Always Together

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Chapter 135

John steps inside and he looks around the room probably looking for Liam.

His eyebrows raise for a fraction of second when he finds me standing in the room.

“What a pleasant surprise to find you here.” He smiles, sounding genuinely happy to see me as if we are some long lost friends, “I see, you have managed to find your son.” Still smiling widely at me, he nods his head.

But I know, his smile carries nothing but poison.

My eyes noticing each and every moment of his, as he slowly walks more inside the room and closes the door behind him.

“But where is that little boy of yours?” He asks, then he glances at the broken window and laughs, “Tsk tsk tsk, you helped him escape from here to keep him safe, but couldn’t save yourself. Ah, mother’s love makes a woman blind.” He shakes his head.

Mother’s love makes a woman strong and you are about to witness what this mother will do with you.

“I have given you an opportunity to live, by letting you and your son live happily far away from here. Away from Alec’s life. But you threw away that opportunity and came back.” He sighs.“Too bad now you will die as I don’t give second chances to anyone.”

“It would be really heartbreaking to kill you.” He feigns a sad look, “You should not have returned back here.”

I smile looking at him while shaking my head.

“And you should not have touched my son.” I sigh loudly then without even giving him a chance to react I swing the wrench at his face.

Holding his face he instantly falls down, as blood starts to seep from his mouth.

“You should not have touched my son,” I repeat while stepping on his hand. “With this hand you have grabbed my son’s hair, right?” I arch an eyebrow and placing my foot on his wrist I hit his fingers repeatedly with the wrench.

He screams loudly which twists my lips in a wicked smirk, as at this moment, nothing could have been more satisfying than his screams.

Before I can hit him again, he grabs my ankle with his other hand and pulls it harshly, making me fall backward. I hit the ground as the wrench falls away from my hand.

He grips my neck as he straddles me, even with using one hand, he is stronger than me. Instead of struggling, I relax my body trying to keep myself calm.

Half side of his face has started to swell, where I have hit him, while blood drips from his broken jaw.

“I will make you regret hitting me.” He grunts barely able to make out words, blood spews from his mouth with every word, then leaving my neck he slaps my hard on my face.

My jaws clench in anger as I taste the metallic taste of blood in my mouth.

Wrapping my legs around his waist, I use my whole body strength to throw him on the side. As soon as he falls on the side, I place my knee on his chest while I rain blows on his face. I can feel his facial bones fracturing with each of my punch, but this doesn’t stop me.

Standing up, I kick his face, once and then twice because I loved the sound of his painful grunts when my foot touches his face. My white shoes now have smears of his blood on it. Placing my foot on his broken jaw, I step on his jaw.

He somehow manages to push me, making me lose my balance, as he scrambles away from me.

A gunshot resonates as my back hits the wall due to its impact while hot burning sensation explodes in my leg. I feel like someone is burning my flesh and the fire is slowly spreading throughout my leg.

I bite my lip as hard as I can to stop myself from screaming because I am not going to give this bastard satisfaction of watching me scream in pain. Glancing down, I watch blood gushing out my thigh where he has shot me.

Pressing my hand against my wound I try to slow down the bleeding because if I die at the hand of this assface, then Pops will send me back on earth and come after me to kill me twice.

Lifting my eyes back to him, I find him pointing his gun at me as he pushes himself against the opposite wall.

Something overcomes me, as I start to laugh loudly through my pain.

“I feel pity for you, John,” I say while sighing happily as my vision starts to get blur, “Because when my Alec will come, you will beg for a quick death, but he will make your every breath worse than death itself.” I chuckle darkly.

My drooping eyes snap open as the door slam against the wall with a force that it is a surprise it has not come out from its hinges.

Even before John can shift the gun in that direction, gun falls from his hand when a bullet passes through his hand.

The room resonates with his scream, but my eyes are fixed at Alec who looks just like an angel... dark angel.

He hands the gun to Kevin as he steps inside keeping his eyes on John.

If death would take the form of a man, then it would definitely look like Alec.

“You missed the fun, Gregory.” I lightly laugh while shaking my head to keep my vision clear, “In case you can’t recognize, that fucked up face over there is John.”

Alec gazes me and a cold look settles on his features.

Sliding down weakly against the wall, I stretch my leg in front of me. Each movement makes the pain excruciating, forcing me to intake a sharp breath.

Kevin rushes to my side and tries to pick me up, to take me outside the room, but I shake my head in no.

"I will watch the life draining out of his eyes," I say in a weak but determined voice, "I am not going anywhere."

Without a word Alec turns to John who attempts to scurry away from him, but grabbing him by his hair Alec drags him in the center of the room.

Looking around his eyes land on my wrench and he picks it up.

Well, I picked it up first so it is mine. So, my wrench.

Trapping John’s finger between its jaws, he bends it in the opposite direction and a bloodcurdling scream comes from John’s mouth as his finger breaks.

One by one, each finger is given the same treatment by Alec while our ears are blessed with John’s cries.

I think Alec is a firm believer of the saying, work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.

Because he hits hard while staying silent, whereas his victim makes all the noise.

He takes out the calf knife from his calf holster and the sight of it turns John’s face pale.

A sadistic smirk curves the corner of his lip when he watches John.

And that smirk makes him look so hot.

It is taking everything in me to stay awake because my eyes are shutting down, but I will be damned if I close my eyes yet.

Alec presses the tip of the knife in his thigh and digs it into his flesh. When he thrashes and tries to move away, Alec plunges the blade deeper and pulls it towards himself slicing open his thigh.

John looks like he will pass out from pain any moment, but Alec has planned to keep him awake as he pours water on his head using the same water bottle which was given to Liam and throws the bottle to the side.

John gasps when the water hits his face, however, Alec slashes his tongue at the same moment. The gurgling sound comes from John’s mouth as blood fills his mouth.

John’s eyes filled with horror as he looks at Alec thinking about what he would do next.

“Alec...” I call him as it is now becoming really difficult for me to keep my eyes open.

“Keep your eyes open, Firefly.” This is the first time he has spoken since he has come here, “Don’t close your eyes.” He orders.

"Watch me sending this bastard to the hell, just like you have asked me to do." He shifts his eyes back to John, "Slowly and painfully."

He plunges the knife straight into his heart, then he presses it down slowly. Blood comes out of John's mouth as he takes his last breath.

I smile, glancing at Alec, as he comes to me after fulfilling his promise. Raising my hand, I touch his face as darkness consumes me.

I love you.

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