Always Together

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Chapter 133

Going back to the front door, I jiggle the lock as hard as I can but it didn’t budge. Without wasting any time, I go back to the side of the house where I have left the body.

Taking a deep breath, I start patting down the body without glancing at his face because it makes me want to puke and also punch his face. I empty his pockets to search for keys, but there are none.

There is no time for me to go back, and call someone. Because one I am not sure Alec has returned, and two the entire house is covered in gasoline and if Liam is inside I can’t risk leaving this place as someone else might come to finish the job.

“Calm down...” I say to myself as I again walk back to the front of the house.

“Liam...” I whisper-yell, hoping only Liam will be able to hear my voice. “Liam, baby, are you in there?”

I walk around the house calling Liam’s name.

Suddenly, a thought comes to my mind as I hurry back to the other side of the house because that is the only place from where there is a clear view of the opposite wall on which the poster is.

“Liam...” This time I call him in a slightly louder voice because my heart is telling me he is here only.

“Liam!” I call again as my heart is hammering against my ribcage in anticipation.

Raking my hand in my sweat covered hair, I glance around as I take my phone to call Alec or anyone. But I don’t find the network on the phone which makes me curse loudly.

“Liam!” I call again while holding my breath to hear his voice.

“Mommy!” I nearly cry in relief, when I hear his weak voice.

“Baby, I am here... Don’t worry,” I say while quickly searching for him with newfound energy.

“Down, mommy.” I again hear his voice this time it a bit louder, “I can see your legs, I am here down here.”

“Look down!” He yells at the same time, my eyes land on the basement window, nearly obstruct with dried bushes.

“Are you in the basement?” I crouch down in front of the window and use my mobile flashlight to look inside.

“Liam...” I release a sigh of relief when I see him.

“Don’t worry, I have got you.” I swallow my tears which are threatening to escape.

Grabbing the bushes, I roughly pluck them out so that I can easily get to the window. My palms are scratched but this doesn’t stop me... nothing can stop me now from reaching to my Liam.

I try to open the window as soon as I clear the bushes, but it is locked from inside.

“Move back from the window, cover your face, and don’t look in this direction,” I instruct Liam.

I peek inside the window to make sure Liam is at a far distance from the window.

“Okay, good,” I say to him, “Mommy, will break the window so don’t come near the window until I say, okay?”

“Okay.” I hear his muffled reply as he has already covered his face.

I release a quick breath as I sit on the ground, placing the gun on my side, I lean back on my palms as I kick the window glass.

It rattles, but it doesn’t break. Again I kick as hard as I can, I keep kicking it until it breaks and my leg passes through glass.

I suck in a breath when the glass shards cut my leg. However, not wanting to waste any moment, I stick my hand inside and unlatch the window and open it.

“Liam, come here and give me your hand.” I half lean inside the window, but when I glance inside I realize there is no way Liam can reach my hand.

This basement is even too deep for me to reach to the window if I am inside, so it is impossible for him to make it to my hand.

Still, he comes near the wall and jumps as high as he can.

“Find something on which you can stand and reach my hand,” I tell him.

“There is nothing, mom, I have already searched it,” he replies with a sad pout.

Moving back outside, I look here and there for some rope or anything with which I can pull Liam but I don’t find anything.

“Okay, move back I am coming inside.” I nod to him because there is no other option left.

Sitting on the edge, I swing my legs inside and jump down.

I place my hands on my thighs to keep my balance so that I don’t fall on the broken pieces on glasses.

As soon as I straighten up, I am tackled in a tight hug by Liam.

“Oh, baby.” Quickly, picking him up I hold him against my chest, as tears roll down from my eyes, “My baby.”

I just feel like my heart has started to beat again, the moment I feel him in my arms.

Slightly, pulling away I pepper kisses all over his face then I run my hand over his body to check for any visible injuries, but thankfully he is completely unharmed. I pull him back into my chest feeling relieved to see him unscratched.

