Always Together

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Chapter 127

Again and again, the same clip is being played, and just like the first time my heart twists painfully inside my chest when I watch Liam crying.

But it is also fueling the rage inside me.

On the other hand, it seems like Alec has shut all his emotions because he is behaving completely impassive.

However, the way they are working is agitating me. Sitting inside a room, trying to decode Liam’s words, and analyzing the situation... this is just testing my patience.

And what is even more frustrating is that everyone is avoiding me like the plague.

Nobody is telling me what are they going or how they are going to get back Liam.

Shaking my head, I walk outside the room because I have figured there is no use in sitting that damn room where nobody is going to tell me anything.

Maybe it is time, that now I should take things in my own hand.

I am Avery, I don’t need anyone’s help to find my son.

Let them all sit inside and do their thing. While I am going to try to look for my son in my own way, a way that doesn’t involve sitting on my ass.

Going back inside Alec’s room, I slip my phone inside my pocket and grab my car keys from there. Quietly, avoiding everyone’s eyes I step outside the house.

Opening my car’s door, I slip inside my car and a moment later the passenger side’s door opens and Ron quickly gets inside.

“What are you doing here?” I look at the idiot who should be resting, “You are not supposed to go anywhere?”

“And are you?” He arches an eyebrow.

“You are the one who is hurt, not me.” I clench my teeth, “God, you have just got conscious two hours back.”

“Haven’t you heard wounded lion is more dangerous?” He smirks, there is a crazy glint in his eyes. “They killed the guys who were more like brothers to me than friends, shot me, and took away my only favorite kid. They have definitely summoned their death.”

“Now don’t waste time before the boss finds out that you are missing.” He winks at me, “Floor the gas, Boss lady, we have to beat them in finding Liam first.” He nods his head towards the house.

“Team Boss lady for the win.” He raises his fist.

A genuine smile spread across my lips as I bump my fist against his.

“Let’s go, partner.” I nod my head with a smile.

“Sun, tree, water, red, bell,” I tell him while driving towards my house as we both have decided we are going to start our search from there.

“Your kid is smart, I must say.” He nods his head, “John fucked up really bad by kidnapping him. Because whom he thought as a normal six years old kid is someone who is capable of lighting up his ass.”

“Once he will die, I will ask Liam to piss over his dead body.” I grit my teeth, clutching the driving wheel tightly in my hands.

“You are diabolical.” He raises his eyebrows, “But I like your thinking. Maybe I will take a dump over his body.”

“So, now from here, we follow the road that SUV might possibly have taken.” I park my car near my house in the same place where that SUV was.

“We should start looking for Sun first, then?” He says slightly arching an eyebrow as eyes scanning the area.

“No, we should look for every word, because maybe he told everything that he could all at once.” Running my hand through my hair, I shrug.

“Yeah, you are right.” He nods his head.

Closing my eyes, I lean my head back on the headrest of the seat, just wanting a few moments for myself. Being here in this place, where a few hours ago they took Liam just before my eyes, is not easy. The feeling of being a failure is overwhelming.

Mothers are supposed to protect their children. They are every child’s safe haven. And here I feel like I have failed him.

“You alright?” He gently touches my arm.

“Yeah...” Swallowing I nod my head and quickly rub my eyes.

“Can I tell you something?” He asks.

I nod my head staring ahead.

“If there is anyone who can find him, it is you.” His words make me turn my head to look at him.

“You know Liam better than anyone else. A mother can understand her child’s unsaid words, sometimes she is the one who understands her child when they are not even able to understand themselves.” He gives me an encouraging smile, “So, I believe when this mother will start looking for her son, then no one can stop her from reaching to him.”

“Thank you, Ron.” I give him a tear-filled smile.

“Okay, enough of this.” Blinking my tears dry, I clap my hands, “I am not known for being emotional, I am known for kicking asses and that’s what we are going to do.”

“Now we are talking because I am dying to beat some asses.” He smirks.

Tapping my finger against the wheel, I generally look around.

“Liam’s mind works like Alec’s, he notices everything which any normal person would overlook.” I bite inside my cheeks, “So we should keep our eyes open and look for the most unobvious things that Liam must have found interesting.”

“So look for everything which you wouldn’t even glance twice because he can find anything interesting or cool,” I say deadpan.

I am not joking once he kept staring at his poop for a solid ten minutes because he found it interesting how pancakes disguised themselves to save themselves from the potty monster.

I couldn't even look at pancakes for months, they made me want to puke, all thanks to Liam.

I just hope I don’t have to look someone’s poop to find Liam.

For an hour, I have been driving here and there aimlessly trying to find any clue which can lead me to Liam, but until now I haven’t found anything.

Phone blares angrily and without even checking I know it is Alec because he must have realized by now that I am not in there.

Ron and I share a look because I know Alec won’t be happy when he will find out even Ron is with me.

