Always Together

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Chapter 134

Alec’s POV

“Seal the entire building and don’t let anyone get inside this fucking building.” I order Kevin who is also as much frustrated as I am, “And send paramedics to get those hostages checked and make sure they are fine. Later we have to get their information so we can send them back to their home.”

“What about Kendra?” He asks.

“Keep her in custody, we have to make her speak before we hand her to the police.” I clench my jaws, “She is the one who can tell where John is, as she is involved with him in his every crime.”

“Alec, what are we going to do now?” He asks after pausing for a moment, “Liam is not here, and that bastard was also not inside the building. Maybe he left with Liam before we have reached here.”

“He was not there, but he is still around in this area because if he would have attempted to escape then he would have got caught as our guys are surrounding this area.” I rake my finger through my hair while anger coursing through my veins, “He is still here somewhere and we have to find him.”

Finn tracked his phone location when he turned on his phone for a moment, which showed he was here only when we have reached.

“I will go inform the guys not to let anyone out of this area, and send others to search the area thoroughly.” He claps my shoulder as he walks off.

Everything went as planned, but the result is not what I expected.

I have thought I would be having my son in my arms when I will walk out that damn building. But there was no sign of him. Instead, we found out that John was involved in illegal gunrunning and was hiding illegal weapons inside the building. No one would have thought something like this happening here, as police is aware this building is the property of the organization, and John being one of the oldest members no one could have doubted him.

He’s even running a human trafficking business and has kept some hostages here.

Bloody sick son of a bitch!

I can’t believe this motherfucker was doing so much under our nose and we were unaware of it, but then how can you doubt the person who is working by your side and proved his loyalty by putting his life in danger time and again? But now I know everything was just part of his act.

He betrayed us. We call everyone in the organization our brothers, we know we have each other’s back under every circumstance. The relation which we share with each other is solely based on trust. And he ruined that trust.

But it is not the time to think about John’s betrayal as I have to keep my mind focused on finding Liam.

Walking back to Avery’s car, I frown when I don’t find her there. Taking quick steps to her car, I check the car to find it is unlocked. Fear grips my heart while rage consumes me as the thought of something happening to her floods in my mind.

“Dammit!” I punch the door of the car, “This girl never listens to me.”

What if she got herself in some danger?

Quickly, I look around to decide where she might have gone. Thrusting my fingers in my hair I clutch them as all negative thoughts start to come in my mind.

Both of them are gone... my Liam and my Firefly.

My body shaking in fury wanting to destroy everything and everyone which is keeping them away from me.

“Alec,” Finn walks to me, then looks around obviously looking for Avery, “Where is Avery? She was supposed to stay here.” He frowns.

Yeah, supposed to, but has she ever done what she is supposed to do?

“I don’t know.” Closing my eyes, I shake my head, “Her car is here, but she is not.”

Exhaling a deep breath, I rub my hand over my face.

“If her car is here, then she must not have gone anywhere far.” He nods his head towards her car.

I take out my phone to call her, but then I realize the signals are very poor in this area.

“Let’s look around.” I narrow my eyes scanning the area, "Dammit, where are you, Avery!" I yell in frustration when there is no sign of her.

"I have to find her soon." Raising my eyebrows, I shake my head.

Trust her, just like she trusts you.

I should trust Avery to take care of herself, instead of letting despair and fear cloud my mind.

“Dad!” I hear the voice which I have been dying to hear for so long.

“Alec!” Finn points his finger in the direction where I am already looking, “Liam.” Happiness is evident in his voice.

I take off in his direction as my heart overflows with various emotions.

I fall on my knees opening my arms, as he crashes into my chest. Instantly, calmness settles over me by having him back in my arms.

Swallowing my emotions, I engulf him in a tight embrace trying to comfort myself with his presence.

He is really here, my son is really here with me.

“Buddy, are you okay?” I kiss his head, keeping him close to my heart because I am afraid he will disappear if I don’t hold him close enough.

I feel him nodding his head against my neck.

“I love you, son.” My voice cracks, “I love so much.”

“Mommy...” I hear him says while sniffling.

This instantly alerts my mind. Getting hold of my emotions, I look at his face and wipes his tears.

“Do you know where mommy is?” I ask as Finn and the rest of the guys surrounds us.

“Yes, she found me.” He quickly nods his head, and clean his face with his sleeve.

“She sent me here to take you to her.” His face turns serious, “She helped me out of that house, but she is still there.”

“We have to help her, dad.” He grabs my hand and attempts to pull me to my feet, “The bad guy is there, we have to go there fast.” There is urgency in his tone.

“Which bad guy?” I ask as I start to follow him.

“The same bad guy who locked me in that room.” He answers as he continues to drag me.


“I promised her, I will bring you there.” He pulls me in the direction from where he came, “Now let’s go.”

The only thing which is stopping me from going insane is my son’s hand in mine. Because all I want is to bath the earth with John’s blood, and that’s what I am going to do as soon as I get my hand on him

“Get inside.” Finn sticks his head out the window, as he stops the car beside us.

Lifting Liam in my arms, I quickly get inside the car, ready to tear that bastard limb from limb.

However, a humorless chuckle leaves my mouth thinking that it would be a miracle if John’s face would be recognizable until we reach there. Because the girl he is facing is not just any girl, she is my Firefly.

Alec’s Firefly.

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