marking places. However, his silence answers my question. If it comes down to that he would do it because Liam’s dad is winning over Alec Gregory.

I don’t know it is something that I should be glad or worried about.

“I have to go and take care of certain things, you stay here.” Alec nods in my direction, “And if John tries to contact you, or you find anything that might be helpful, call me immediately. And please don’t go anywhere, not alone or with anyone.” He sighs.

“Alec...” I call him but suddenly words don’t seem to come out of my mouth which I want him to know, as he waits for me to continue.

“Nothing...” I shake my head and glances down, “Just be careful.”

I can’t lose you both.

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