Always Together

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Chapter 129

It feels like we are going around in circles. Honestly, as ridiculous as it seems but I have stopped at every tree just to see if this is the tree that Liam mentioned.

While Ron is keeping his eyes open for other things. He is definitely not a bad partner to work with, he knows when to keep quiet and when to share his thoughts.

I turn to look at him and my eyebrows shoot up when he sticks a needle in his arm.

“What is this?” I ask because he doesn’t look like a junkie to me.

“Pain killer,” He slowly pushes the liquid as he answers, “Bullet wounds are no joke. Thankfully, their aim was lousy so the bullets only grazed my arm, but still, it hurts like a bitch. This will help me with the pain.”

“Want to stop for a bite?” I ask because he has not eaten anything until now and it has been a few hours since we are searching for Liam. Even though I am not hungry, but he needs to eat to get his energy back.

“No, I am good.” He shakes his head as he holds his arm give a slight grimace.

Although he said no, still I stop the car at the first food joint I found. It looks decent so I don’t think we can have diarrhea from eating from this place.

Walking inside the food joint, I find the booth which looks better than others. Almost every seat looks like they have seen better days, but at least they look clean enough to sit. While Ron goes to place the order.

Five minutes later, he brings the tray with burgers and fries and drinks. He takes the opposite seat and looks around the place. His eyes scanning the area for any threat, just like I have seen Alec doing this numerous times.

I only pick up the Pepsi as I don’t think I can eat anything. I can’t stomach any food with everything that is going around.

“You are not only having that.” He frowns, “I bought this food for both of us.”

“Ron, please, I don’t feel like eating anything.” I shake my head, “I am just thirsty so I am only having this.” I slightly tilt the Pepsi can.

I was already feeling overwhelmed with Liam’s kidnapping, now after my fight with Alec, I am feeling more exhausted.

“I have known Alec for four years,” He starts speaking, “During these years I have never seen him even glancing at other women. Even if he interacts with any of them, the interactions are short and to the point... not more than necessary. At some point, I even started thinking that he swings the other way.” He chuckles making me roll my eyes as my lips curve in a smile.

“So just imagine my surprise, when he ordered me to guard a girl and little boy, who is his wife and his son.” He smiles as he lifts his eyes to meet my shocked one.

I didn’t know that Alec has told them about our marriage.

“Don’t look shocked, everyone knows who you are.” He laughs, “Do you know why earlier I used to call you boss lady? Because you are my boss’s lady.” He winks.

“But now I call you Boss Lady because you are truly a lady boss.” Raising his eyebrows, he nods his head at me. “And I am siding with the right person as you are the real boss and he can’t stand a chance against you because he can’t order you.” He grins.

“He does try to order me.” I huff.

“He tries to order you, but do you listen to him?” Ron arches an eyebrow, “He always lays down his weapon in front of you, because he knows his heart will never allow him to go against you. That man is genuinely in love with you, anyone can see it in his eyes.”

Lacing my fingers in front of me, I keep staring at them. I have never talked about Alec and me with anyone, not even Pops. The relation I share with Alec has always remained hidden, like some dirty secret.

So, if there is anyone with whom I can talk about our relationship is Alec himself, not anyone else. I know Ron is a nice person, but what is between me and Alec is something that is hard to talk about with anyone.

So, instead of saying anything, I choose to stay silent.

“You are the most important person to him, and the way he behaves just tell how much he is concerned about you. He is an intimidating person, and trust me, we all have seen that side of him numerous times. But with you, he is a different man. Even if he is angry with you, it is out of love. So, don’t be too harsh on him, Avery, if he is trying to protect you. That’s all he has done his entire life, protecting others. So just imagine to what extent he can go to protect the woman he loves and his own flesh and blood.” He gently pats my hand.

This is the first time he has called me by my name and hearing my name from his mouth seems strange. But it also tells that he is being serious.

I know Alec cares about me, he tries his best not to hurt me. But still, he hurts me, by not giving me a chance to be there for him. He should share his burden with me, just like expects me to share mine.

I want to hold his hand and stay by his side through thick and thin, but whenever things get difficult in an attempt to protect me he pushes me away.

Liam is our son, not just his. We both are responsible to take care of him and to protect him, not just him. But his protective side never allows him to understand this.

I agree I used to be careless, but now I am not that Avery anymore. I will never slack anywhere when it will come to Liam... or him.

They both are my everything.

“Do you?” He asks, forcing me to turn my attention to him realizing he has been still talking to me.

“Huh? Sorry?” My face scrunched up not knowing what he has asked.

“Do you love Alec?” He asks bluntly.

“I...” I swallow as a nervousness grip my heart while my eyes fixed at my interlocked fingers. His question has rattled me to the core as a storm of emotions swirls inside my heart.

Maybe I am afraid to accept the truth, what I truly feel for him.

Abruptly, I am pushed inside the booth as the person consuming my thoughts slips beside me.

Alec nods his head at Ron and without saying anything Ron leaves us alone.

“How the hell do you always manage to find me?” I blurt out looking at him.

“I have told you I will always find you,” he says with an amused smile making me groan.

“Let’s call it a truce.” He arches an eyebrow and extends his hand towards me. “And let’s please look for Liam together?”

I eye his hand then lift my eyes to his face.

“Okay, for Liam.” I give him a curt nod and shake hands with him.

It will save a lot of time if we both try to find Liam together, rather than alone. As he has his ways to deal with things, and it can come handy when we are walking in unknown territory.

“But you are not forgiven for being an ass to me,” I add with a glare.

“I have figured that much.” He nods his head as regret etches over his expression. “However, still I am truly sorry.”

He plays with my fingers, a thing which he often does when he is trying to gather his thoughts.

“I am scared to lose you, Avery.” He bites his lip, “And that fear sometimes forces me to act irrationally.”

“You will never lose me. But you also have to accept that you can’t save me from everything.” I place my hand over his hand, then after a moment, I lace our fingers together. “Please learn to trust me to take care of myself... andto take care of you.”

He looks torn because I know it is hard for him to accept this. But it is true, he can’t be always there to protect me.

“Let me be your strength, not your weakness.” Winding my arm around his torso, I keep my head on his shoulder.

He sighs, then turning his head slightly he presses his lips against my forehead.

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