Always Together

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Chapter 130

“Are you okay?” Alec softly asks.

“No, I am not.” I shake my head pinching the bridge of my nose. “It has been so long and we are still not able to find anything else.”

“I am just trying to be hopeful here, but there is nothing which is giving me any hope.” I sigh, worrying my lip, resting my head against the window.

We have just stopped at a gas station to think about what should we do next as we can’t just roam here and there and waste our time. Ron and Finn have gone to search John’s office to look for something that can lead us to his location.

“Avery, whatever the outcome will be, but I will not let any harm come to Liam.” The determination in his voice brings an involuntarily smile on my face.

“I know that, Alec.” I rub my face with my hands, “That is not I am worried about. I am confident nothing will happen to Liam because I know that you are going to bring him back home. But that’s not enough.”

“I want Liam back, but at the same time, I don’t want John to win. He is using Liam as a bait to get what he wants, and there is no assurance that he will keep his word and will not play any other trick on us.” With each word, my frustration grows, “I want him to pay for his wrongdoings. It is because of him that your parents are not with us, it is because of him that we have suffered so much. And we don’t even know what else he has done, how many lives he has ruined. It infuriates me to think that even after doing so much wrong, still, he is roaming around unpunished. And here we are still suffering even when we have done nothing. Not only us, but our child is also suffering with us.”

“There has to be someway, that we can turn everything right without giving in to his demands.” Raking my hand through my hair, I bounce my knee feeling anxious.

“Why do you think he wants those files? Well, other than ruining everything that your family has worked for throughout all these years.” I look at Alec, hoping that there is something which he might know.

I just need something that can give us the upper hand and make me feel better that we can beat him. Soon.

“Probably he is going to trade that information with someone,” He answers, “Those files are of huge worth, every damn detail is mentioned in those files.”

“Alec, will you be able to find out with whom John was in touch especially recently? ” I ask, “Because we need to find out if he is exchanging this information with someone then who it might be and also why? Because I don’t think all this is, just about money.” I shrug.

“I like how your mind is working.” He nods his head, “If we are able to find out this then we can easily trap John. I will send my informers after every person who has met John or is related to John in any way. I will ask Finn to get his hands on John’s phone records and on every other information he can find on him.”

“In the meantime, we should try to figure out Liam’s location. Because we can’t take any chances.” Rolling my bottom lip inside my mouth, I shake my head, “We can’t fail, Alec. We have to double our efforts, as almost half of the time has passed.”

Alec’s phone rings and raising his hand he asks me to stay quiet as he picks up the call.

“Okay, thanks,” he speaks after listening to whatever the person has said and ends the call.

“One week back John was seen near the organization’s old building,” he says while starting the engine, “We don’t use that building anymore. I have to go and check why he was there.” He pulls the car into the traffic.


Not even five minutes have passed when I groan loudly because I feeling so annoyed with myself.

“What happened?” He gives me a sideways glance.

“I should have shown Liam Baby’s Day Out.” I growl, “At least then he should have mentioned things from his reading books, and we could have easily guessed them.”

“I haven’t seen Baby’s Day Out,” He frowns and I look at him in disbelief.

“Then after getting Liam back, we are rectifying this mistake.” I cross my arms while nodding my head, “I am going to make you both watch Baby’s Day Out.”

I didn’t pay attention to his reply, as I stare outside the window already thinking about our life together as a normal family. Movies nights, family vacations, birthday parties, all those things which normal families do together.

Creating beautiful memories with each other, learning new things, overcoming new obstacles, supporting each other. But above all, loving each other. I want all this for us... for our family.

Thinking about the time, when all the current hardships will become something of the past brings a certain sense of comfort in your heart. It gives hope for a better future and strength to never give up on that future.

Abruptly, Alec stops the car making us slightly jerk forward.

I open my mouth to ask him what’s wrong, but the look on his face makes me stop. His eyebrows are pinched together as he looking straight on the road, but his mind is somewhere else.

“Have you heard that?” He asks as tap the wheel with his finger.

“Heard what?” I shrug while straining to hear what he is talking about.

However, when I look around I notice something which makes me quickly get outside the car.

He instantly follows me without even asking me anything.

“Alec.” I point at the poorly dented board, which has been placed on the side of the road, probably because some car had crashed against it.

Of course, it doesn’t even take a moment for Alec’s eye to notice what I am seeing.

“Tree.” Squatting down, I wipe the dirt off the board as I look at the recycle sign with a small tree symbol.

For a fraction, Alec’s eyes widen and his face tells something has clicked in his mind.

“There is a factory nearby.” He gestures in a general direction, "At every beginning and ending of the shift the siren goes off.” He nods his head to himself.

"The siren sound can be clearly heard throughout the area." He runs his fingers in his hair a couple of times, as he keeps nodding to himself like he is figuring everything in his mind.

That is what Alec must have heard, the siren sound as it must be the end of the shift.

“Bell...” I whisper while a smile spread across my lips.

“Yeah... bell.” He glances at me returning my smile.

It is clear that Liam is somewhere from where he can hear this siren sound which means the place where John has kept him is really near.

Throwing my arms around Alec's neck, I hide my face in his chest clenching my eyes tightly to stop myself from crying in relief because we are so close to Liam.

“Soon we will have our Liam with us, Firefly.” He holds me as his voice expressing the same emotions which I am experiencing.

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