“Mommy.” He whimpers as he wraps his arms around my neck.

“My brave baby boy, I am so so proud of you, Liam.” I rock him side to side while clutching him tightly as tears continue to stream down my face.

“You found me...” he says happily.

“Of course, baby, there is no place where your dad and I would not come for you. No one can keep us away from you.” I kiss his hair.

My heartbeat quickens when I hear the front door unlocking. I am not worried about myself, but I have to get Liam out of here.

“Okay, listen, Liam, somebody is coming.” Putting him down, I bend down to his eye level, “You will have to get out of here, okay?”

“And you?” He asks.

“Liam, honey, I can’t come with you because the window is too high even for me to get out from here and if we try to use the door then we can get caught,” I answer him truthfully.

“But I can help you to climb out of the window.” I hold his face in my hands, “Listen to me very carefully, the moment you will get out from this window, you will run as fast as you can straight in the direction of the red brick building. Go straight to your dad and bring him here, and if you don’t see him or any guys in a bulletproof vest, you know what bulletproof vest is, right?”

He quickly nods his head while tears brimming in his eyes.

“If you don’t see them, then you will hide inside my car and lock the doors and only come out if you see your dad or his friends, the guys in a bulletproof vest,” I speak quickly, as I can hear footsteps getting near, “And if you see any bad guys or someone who you don't know whether they are bad guys or not, then hide until you are completely sure they are gone.”

“One more thing.” Taking out my mobile, I hand it to him, “Try to call Marshall, Ron, or Finn and tell them where you are.”

“I don’t want to leave you.” Big fat tears come down from his eyes, twisting my heart painfully inside my chest.

“But you have to.” I wipe his tears and press my lips to his forehead, inhaling his scent deeply, “Don't worry about mommy. Please, baby, just do as I have told you.”

“I am not going to leave you.” He clutches me tightly.

“You have to help mommy, you can only help her if you will go and bring your dad here.” I hold him to myself because even I don’t want him to separate him from me. But I know, he has to go. Because if he will stay here, he will be in danger which I can’t let happen.

“Liam.” I unwrap his arms from around me and hold him by his shoulders, “We don’t have time, I am going to help you up the window then you will do just as I have said.”

He reluctantly nods his head when he hears the finality in my tone.

“I love you, never forget that.” I blink my tears, as I hug him closely, filling my heart with the warmth radiating off from his small body, “I love you more than anything in this world.” I kiss his cheeks, his eyes, and then his forehead.

“I love you, too.” He kisses my cheek which brings a smile on my face.

Kissing his forehead one more time, I lift him up and help him climb the window.

“Do you see anyone around?” I ask because I know what I have asked him is risky but this is the only safe option we have.

He momentarily disappears from my sight, then returns.

“No.” He speaks quietly.

“Great, now remember what I have said and go.” I give him a forced smile as my throat chokes with tears because of the pain of separating him from me.

“Don’t worry, mom, I will bring dad here.” He assures me, “I love you,” he hurriedly says and dashes off.

Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath feeling slightly relieved that he is out of here because now I can face whoever it is without being worried about him getting hurt. I know he will not get caught and bring Alec here, because he is really sharp, so I am not worried about anything.

Moreover, even by chance, Liam is not able to get to Alec then Alec will find him because he has my phone with him, the thing which always helped Alec to find me but I have only realized this now.

Glancing around, I look for something to use as a weapon because I have forgotten the gun outside... Most stupid thing that I have ever done. But now what’s done is done.

The room is bare other than a small mattress on the ground and a water bottle. However, in the corner, there is some random stuff. Going through that stuff, I luckily find a pipe wrench. It is more than I could have asked for.

Gripping it tightly in my hand, I cross my hands behind my back so that whoever it is would not know I am armed.

I keep my eyes trained on the door as the doorknob turns and the door opens revealing John.

This is going to be fun.

I thought to myself as my lips tilt in a smirk while I curl my fingers around the wrench.

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