Always Together

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One year later

Slowly unwrapping my arms from around Liam, I slightly shift away from him. Gently, I run my fingers through his hair, removing the strand of hair from his forehead.

Last night Liam has come to our room because he was unable to sleep. I sensed that he was just missing me, as the last few days have been chaotic. Even though I was trying my best to balance everything and give him proper time, but still, I didn’t get to spend much time with him. So last night turned into a cuddle and snuggle night, and after watching The Lion King we all slept together.

After placing a kiss on his forehead, I place a pillow under his arm, as I get out of the bed. Going through my daily morning routine, I walk outside the room, but the mouthwatering smell of french toasts steer my direction, straight to the kitchen.

“Why did you come out of the bed?” Alec asks while flipping the toast in the pan, “I would have brought the breakfast in our room.”

But he knows he will not get any reply for me, neither he is expecting to get, as I am still in my no-talk mood.

“Here.” He places a glass of milk in front of me and kisses my cheek leaning over the table.

Involuntarily, my lips upturn into a smile.

Somewhat mornings have turned into my favorite part of the day because this is the time I can peacefully admire him.

By looking at him nobody can say he is such a family-oriented person. He is still the same private person for the world, but at home, he is a different Alec.

During this past year, he has learned to share his thoughts with me and now he easily shares whatever is in his heart.

However, he is still an over-protective and over-possessive person, but I guess this can be never be changed and I love him with his over-possessiveness and protectiveness nature.

He smiles while glancing at me as we both have our breakfast in silence. However, when we are just about to finish our breakfast, our silence is interrupted by the crying sound.

Alec’s smiles brighten as the youngest Gregory has decided to wake up. Leaving the breakfast, he quickly washes his hands as he goes pick up the newest addition of the family.

In the meantime, I gobble down my remaining french toast as I know it is time for someone else’s breakfast.

The demanding cries become louder as Alec brings our three-weeks old daughter Alina into the kitchen.

“Another member of the family who is not a morning person.” Alec laughs and kisses her head as he hands her to me.

She slightly calms down when I hold her, perhaps she has sensed her breakfast is near to her. Carrying her to the living room, I settle on the couch near the window which looks over our vast backyard as I start nursing her.

This is my favorite place to sit as the view is really calming and I simply love looking at the greenery while enjoying these peaceful moments with myself and now Alina has become part of these moments.

When she is fed and satisfied, Alec takes her from me. At the same time, Liam walks into the room rubbing his eye with his fist, trying to clear the sleep from his eyes.

“Is she awake?” He asks as Alina makes some soft cooing sounds when Alec kisses her hands and then feet.

“Yeah.” Alec nods his head as he shifts her in his arms so that Liam can see her face.

I was really worried about Liam’s reaction when I found out that I was pregnant. I didn’t know how was he going to react to this new change, as for seven years he was the only baby of this house... our only child.

But surprisingly he took the news better than our expectation, but his only demand was to have a little sister. Thankfully, his wish was fulfilled and he did get a little sister. Otherwise, we would have to send the baby back and ask for the right baby, his words not mine.

Although, he still struggles sometimes as our attention has been divided but he fell in love with his baby sister when he met her for the first time.

I can sense it is not easy for him to accept that now we are not just his mom and dad, but he is trying. He never gets jealous of her and when she cries or becomes fuzzy he becomes really upset and drags me or Alec to her demanding to comfort her.

But, at the same time, he wants us to give him attention as well. He gets super attached to me after I spend time with her like he will follow me everywhere and will stay by my side. Even I try my best to spend alone time with him, without Alina, just like we used to do earlier so he doesn't feel much difference.

He is extremely good to his sister, as since the moment we brought her home he has become really protective of her. It just felt like his brotherly instinct woken up instantly when he held her for the first time.

“Can I hold her?” He asks Alec but his eyes are on Alina’s face who is also looking at her brother with keen interest.

“Of course, buddy, here sit on the big couch so I will hand her to you.” Alec smiles.

Instantly, Liam climbs on the couch and holds his arms in front of him for Alec to place Alina in his arms.

