Always Together

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Chapter 136

Alec’s POV

Picking her up, I shift her body slightly so her head is leaning against my chest. Walking out of the room, I climb the stairs as gently as I can while holding her securely.

“I should have taken her to the paramedics immediately.” Kevin looks at unconscious Avery, “She is loosing to much blood, it is not good, Alec.”

For the first time, I am not scared. I know nothing will happen to her. I trust her to fulfill her promise to never leave me. And I know she will not break her promise or my trust.

I trust you, Avery, don’t break my trust.

I glance at Avery’s face which has a hint of faint smile decorated on her lips while there is a calmness all over her expression.

“Do you think she would have let you taken her anywhere?” I ask as we step outside, “Once she makes up her mind, then nothing can change it. She wanted to see him die, and wouldn’t have left that room at any cost until he was dead even if it meant killing him by her own hands.” My lips stretch into a small smile as I kiss her forehead... my beautiful, but deadly Avery.

“Jesus, you both are crazy.” He shakes his head dejectedly, knowing that I am right. “On the side note, I don’t want to get on her bad side ever.” He makes a face.

She is crazy, but she is mine.

“I fulfilled my promise, Firefly, now it is your turn to keep your promise,” I whisper against her skin, “So, don’t you even think about leaving me.”

I hear, Kevin orders, someone, to sweep the basement and the area around the house.

The ambulance is already outside, the paramedics instantly rush towards us when they see us. However, I don’t let anyone take her from me, as I place her inside the ambulance.

“She has been shot in the leg,” I inform as I remove hair from her face while they immediately started working on her.

“Alec.” Ron calls me, “Liam is getting antsy and demanding for you and Avery. I think he saw you carrying her out of the house.” He glances at Avery then back at me.

My eyes are already settled on her face, as my heart is being torn in two directions.

I want to stay with her, but I can’t let Liam see her like this, it will freak him out. No kid wishes to see their parents hurt.

On the other hand, Liam has been so brave, but he is still a child who needs his parents to be with him, to comfort him.

Looking at her Avery, I think what I would have expected from Avery to do if she was in my position. This made the choice slightly easy because I would have wanted her to be with Liam. The same thing which she would be expecting from me, to comfort our son as he needs the assurance from his dad, that his mom is alright... that she will be alright.

“I am with Liam, don’t worry about him I will take care of him.” Holding her hand, I kiss her bruised knuckles, “We will meet you at the hospital.”

Stepping outside the ambulance, I wipe my hands with tissue paper cleaning the blood and then I change into a clean shirt that someone has handed to me. I can’t let Liam see me like this covered in blood.

“I will go with her.” Ron gets inside the ambulance as they are ready to take her to the hospital, “Don’t worry boss, boss lady is strong, she will be fine.” He gives me a comforting smile.

“Dad!” He cries and stretches his arms in my direction trying to get out of Finn’s hold.

I have left him with Finn and Ron as the paramedic was checking him for any injuries. He was adamant to come inside with me, as he has promised his mom that he will take me to her. And he wanted to take me to her, by holding my hand and guiding me to her side.

“Hey, I am here.” I take him from Finn and he instantly clings to me in a tight embrace.

“Where is mommy?” He demands, “I want my mommy.” He whimpers.

“She is okay, I will take you to her.” I kiss his head, as I get inside the back seat of the car, not wanting to let him out of my arms, “She is just a little hurt, that’s why she has gone to the hospital and we are also going there.” I rub his back, as Finn starts the car and follows the ambulance.

I did what Avery always do, instead of hiding the truth from him, I told him in a way that he can understand.

“Is she badly hurt?” He asks worriedly.

“She will be fine, buddy.” I kiss his head, “Your mom is strong.” I try to soothe his worry.

“Did she beat the bad guy?” He looks at me blinking his tears, while his lashes wet with tears.

“Yeah, she did, buddy.” I smile and nod my head, “She is so strong, that bad guy was so scared of her.”

“I know, she is scary when she gets mad.” He nods his head while resting his head on my shoulder, slumping against me tiredly.

“Why don’t you sleep for a while?” I rub my hand on his arm, “You must be tired.”

“No, I am not tired.” He mumbles sleepily.

