Always Together

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Chapter 126

“Sun... Tree... Water... Red... Bell...”

Finn circles the words which Liam has said.

“He wanted to say more but it looks like he couldn’t understand how he should say or he was not able to say as John interrupted him.” Finn raises his eyebrows and exhales a long breath.

“I can’t believe I used to follow that motherfucker’s orders,” Finn mutters angrily, as he throws the pen at the wall.

For hours we have been trying to understand the meaning behind his words. Alec is sure he is telling us where he is, and now it is up to us to find what is he indicating.

My Liam is being so brave and trying his best to help us in whatever way he knows, and we can’t let go of his efforts waste.

But having said that, he is just a kid who has been separated from his parents and is scared. So we can’t just rely on what he has informed us.

There might be various meanings of his words. Direction, location, or random things that he has seen. Even though it is difficult to understand, but that is all information we have for now.

“Has Alec called you?” I ask Finn as it has been quite some time since Alec has left with Marshall, leaving Finn and Kevin with me.

“No.” Finn shakes his head in no.

“Avery, just trust him, okay? He needs your trust,” Fin says after a moment with a small sigh, “He has just got his family back and that man will do everything to protect his family.”

“I do trust him, Finn.” I bite my lower lip while nodding my head, “And I also trust all of you, because you have been there for him when he had no one and truly I am grateful to you for taking care of him.” I glance at him and Kevin.

“And we won’t ever break your trust.” Kevin gives me a very small reassuringly smile, “We look after our family, and even though we have just met, but you are our family just like Alec is. We will not leave anyone who tried to harm our family.” His eyes hold determination and anger.

“Thank you...” I whisper looking at both them feeling grateful because at one time we hardly have anyone in our lives. Now with Alec, we even got a family outside our own family.






“What he might be trying to say...” I clench my eyes tightly while pacing around the room as my head is continuously throbbing with the pain.

These words playing in my mind on a loop.

Shaking my head, I blink to clear my vision, while pressure on my head increases making me lightheaded. My heart rate picks up as I feel myself blanking out and then suddenly everything goes black.

My eyebrows pinched together as I slowly move my eyes behind my closed eyelids. Slowly, I open my eyes feeling slightly disoriented.

“She is awake.” I hear someone say then quick footsteps increasing my confusion.

Did I fell asleep?

But I don’t remember sleeping.

“Keep lying down.” Alec pushes me back as I try to sit up while glancing around to realize I am on bed.

“How are you feeling now?” He asks as he brings a glass of water near my mouth.

Even though I am not thirsty, but still I take a sip. The water feels nice when it goes down my throat so I drink up the entire glass.

“I am okay.” I nod my head, still feeling light throbbing inside my head. “Just a little headache I guess.”

“You fainted,” He informs.

“What?” I frown. “I was fine I was just having a headache then suddenly everything went black.”

“Your sugar level dropped, that’s why you fainted,” he says and at the same time, there is a knock on the door.

“I have brought juice for her.” A woman whom I recall as Alec’s house caretaker comes inside the room holding a tray.

“Thank you.” He takes the tray from her hand.

She gives me a sympathetic smile and leaves the room.

“Drink this," he says while picking up the glass from the tray, "You haven’t eaten anything since morning which caused your sugar level to go down.”

“What time is it?” I ask.

“Almost past nine,” he answers, as he hands me the glass.

The entire day has passed since Liam has been gone.

I don’t even know if he had eaten anything or how is he.

“I don’t want it.” I push the glass away, as my throat tightens and a sob threatens to leave my mouth.

“Avery, please, for once just listen to me.” He suddenly explodes in anger, “All this is not easy for me, so please don’t make this more difficult. I am already going through so much stress and you will just add more to that if you will not take care of yourself.” He shouts.

“I am sorry...” My eyes fall in my lap, feeling bad for him.

I am not mad at him, neither I am feeling bad that he has shouted on me because I know he is stressed and this outburst is just the result of that pent up frustration which has been inside him.

“I am sorry.” He sighs and shakes his head, “I should not have shouted on you.”

“I didn’t mind at all, Alec.” Holding his hand in mine, I swallow, “I know it is difficult for both of us... for all three of us. But we will get through this together.” Locking my eyes with him, I nod my head.

“Did you figure what he was trying to say?” I ask him, and he dejectedly shakes his head.

“What it can be Alec?” I roll my lip into my mouth as I force myself to make some meaning out of those words, “The things he might have seen while they were moving, or someplace from where he can see these things... or some drawing. It can be anything.” I throw my hands up in annoyance.

“We are running out of time, Alec.” I rub my temples, “We can’t let that scumbag have what he wants.”

“Let’s go and see the video again maybe we can find something more,” I suggest, desperately wanting to find something that may bring us closer to Liam.

“First drink this, then we will see the clip again.” He gives me the glass.

“Alec, John, he doesn’t know about your allergy, right?” My eye widens as a new fear grip my heart.

If he knows about Alec’s allergy then he might try to find out if even Liam is allergic or not. Another way he can hurt Liam.

“No, he doesn’t know,” Alec says, “No one knows, mom and dad never told this to anyone as they knew someone might take advantage of this. You are the only one who knows about this, other than them.”

“However, I just wish they knew what snake that John is.” His jaws tick as he stares ahead.

I release a sigh of relief at least we don’t have to worry about this. I just hope he doesn’t give anything to Liam which might trigger his allergy.

“We are going to find him soon,” I say to him, but in reality, I am saying this to comfort myself, “Soon he will be with us.”

“Yes, we will get our son back.” He nods his head, “However, when I will get my hands on that John, he will regret everything which he has done.” Hatred dripping from his words.

The anger which he is feeling is not only of a father whose son has been abducted but also of a son whose parents have been ruthlessly killed in front of his eyes.

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