Alina makes small noises of protest when Alec gives her to Liam but soon calms down when Liam starts talking to her.

Alec and I share a look and smile as we watch the serious conversation between brother and sister. Liam is holding her little fist and praising her for knowing how to curl her fingers to make a perfect punch.

“Don’t worry, soon, I will teach you how to punch as well, then we will start working on your kicks. I love that you know to kick.” He nods his head at her with an appreciative look, “I know you like to kick because you have been kicking since you were in mom’s belly.”

I nearly laugh hearing this as he used to hate her at that time because she used to kick me.

“I guess, our daughter will learn how to punch by the end of this month as her brother is really adamant to teach her how to land a mean punch.” Alec wraps his arm around my shoulder as he looks at Liam in amusement who is busy telling her about punches.

“What can I say, she is half Anderson and half Gregory, it is in her blood to throw deadly punches.” Turning my head to him, I wink which makes him chuckle.

A soft smile turns my lips upward as I press my lips to his lips in a quick kiss because I love watching him laugh and smile.

I bite my lips to stop myself from laughing when I notice his cheeks have slightly turned pink which he is trying to hide.

Still, he is not comfortable with the display of affection openly and I love teasing him.

“Mom, I think she is pooping.” Liam thrusts Alina in my arms, “She is making a pooping face.” His face scrunched up, cutely.

“Okay, little grunter, poop all you want because dad is going to change your diaper.” I kiss Alina’s cheek while she grunts then I look at Alec who is fondly looking at Alina.

Alec is really a good dad, he handles both the kids so well. Not only with Liam but he also helps me with Alina. He doesn’t mind changing her diapers or calming her down when she cries at night. He hardly lets me do anything because he loves taking care of her all by himself, he says he wants to live all these moments which he has missed with Liam.

Lifting Alina from my arms Alec takes her to her nursery, while Liam climbs in my lap.

“She is so tiny.” He smiles as he looks at me, “Was I also this small, mom?” He asks curiously.

“No, you were small but not this much.” I hug him because I feel like hugging him.

“Do you think she loves me?” He asks.

“Of course, she loves you.” I kiss his hair, “She can’t tell because she can’t speak yet. But she will show you that she loves you through her gestures. Have you seen how she holds your finger tightly in her hand like she doesn’t want to let you go? It shows that she loves her brother so much.”

“Yeah.” He nods his head happily, “Sometimes when she is crying and I talk to her she calms down.”

“Yes, because she knows her big brother is with her and she will be alright.” I smile at him.

“I will always stay with her and will never let any bad guy take her away from us,” he says with a determination.

“I love you, Liam.” I hold his face, “And always remember mom and dad will never let anything happen to you or your sister. We will not only protect you, but we will even make you so strong that you will not need anyone’s help to protect yourself.” I make a promise to him and myself.

It’s been a while since Alec and I have some alone time, so we both agreed that we need to get out of the house for some time. Since Ron volunteered to babysit both Liam and Alina, we grabbed this opportunity to go on a quick ice-cream date.

“Where are we going?” I glance at Alec when he turns the car in the direction of the place which I have not visited in a long time.

An uneasy feeling bubbles in my heart, as we get closer to the area where cabin house used to be, as I know there must have been built something else in place of that cabin. And I don’t think I will ever be ready to visit that place.

“Alec, please, turn the car.” Looking at him, I plead, “I don’t want to go there.” I shake my head and close my eyes.

My eyes open and lands on the same cabin house, when the car stops exactly in front of it.

Different emotions flow inside my heart, as I look at the house which was a big part of my life.

Then my eyebrows pull together in confusion as I have seen construction workers that day, ready to demolish the cabin then how come it is still here?

I turn my head to look at Alec and I get my answer.

“Why, Alec?” I sigh, “Why did you bring me here?”

“I have sold this place because this place has memories which I want to forget.” I swallow, “So, why did you...” My voice cracks unable to finish my question, and soon I break into tears.

Unbuckling the seat belt, he pulls me into his arms as he lets me cry.