Stubborn like his mother, but I love him to death. Just like I love her.

Holding him, I gently caress his hair because I know this will put him to sleep soon. And not even ten minutes have passed I hear the sound of soft snores and glancing down I stare at him sleeping with a peaceful look on his face, knowing that he is safe and protected in his father’s arms.

I kiss his head, as my thoughts drift to my Firefly.

Avery’s POV

My mind starts to become aware of the sounds that are surrounding me. Everything seems too loud for my liking, after being in peaceful silence.

It feels like after experiencing the serenity of underwater, suddenly I surrounded by a cacophony of noises.

I am still not able to open my eyes, but my senses are becoming clear more and more with each passing moment.

After a moment or two, I open my eyes and blink to clear my vision. Raising my hand to rub my eye, I notice the IV attached to my hand, making me frown because now when I have seen it I have suddenly started feeling itchy to remove it.

However, I am not able to feel my leg at all, so slowly I try to move my leg, but instantly pain shoots up making me halt my movement.

“Son of a bitch,” I mumble sucking in a sharp breath.

“Careful.” Instantly, Alec’s face comes in my line of sight.

“Alec,” I say quietly, suddenly the pain is pushed at the back of my mind.

“I am here,” he says softly, as he caresses my cheek with his knuckles.

“Liam? Is he okay?” My eyebrows raised in concern.

“He is perfectly fine.” He cups my face, “He is also here with me, as he was not ready to leave his mom alone.” He shakes his head at him with an affectionate look in his eyes.

“He is sleeping.” He nods his head to the couch where Liam is comfortably sleeping.

A soft smile comes to my lips as I watch him.

“He brought you to me.” My gaze settles back on Alec’s face while my smile slightly widens.

“Yeah, but you should rephrase your sentence because he dragged me to you.” He lightly chuckles as his thumb gently strokes my jaw while a quiet laugh leaves my lips.

Silently, I gaze into his eyes as a peaceful feeling is settled in my heart. The same peace which can be seen in his eyes too.

“Avery-” He starts to speak but I quieten him by placing my finger on his lips.

“Firefly,” I softly whisper, “Your Firefly.”

Slowly, a smile appears on his lips.

“My Firefly,” He says with adoration, the sound send warmth throughout my body.

“Your Firefly was lost somewhere, but you helped her find her way back.” I smile at him ruefully, “ However, I still don’t know will she ever be able to return back completely. Because a lot of pieces of her are gone and nothing can bring them back. She has changed, but one thing didn't change at all."

"She loved her Alec, still do, and will always love him." My voice breaks feeling overwhelmed.

"I love you, Alec, and I will always keep loving you." Closing my eyes, I swallow back my tears.

My eyes connect back with his. His eyes are shining with happiness and a lot of other emotions that impossible for me to decipher. However, one thing I can read clearly in his eyes is his love for me.

"I love you so much that it hurts to even think about being away from you." He kisses my head, "I thought I have lost your love forever... I thought it's my punishment for hurting you." He closes his eyes and swallows, his voice is expressing his pain and happiness.

Holding his face as I bring it near to me wanting him to feel the love which I have in my heart for him.

But I accidentally shift my leg, which causes me to hiss in pain.

"Are you in pain?" He asks, immediately worry covers his features, "Do you need me to call the doctor? Of course, I should have called the doctor the moment you have woken up." he speaks everything so quickly that it makes me laugh.

"Alec, just kiss me." Grabbing his collar, I pull him towards me but he didn't budge still looking worried.

"I will kiss you later, how much you want, but now you need a doctor." He tries to move away.

"No, I don't a doctor, I need you to kiss me." I tighten my hold on his collar, "Your kisses take the pain away." I smile cheekily.

He rolls his eyes in amusement, but he doesn't give in.

"Are you denying me what is mine?" I arch my eyebrow and yanks him towards me nearly making him fall on me, "Have you forgotten that all your kisses are mine?" I tap his lips with my finger as he holds his weight on his forearms.

"Give me what is mine, Gregory." Raising my head, I brush my lips against his lips, "So now kiss me."

I smile against his lips when he sighs accepting his defeat and presses his lips against mine and kisses me gently, filling my heart with nothing, but love.

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