Always Together

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Chapter 13

After eight days of blood and sweat, I have started getting better. Even I have almost managed to defeat Pops more than once. Almost because I don’t want to defeat him, ever. He also knows this and tries to provoke me, so that I fight him with the fullest of my ability. But of course, no matter how much he agitates me, that will never be going to happen. I love him too much to see him lose.

My stamina has been increased and I am feeling much stronger than before. I don’t resemble a panting dog after my run so... that’s something.

I park my car in front of Jake’s house and take a moment to prepare myself to get into a zone where I can tolerate people. Today is Jake’s birthday party, even I didn’t want to attend the party, but still, here I am. In these few days, he has become my good friend, so when he invited me I agreed to come.

Just one or two hours, Avery, then you will be back into the comfort of your own company.

“Come inside, now!” Kris shouts from the other side of the line, as soon as I answer my ringing phone.

“I am coming I have just reached here.” I lean back in my seat trying to prolong going inside.

“You have been sitting inside your car for fifteen minutes, I have been watching you from the window.”

I sit straight and look at the window, and she waves her hand at me then flips me a bird.

I end the call and get outside the car. Jake answers the door almost laughing at me when I reach his front porch.

“I thought you slept in your car.” He laughs, “You know, I have a spare room in my house, you can sleep there if you want.”

“Happy Birthday, Jay!” I shake my head and smile at him while giving him a quick hug.

“Thank you.” He smiles and ushers me inside.

I am not surprised to see so many people in his house, because Jake knows a lot of people. He comes from a big family and has many cousins. So, I am guessing they are also here, along with his friends.

“Thank God, you are alive.” Kris grins when we walk to her.

The entire week she bought poms-poms with her and did a cheer dance when I kissed the floor.

“You should be thankful that you are alive, after doing that horrible twerking on my face while I was groaning on the floor.” I arch my eyebrow at her.

“I gave you a good show, so you can’t complain.” She winks and throws her arm over my shoulder.

“Here is your birthday gift.” I turn to Jake and hand him his gift.

“Thanks.” He smiles politely.

“Open it, open it.” Kris excitedly claps her hand, I smirk looking at her.

Kris, you will also love this gift.

“Yeah, go ahead.” I motion Jake with my hand to open it, as he looks a bit hesitant to open it.

“What is this?” Kris frowns looking confused, Jake also wears a similar expression but out of courtesy keeps quiet.

“Clapping monkey.” I take the monkey, from his hand, “I wanted to gift you something which has some personal value. So I thought to give you this, as it will remind you of Kris, whenever you are not together.” I shrug.

“Huh?” Kris still looks confused, but I think Jake gets my point as he is trying to stop his laughter.

“Kris, there is an online sale on dresses and shoes,” I tell her with a straight face.

“Really?” Her eyes widen and I can already sense her excitement, “That’s so amazing. I so badly wanted to buy some new dresses.”

“I am going to shop so much.” She claps her hands together happily at the exact moment I switch on the clapping monkey. Now both monkeys are clapping together.

“Ha.Ha.Ha. very funny.” She crosses her arms and glares at me, while Jake is openly laughing.

“Don’t worry, babes.” He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her, “You look cuter than any clapping monkey.” He kisses her turning her glare into a shy smile.

I turn my gaze away from them not wanting to witness this cute moment between them.

“Jay, this is actually your birthday gift.” I take out a gift voucher from my bag and give it to him, “This sports shop sells personalized boxing gloves. Since I didn’t know your glove size, so I bought the gift voucher so you can go and buy for yourself.”

“Wow! Thanks.” Jake grins and looks at the voucher, “Personalized gloves that will be so cool.”

Jake excuses himself as he attends his other guests. Kris introduces me to some of the guests and his family members. Even with so many people I still myself enjoying as no one is bothering me.

“I am sorry,” I hear Kris’s voice immediately I turn around to see what happened.

“You just ruined my shirt,” A guy says angrily and points towards his stained shirt.

“I am sorry, it was just an accident.” She looks down and says in a small voice looking intimidated by him as he is twice her size. Whereas, she is holding an empty glass.

“Accident?” He grabs her arm and shouts, “Do you know how much this shirt costs?”

“Hands off,” I say in a stern tone, “Otherwise, this shirt will cost you, your arm.” I nod my head at his arm.

I stand beside Kris and I feel her slightly lean into my side as he releases her arm. Now he is glaring at me.

“If you have one.” I stand in front of Kris and strongly holding his gaze, “That doesn’t mean, you should also act like one.”

“What?” He tilts his head and gives me a puzzled look.

“Dick.” I raise my eyebrows.

“What did you just say!” He growls and takes a step towards me.

“What happened, you don’t have one?” I shake my head innocently, “Well, that justifies your behavior, as you are trying to make up the missing part of your anatomy by behaving like one.”

At this point, his face is red with anger.

“What is going on?” Jake comes and looks between us and that guy, trying to judge the situation.

“Nothing he is just crying over the spilled drink.” I shrug carelessly.

“I accidentally spilled the drink over him and he started shouting at me even when I have apologized to him,” Kris says quietly.

“Dude, she just ruined my shirt.” He waves his hand in front of his shirt.

“Get the fuck out of here, before I ruin your face for misbehaving with my girl,” Jake says through clenched teeth.


“Out!” Jake yells and surprisingly that guy is smart as he leaves without wasting any time.

“He is a keeper.” I smile and tilt my head towards Kris as I whisper, feeling immensely happy because of the way he took Kristan’s side.

“I know,” she whispers back, “That’s why I love him.” She smiles as her eyes twinkle.

Kris is most of the time by my side because she doesn’t want me to feel left out. Even though she knows everyone present at the party. Sometimes I wonder how the hell she manages to remember everyone’s name.

“You seem bit off for the past few days, everything fine?” Kris asks as she intently looks at me.

“I am absolutely fine.” I smile at her reassuringly, “You know how I am. Sometimes I just want to be all by myself, that’s all.”

“Do you want to tell me something?” She asks not of nowhere, making me frown in confusion.

“No, why are you asking this?”

“I don’t know I just feel that I should ask you, because you are not the one who shares anything.” She shrugs and looks down momentarily.

“Kris, if I feel the need to share something, you are the only one with whom I am going to share,” I look at her, “You are my only friend in this world.” I swallow.

“Only? You mean your only best friend right?”

“No, I mean my only friend... best friend or friend, whatever you want to think.” I shrug.

“But I thought you were friends with Alec.” She frowns.

“No, Kris. We were not friends.” I shake my head, “We just occasionally talked for a few days, but we were never friends. I don’t even think I want to make friends.” I sigh and purse my lips.

“That is okay when you have me then you don’t need anyone else.” She smiles and bumps her shoulder with me, “We two girls are enough for each other.”

“Yes.” I think for a moment then add, “But let me be very clear, I am straight.”

“Oh, but I can totally swing to the other team for you, girl.” She makes a kissy face and winks at me.

“Love you, girl friend.” She squashes my face between her palms as she laughs at my horrified expression.

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