Always Together

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Chapter 137

Alec’s POV

Two weeks later

“Dad, will you buy me that electric four-wheeler which I showed you?” Liam asks.

“Umm...” I raise my eyebrows and tilt my head slightly to the side, not knowing how to tell him that his mom has already warned me not to buy him that four-wheeler because his demand for the cycle has been fulfilled.

“Please,” He says giving me that look which makes it impossible for me to deny his demand.

“Okay, but not this month, next month,” I say with finality in my tone because it will take me some time to persuade Avery to buy him a four-wheeler.

“Yay!” He grins, nonetheless, happily, “Thank you, and I love you.” His whole face brightens with glee.

Looking at him my heart bursts with contentment, I will happily do anything just to see this happiness on his face. Even if it means to face the wrath of Avery.

“Come back home, soon,” He looks at me with a small pout, “I miss you.”

“I will come back home as soon as I finish my work.” I smile.

Avery and I have noticed after the kidnapping incident, Liam wants us to be around him most of the time. Especially, during the first few days, he was constantly attached to us. He was not leaving us even for a minute, especially, Avery. But now he has started getting normal, though he still doesn't like when I go to work.

“Okay, when you will come home then we will eat those cookies which mom gave me to not to tell you that she fell while she was hopping in the room.”

“Yeah, sure.” I nod while holding back the urge to groan. Avery needs to rest and not to move around much as her wound is still fresh. But Avery is being Avery, which means she has vowed not to listen to what she has been told.

“Okay, buddy, I have to go now.” I check the time, “Be good and make sure your mom doesn’t move around much, I will see you in the evening.”

“Bye, Dad, love you.” He waves his hand.

“Love you, too.” I smile and end the video call.

Putting down the phone, I see Marshall smiling at me.

“What? Why are you smiling?” I ask.

“That kid has wrapped you around his finger.” He chuckles, “But, honestly, we are happy to see you smiling.” He pats my back as we both walk outside my office.

“Let’s get over with this, so you can go home to your son.” He nods his head with a small smile.

My mood shifts and all my earlier demeanor changes while a mask of indifference slips onto my face as I open the door and enters the room.

Walking to the table, I pull the chair and sit while keeping my cold glare on Kendra, who is doing the perfect act of being innocent.

But we all know how innocent is she.

“Kendra, you know I need answers.” Leaning back in my chair, I give her a pointed look, “So don’t test my patience and answer everything which I ask you truthfully.”

“Why are you treating me like this, like I am some criminal?” She starts her drama and cries.

“We all are treating you very nicely, Kendra, because if we have given you the treatment which we give others then you would have already told us everything the moment we have entered the room.” Marshall gives her an annoyed look.

“Why?” I ask her calmly, “Why did John kill my parents?”

“I don’t know anything-”

“Why?” I slap my hand loudly on the table making her jump in her seat.

“I don’t know.” She whimpers.

Walking around the table, I come to her eye level.

“I will ask you again, so answer my question.” My voice turns cold, so do my gaze, “Why?”

“Alec, I...I...” She stutters while glancing down.

Harshly I grab her jaw as I turn her face to me.

“You know everything, so don’t you even think of lying to me, as the outcome of it will not be good for you.” I shake my head slowly, “So it is better for you to start speaking.”

When she still doesn't open her mouth, taking out my gun I place on the table.

"I will put every damn bullet of this gun in your head if you don't start speaking right now." I point at my gun.

"No, don't kill me, please, I will tell you everything which I know." She screams when I press the muzzle of the gun against her temple.

“Dad found out that Harold had figured about his illegal business.” She swallows, “Harold was gathering proof against him, but he never let dad know this as he was doing everything discreetly. However, dad got an idea of this, so to save himself, he decided to kill Harold as he can’t take the risk of losing everything he has worked for.”

“You guys were dealing with some cartels at that time, so Dad framed Harold’s murder in such a way that everyone would think that your animosity caused him to lose his life.” She glances at me, but her face visibly pales when her eyes connects with the muzzle of my gun, “He knew your dad shares everything with your mom, so he decided to kill her as well so that his secret would remain secret.”

My hands curl into fists, as fury burns me from inside. Just to save his illegal business he killed my parents. What kind of a sick person he was!

“Please let me go.” She pleads, and starts crying again, “I will tell you everything which I know, but then please let me go.”

“Continue speaking.” I get hold of my anger because I need to know everything, “Why did he make me watch them kill?” I place the gun back on the table.

“He wanted to gain your trust, and he knew you loved your parents a lot. So he wanted you to be there when they die, as he knew it will affect you badly and it would give him a chance to support you and get into your trusted circle.” She wipes her face.

“He wanted me to marry you so that I could be close to you and keep him updated about your every move as he can't be with you 24/7. And warn him beforehand, if you are getting suspicious of him. But he somehow found out about Avery and your son. He kept his eyes on her, but when he was sure she will not return he spared their lives.”

Closing my eyes, I clench my jaws as I see red. That bastard even wanted to kill Avery and Liam even though they didn’t have anything do to with him. I wish I knew all this before, then I would have made his death even more painful.

“He wanted to make sure that you never accept her in your life because he wanted me to be a part of your life, that's why he forged your reports with the help of that doctor. So even if she had told you about your son, you would not have believed her and would have never let her come back in your life again.” She wraps her arms around herself, trying to look smaller. “But you never let me get closer to you, no matter how much I tried.”

I remember her cheap tactics to come closer to me. Honestly, at that time, I would feel bad for her, that she is degrading herself by throwing herself at me.

“I wish he was alive, then I would have killed him again in a much more painful way because what he did is unforgivable.” I growl, “He ruined our lives, because of his selfish reasons.”

“I have told you everything which I knew.” She clasps her hands, “Please, now, let me go.” Her body shakes as she cries.

“I only did what he asked me to do.” She shakes her head, “I never wanted to harm your family.”

“What makes you think I am going to let you go?” I ask while arching an eyebrow, “You were his accomplice, you helped him in his every wrongdoing. So you are not innocent, Kendra.”

“But be thankful that I am not going to punish you, otherwise, you would have been with your father right now... in hell,” I say while walking away from her.

“Marshall, hand over her to the police along with all the evidence that we found against her.” I look at Marshall then I walk outside the room, turning deaf to her cries to forgive her.

Finally, somewhere my heart is at peace knowing that I have avenged the death of my parents. The pain and avoid which their death has brought in my life can never be fulfilled. However, but now I will focus on the beautiful memories that I have shared with them and remember them with a smile on my face. Because this is what they would want me to do, to live a happy life. Just like they have lived their life happily.

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