Always Together

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Chapter 128

Quickly, I walk outside to surely find Alec looking around my car along with Finn wearing a seething expression.

His expression turns murderous when his eyes land on me.

He marches towards me and grabs my upper arm as he pulls me towards me.

“Do you have any idea what I have gone through when I didn’t find you in the room?” He glares at me, “My son is already missing and then I see even my Firefly is not with me. Didn’t you even think about informing me once before going out on your little expedition? ”

Expedition? Who am I Dora the explorer?

“Alec, I...” I frown, “I know you would not have let me leave the house.”

“Damn right, because I can’t put you in danger.” He holds my shoulders, “My Liam is already in danger and I am going insane with worry, so I would do everything to keep you out of the harm even if it means locking you down inside the room. And trust me, I am just seconds from doing that.” His jaws clench.

“You never think about me, you always do what you want or what you feel like.” His eyes hold sadness, “Sometimes I feel I don’t even matter you... It is only me who is worried about you. You don’t care about me or my feelings.”

I don’t care about him? He doesn’t matter to me?

I stare at him in shock not believing that he thinks like this. Tear gathers in my eyes but I swallow them not wanting him to see that his words feel like a slap on my face.

“Avery, we don’t have time to waste,” Ron says as he glares at Alec, “Come, Murphy is waiting for us at his shop.”

“You were with her?” Finn glares at Ron.

“Yes, because at least there should be someone with her to help her, instead of discouraging her.” He frowns at Finn, “All of you combined can’t figure what alone she has found because she knows her son better than anyone else. And I trust her instincts.”

Yanking myself away from Alec, I walk towards the shop where everyone is already waiting.

I don’t have the energy to deal with Alec, as now my only focus is to get to my son.

He can think whatever he wants because if until now he couldn’t understand how much he matters to me then there is nothing which I can say that will make a difference.

“Mohawk? Sun?” Finn says in disbelief when Ron explained to him my logic.

“See, these were the guys.” Murphy plays the clip.“They came to my shop to buy beers.”

“These guys look like one of those men, as they are similarly dressed and even share the same build.” I nod my head, “That’s the car. This is the car in which they have taken Liam.” Taking a closer look, I point in the background, and certainly, the same SUV can be seen through the shop’s glass front window.

“What happened?” A guy comes from the back of the shop and asks when he notices all of us.

“He works here,” Murphy informs us nodding his head at him.

“Sun.” I glance at him as even his hair is styled in a mohawk but he dyed them in somewhat yellow and orange color.

“Excuse me?” He frowns looking at me.

“We finally found out what Liam was saying when he said the sun.” I close my eyes in relief as now I know we are going on the right track and soon we will be able to reach Liam.

“You are the one who found out.” Alec gives me the faintest smile, “Because he is as crazy as you.”

I completely ignore him, as my mind is already working on the next words Liam has signed.

“Tree, water, red, bell,” I say to myself.

“Is there nearby any road at leads to the forest?” I ask Anthony.

“No, not that I know of any,” He shakes his head, “But don’t worry, I will send my guys to look around for these scums or anything that can be beneficial to find the kid. We all are ready to help, girly.” He smiles as other nods their head in agreement.

“Thank you, Anthony.” I smile at him feeling grateful, “And you to Murphy, you have been a great help.”

“No problem, I am glad I could be of any help.” He smiles warmly.

“Finn, get the footage, and send one copy to the police and other to Marshall so they can also keep looking for these men.” I hear Alec saying to Finn, as I walk outside the shop.

“Avery,” Alec calls me and places a hand on my car’s door closing it shut when I open it.

“Alec, remove your hand.” I glare at him, “I am not in a mood to waste my time in talking to you when every moment is important for me.”

“I am sor-”

“You are sorry, right?” I cut me off, “There is no use to repeat these words again and again when you are going to keep on underestimating me just like you always do.”

“I get it you don’t trust me, but my kid trusts me and I will do everything I can to never break that trust.” I clench my hands on my side, “He is alone... he might be terrified and he needs me, his mother. Nothing and no one can stop me from looking for him.”

“You made me vulnerable, but he made me strong.” Raising my eyebrows, I purse my lips, “So yeah... when it comes to him no one else matters to me, not even you.” I jab my finger at his chest angrily.

“I am not going to sit here and nurse your wounded feelings because you think that I don’t care about you.” Pushing his hand away from the door, I forcefully open the door, “You can think whatever you want because now I really don’t give a fuck.”

“When I am going to find anything else, I will let you know.” Getting inside the car I drive off.

“Avery!” He yells as he throws his hand in the air in frustration.

Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel when you get on my nerves... Frustrated.

Rolling the window down, I stick out my hand out of the window and flip him the bird.

“Fuck you, Gregory!” I yell back.

My eyes flick to the rear-view mirror to see him standing there looking at me with an annoyed expression that gradually turned into impassive one. However, his lips are slightly twitching upward.

“Hey, don’t leave me here with these guys! Boss is going to kill me, Bossy lady.” Ron runs after my car, passing Alec, “I have pledged my loyalty to you.”

Alec shakes his head at him and crosses his arms over his chest as he watches him running after my car.

Rolling my eyes, I slow down the car just enough for him to catch up. Quickly, opening the door he jumps inside the car.

“Woah! That was close.” He wipes the sweat off his forehead. I slightly feel bad for him because he is injured, and still helping me, and I have nearly left him because I am annoyed with certain someone.

“This would have been my second near-death experience in one day.” He sighs and leans back on the seat.

“Team Boss lady- 1 and Team Boss-0” After a moment he grins looking at me, and I can’t help but smile back at him.

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