“Avery, come back home right now!” He roars as soon as I answer the phone.

“And do what? Sit there and wait that Liam will miraculously appear in my lap?” I snap.

“Do you think I am doing here nothing?” He asks me in disbelief and anger.

“No, I don’t believe that. I know you are doing what you can, but what I am saying is that I am not going to sit there and do nothing.” I take a deep breath, “Alec, you do your own thing, and I will look for him in my own way.”

“This is not a joke,” he says through clenched teeth, “Even your life is in danger and you are just giving them an opportunity to come after you by roaming around carelessly.”

“I know this is not a joke because this is my son,” I reply as calmly as I can, although I am anything but calm, “If risking my life means finding my son, then I will risk my life a thousand times.”

“Trust me, just like I trust you.” I stare ahead, "Alec, don’t repeat your mistake of not trusting me."

My eyes slightly narrow as I try to focus on something that grabs my attention.

“Sun...” My eyes widen as I whisper.

“What?” Alec immediately sounds alerted, “What have you found, Avery?”

“I will call you back later.” I quickly hang up the call ignoring him as he continues to demand what I have found and where I am.

Hope blooms in my chest as I think this is what Liam might be talking about when he has mentioned the sun.

“Where is the sun?” Ron asks as he frowns.

“Look from a kid’s perspective, Ron.” I walk outside the car, and he quickly follows me, “Don't they look like the sun?”

“Those are guys with mohawks.” His face scrunched up in confusion making me roll my eyes.

“Yes, guys with big mohawks,” I nod my head at them.

Liam has crazy imaginations, for him, these guys might look like a sun. Even though I am not a hundred percent sure if this is what he means, but I can just pray this is what he meant by the sun.

“Hey.” I walk to them and notice there is a rundown bar behind them, as they turn to me giving me their full attention.

“Have you seen any guys around here in a black SUV?” I ask, “Around afternoon.”

“Girly?” I hear a familiar voice and a familiar baldie is walking towards me even before they can reply.

“Anthony?” I recognize him immediately.

“Who is he?” Ron asks and notices his tensed posture ready to take down anyone he considers as a threat.

“He is someone I knew, he and his friends are part of a biker club,” I answer him, quietly.

“Woah! It is been a long time.” He grins looking at me, but then turns serious, “What are you doing at this part of the town it is not safe?”

“I am looking for someone,” I say as I glance back at the guys, “Were you around here in the afternoon?”

“No, we just came here now.” One of them, answers, “Why?”

“I am looking for my son,” I inform them.

“Son?” Anthony asks, “What happened?”

“Come inside then we will talk.” He stops me raising his hand and motions towards the bar.

“I don’t think, we are going there.” Ron pushes me behind and narrows his eyes at Anthony.

“Listen, kid.” Anthony squares his shoulders and glares at Ron, “I have known this girl since she was a small girl, and there is nothing you need to worry about because she is safe with us.”

“Ron, relax, I know him,” I nod at him.

“Go call others, and inform them it is urgent,” Anthony orders the other guys as we follow him to the bar only he guides us inside through the back door and lead us to a room.

Looking around I notice there are couches and chairs sprawled here and there and a big LCD hanging on the wall. There is a small fridge on the side of the room and beside a table.

“This is just our hanging out spot when we come back from a spin,” he informs.

Soon the room fills with ten to fifteen guys and what interesting is that half of them have mohawks.

Maybe this is their favorite hairstyle.

“Girly.” Some of them greet me and I nod at with them a small smile. They are the ones who used to hang out with Anthony and they even came to check on me with him when I broke my hand.

Good old days.

“Tell us everything,” Anthony demands.

“My son Liam has been kidnapped.”

By the time I have finished telling them everything, the entire room silent and anger can be felt from each one of them.

“Bloody pussies kidnapped a kid because they can’t fight like a man.” One of them spat, “I will cut their dicks and staple on their heads.”

I glance at Ron and notice he is attempting to hide his smile. During this time, even Ron has realized that these guys might look scary but they are not bad guys.

“But what I don’t get why are you looking for him here?” Anthony asks,

“Look at these guys they all look like a sun from kids drawing.” I gesture at their Mohawk, “So I thought maybe they passed from here and that’s what he is trying to tell.”

“Two guys did come to my shop to buy beers in the afternoon.” A man who was standing behind speaks after quietly listening to everything, “They don’t look from around here.”

“Your name?” Ron asks, slightly tilting his head to the side looking at that man.

“Murphy.” He answers

“Okay, Murphy, can you tell us what they look like?” Ron asks.

“They were dressed in black clothes and looked muscular,” he says, “I have a camera in my shop we can look at the video,” he offers.

Ron and I smile at each other, as we might have found something that could be helpful.

Suddenly, we hear a loud angry screeching of tires, making me close my eyes and sigh.

This man!

“Boss is here, boss lady,” Ron informs me something which I have already guessed.

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