“Avery... the memories which you have, connected to this place are beautiful,” he says softly when my sobs quieten down.

“Beautiful?” I scoff as I pull away from him, “No memories of mine are beautiful which are related to my parents.”

“Look at that house, Avery,” He calmly says, “And tell me the first memory which comes to your mind when you look at this place?”

My eyes move back to the house, and I remember Pops showing me how to chop the woods, and I was over the moon when he had let me hold the ax for once.

“You are smiling, Avery.” He points out as I realize my lips are curved in a small smile, “The memories which bring a smile on our face are not the ones which we need to forget because they are the ones that we need to cherish.”

“This might be your parents’ house, but the memories which you made in this house are with your Pops.” He holds my hand, “When you brought me here for the first time, you might have said this is your parents’ house, but what I saw was a house whose every corner is filled with the memories of Avy and her Pops.” He softly smiles at me, as a tear slips from my eye.

“How would I have let anyone destroy the memories of your Pops and you, Avery?” He gently wipes my tear, “That letter is nothing in front of the numerous precious moments that you and Frank have lived in this place.”

Rolling my lips inside my mouth, I try to stop myself from crying because what he is saying is true. Honestly, that letter and the pain that letter brought blinded me to see that this house might be theirs but the memories which I have are of my Pops.

“Thank you.” Clenching my eyes, I attempt to hold my tears back, “For making me realize my mistake. This place is special to me because of Pops, and from now I will remember this place because of Pops, not because of them.”

“Those tainted memories will not dull the memorable moments which I had spent in this house with my Pops. I will not allow those painful memories to ruin the memories of my Pops.” I wipe my tears while smiling.

He kisses my temple while smiling at me as he places the cabin keys in my hand.

“Why are we in this park?” I turn on my heels and start walking backward while looking at Alec.

After taking me to the cabin, he brought me here to this park which is near Pops’ house. I have visited this park a few times with Kris, but it has been years since I last came here.

Placing his hands on my shoulders, he turns me around as he guides me near the tree.

“I wanted to show the place where I have first time talked to the girl who was a complete stranger to me,” He says while looking at the tree as he puts his arm around my waist, “This is the tree where I had first time met her.”

“Okay...” I light laugh in confusion, “But why have you brought me here?”

“Because I wanted to tell you about the girl who captured my attention and still now when I see her no one else exists for me.” He glances down at me with a secretive smile.

“Are you seeing her behind my back, Gregory?” I narrow my eyes at him, playfully.

“No, I am seeing her in front of me.” He lightly taps my nose.

“What do you mean?” I ask in puzzlement.

“The first girl with whom I have interacted with, the girl about whom I felt protective without even knowing her name, the girl whose face always remained in my mind as I hoped to see her again, that girl is standing before me.” He smiles increasing my confusion, “You are that girl, Avery.”

“This is the place where we have met for the first time, not at the club.” He chuckles softly, “The best bonfire night of my life because I have met my future wife and love of my life here.”

Suddenly a faint memory flashes before my mind when he mentioned bonfire night as I recall sitting on this tree branch with a boy whose face I don’t remember clearly, but I do remember him saving me from falling down.

“You were that boy who saved me from falling?” My eyes widen in disbelief.

“No, I am that boy who couldn’t save himself from falling in love with you.” He holds my hand, and shakes his head with a chuckle, “I never knew the hand which I have held for the first time, is the same hand which I am going to hold my entire life.” He kisses my hand while I look at him in disbelief and shock because I have never expected him to be that same guy.

“I still can’t believe it, Alec.” I laugh.

“Believe it, Firefly.” He smiles, “We were meant to be together.”

Stepping closer to him, I smile while looking into his eyes.

“This is the only thing which I believe in most.” Winding my arms around him, I softly kiss him, “Alec and Avery are meant to be always together.”

Gazing into his eyes, I witness his eyes are burning with the same intensity of love which is pulsating through my entire being.

Holding my chin he lifts my face and places his lips on mine, capturing my lips in a heartwarming kiss. With each brush of our lips, the love which we feel for each other consumes us intertwining our souls together.

The End
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