Always Together

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Bonus Chapter 1

"Fuck you, Alec!" I growl while attempting to loosen his hold on me.

He raises an unamused eyebrow and keeps pinning me down showing no signs of moving.

Somehow managing to move my legs from beneath him, I wrap them around his waist and try to throw him to the side. But instead of letting me go, he picks me up and then he throws me on the mat with a satisfied smirk.

"This is ridiculous!" I glare at him while rubbing my back as he crosses his arms and glances at me, "I don't want to learn your stupid grappling, I feel harassed." I yell, feeling angry as today I haven't won even one fight against him in our training session.

"Quit your drama, now get up." He snaps his fingers, "We don't have all day."

Instead of standing up, as he has asked me to, I swing my leg at the back of his knee catching him off guard. Losing his balance he slightly stumbles, but it is more than enough for me land another kick straight on his chest which makes him fall on the mat.

Instantly, I straddle him and punch the floor exactly next to his ear which means a knockout in our training session. As obviously none of us actually try to kill each other or hurt each other badly. But this doesn't mean anyone of us will hold back while we are fighting but we try to avoid giving each other any serious injuries.

"Knockout." Leaning down, I peck his lips with a smug expression.

"You are a cheater." He gives me an unimpressed look, clearly unhappy with my victory.

"This is a real-life lesson for you, Alec." I pat his cheek and laugh when he slaps my hand away, "Never lose your focus and don't expect your opponent to play fair, as in real-world there are no rules and everyone just fights to win."

Shaking his head at me, he attempts to keep his face straight pretending to look annoyed but the tilt of his lips is a telltale that he is not mad.

"If there was anyone other than you, I would have shown them what it means to cheat with me." He sits up with me in his lap. "But you always take advantage of the fact that I love you."

"I love taking advantage of you." I tease him, winding my arms around his neck, "In every way."

"Huh-uh?" He raises his eyebrows, playfully.

"Yeah." I nod my head.

He holds the back of my neck and pulls me towards him. I bring myself closer to him when he captures my lips in a gentle yet passionate kiss.

However, he groans and breaks the kiss when his phone rings.

"Gregory, what have I told you about losing your focus?" I hold his face, not allowing him to move, "Ignore the distraction." I connect our lips again.

Without missing a beat he kisses me back, however, we both can't help but feel frustrated when we are interrupted for the second time. His second phone rings which mean whatever it is... it is something important. And probably he has to leave.

Placing a hasty kiss on my lips, he helps me stand up and answers his phone.

The minute he answers the phone, all playfulness wipes from his features as his serious demeanor returns. When you see him in his work mode or outside, he transforms into a person who barely even cracks a smile and has this intimidating air around him. However, when he is at home he is completely different. I have never seen him losing his cool on Liam even for once, and trust me my son can drive you crazy if he wants to.

He hears whatever, the person from other side of the phone is saying, as we step outside the gym and walk into the living room.

As soon as he ends the call, he returns to me and kisses me.

"There is something important, so I will have to go." He holds my face and nods his head. "I will just go and get ready."

"Should I pack your stuff?" I ask because sometimes he is gone for days as things are not definite in his work so we never know how things will turn.

"No, my bag is ready and hopefully I will be back into a day or two." He smiles and then he walks to our room.

I quickly prepare some lunch for him to eat on the way, as he is a bit careless when it comes to looking after himself. If I will give him something he surely eats it, as otherwise, he feels guilty that I have prepared the food for him and he hasn't eaten it.

Packing his lunch, I place it on the table then I go to pick up Alina from her room because I can hear that she is up from her nap.

I bring her outside the room, after feeding and changing her, to find Alec talking with Liam. Both of their heads turn to me when they hear me coming.

Whenever Alec is going out for work, he always makes sure to spend some time with Liam and Alina. The reason behind this always stirs unsettling feeling inside my heart, as he says that he wants them to know how much he loves them so that in case something happens to him they will be aware that their father loved them. Also, these moments will give him the strength to fight against all odds, to make it back to them.

Walking to them, I place Alina in his waiting arms. He holds her close and kisses her head, momentarily closing his eyes.

"I love you, Alina." He kisses inside of her palm when she pats his mouth with her hand and giggles, "I love you so much."

Then he turns to look at Liam and opens his arm for him. Liam sits in his lap and hugs them both.

"Don't worry, dad, I will take care of both of them." Liam smiles looking at Alec.

"I don't have any doubt about it." Alec ruffles his hair, then he kisses his forehead.

After spending some more time with them, it's time for him to go.

"I will be using my other number, so if there is anything important just leave a message." He hugs me, "And please for the peace of my mind, stay out of trouble." He chuckles.

"I will try..." I shrug.

"Avery." He leans back as looks at me with a serious expression.

"Okay, okay, no trouble... I get it." I sigh as if I will have any time left on my hand for some enjoyment because I don't think I will have any energy left in me after running behind Liam all day along with looking after Alina.

"I love you." He softly kisses me, pouring his love into the kiss.

"I love you, too," I whisper against his lips. "Now go and put your deadly skills to some good use and shed some blood for me." I smile.

"But after that come back home to me, without a scratch. As I will kill you myself if anything happened to you." I lock my eyes with him conveying my warning and plead.

"I will always come back to you, Firefly." He winks at me with a smile that makes my heart skip a beat as he gets inside the car and drives away.

"I know you will always come back to me..." I whisper with a smile of my own.

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