Always Together

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Chapter 14

I didn’t think that Alec is going to be here, but no matter how much I try, his presence is hard to ignore. I don’t try to approach him neither he does, and the reason is obvious. However, I did find him stealing glances in my direction.

After our last conversation, he didn’t contact me and I never messaged him either.

When my heart is not ready to talk to him then how can I force myself to talk to him? I think it is better that we should stop talking to each other altogether.

“Avy!” A guy calls and walks towards me.

“It is Avery.” I politely correct him as he stops before me.

I don’t appreciate if someone uses my nickname other than my family.

“Remember me?” He points towards himself and smiles, his face looks familiar but I can’t exactly recall where I have seen him, “Noah Smith.”

“Oh, yeah.” I nod my head in recognition, we both used to go to the same boarding school. He was my senior, “Noah.” I return his enthusiastic smile with my small one.

“Never in my wildest dream, I would have thought I would find you here.” He chuckles.

“Small world.” I shrug.

“Yeah.” He nods while running his fingers in his hair.

“Are you Jake’s friend?” I ask him not wanting to come off as a rude person because of my lack of excitement.

“No.” He laughs, “I am his cousin’s boyfriend.” He turns and waves at a timid looking girl.

“This is Avery, my friend from school. And Avery she is April, my girlfriend.” He introduces as April approaches us.

I would not say that we were friends, but we were on good talking terms.

“Hi.” She smiles.

“Hello.” I smile back.

“You are Kristan’s friend, right?” She asks as Noah excuses himself, making small talk.

“Yes, because of her only I know Jake.” I nod and tuck my hair behind my ear.

“Have you girls tried this?” Noah comes back with a plate filled with finger foods and points at the dip.

“No,” April replies and I simply shake my head in no.

“Here try this.” He offers his plate to us, “This dip tastes so good.”

“This tastes different.” I dip garlic breadstick in the dip and take a small bite.

“Yeah.” April also nods her head in agreement, “But it does taste nice.”

“There is something crunchy in it.” I close my eyes focusing on the taste, “I can’t pinpoint what is it, as its taste is overshadowed by other ingredients”

My eyes snap open as I realized the hidden ingredient in the dip.


Without even excusing myself, I search for Alec. I quickly take out my phone only to realize it is dead. Swallowing the profanities which are on the tip of my tongue, my eyes scan the room in search of Alec.

Maybe he went home.

But I can’t take a risk, I have to make sure he is fine. At one point I thought of asking someone about him, but then I dismiss the thought.

Making my way through the crowd I reach towards a room, the door of which is partially open. I am a bit reluctant to peek inside the room because if there is someone inside trading saliva than my food will make a reappearance.

Gathering all my courage I look inside the room. Sure, there is someone leaning against the wall, his posture seems strange as he is slightly bent over.

“Excuse me?” I hesitantly ask and step inside the room as I fully open the door.

I hear wheezing sound in response, which sends my mind in alert because there is definitely something wrong. Taking a quick stride I approach him and to my worst fear, it is Alec.

“Shit!” I exclaim when I see his slightly swollen eyes while he is struggling to breathe.

“Shut up, you idiot!” I quieten him when he shakes his head and tries to say something which causes him more difficulty in breathing.

Fear and anger are the emotions which are ruling my mind.

I am angry because how can he be so stupid to eat something which seems strange when he is aware of the severity of his allergy. And I am afraid because something might happen to him.

“Please tell me you have an Epipen with you?” I look at him as I try to swallow my fear. He lightly nods his head.

Without even hesitating for a moment, I pat his pockets looking for Epipen. I release a sigh of relief when I find it in his jacket pocket. Helping him on to the bed, I stretch his leg. Praying in my mind that I correctly remember administering the shot, which I have only seen once in my life.

Running towards the door I lock it so that no one can come inside. Kneeling beside him I take out the shot from the tube and remove the safety cap. Holding his thigh firmly with my one hand, with my other hand I press the shot on his outer thigh and hear the click sound. Slowly I count till three then I remove the shot.

My heart is hammering against my rib cage. Clenching my eyes shut, I swallow hard trying to gain control of my heartbeats.

After a few minutes, his breathing starts to come back to normal and I can see swelling also has gone down a little. Few more minutes pass, his eyes are closed but now he is breathing is fine, as well as swelling is also barely visible. When I am certain he is fine, I stand up and take a step forward, but he holds my wrist stopping me in mid-step.

“Thank you.” He breathes while opening his eyes.

“You’re welcome.” I quietly nod my head, “You should be careful of what you are eating, it is outright stupidity to try anything new when you are not aware of its contents.” I can’t stop myself from saying.

“I should get going before somebody comes here,” I say in a hope that he will leave my hand so I can go from here.

“I am sorry,” he says in a low voice but doesn’t leave my hand.

Why is he saying sorry to me?

“You don’t have to say sorry.” I frown shaking my head in confusion, “You just have to be careful.”

“Avery, I am sorry.” He intently looks at me, “For whatever I said-”

“You don’t have to apologize for anything, Alec.” I cut him off, “It is fine.” I shrug.

“Since you brought up this, let’s make one thing clear.” I know this not the right time, but I don’t think I will get another chance so it is better to say it now, “I am sorry, we can’t be friends.” I shake my head and gently free my hand from his.

“Why?” He sits up leaning against the headboard.

“Alec, I can’t be-”

“Why did you help me, when you hate me?” He frowns and interrupts.

“I don’t hate you.” I exhale, “Hate is a strong word. Honestly, how long we have known each other, ten days? Fifteen days? You can’t hate someone you barely know. Even to hate someone you should first have any kind of feelings for them.”

“I don’t know what you think of me, but I am not a bitch,” I say impassively, feeling insulted that he could think so low of me, “I would never back out from helping someone when they need help. Even if I had hated you, then also I would have done the same thing which I did now. I am not someone who finds pleasure in other’s pain, even if they are my enemies.”

I can only feel contented if I am the reason behind my enemy’s pain.

But he doesn’t need to know this, right?

I walk towards the door when I hear someone knocking.

“Yes?” I say from behind the door, not opening it.

“Avery, are you in there? Everything alright?” Noah’s voice comes from the other side.

“Umm...yeah.” I turn my head to look at Alec, “Yeah, I am fine.”

“Are you sure? You just suddenly ran off after tasting that sauce,” he again asks.

“I am fine, now. I felt a bit nauseous after tasting that weird thing, that’s all.” I internally pray that he leaves.

“Do you want me to get something for you? Or should I call someone?”

Oh, God! why is he so good.

I am feeling awful right, now. He sounds genuinely concerned.

“Noah, thanks. No need to worry I am feeling better, I will be just out in a few minutes.”

“Okay.” He sounds hesitant but eventually, I hear him leave.

“I am going out.” I pick up the empty tube and used injection, and keep it in my bag so that no one can find out, “You rest here for a while, then come out later.” I glance at Alec who is already looking at me.

I step out of the room and hardly take a few steps, then again I turn back in the room’s direction.

“And don’t worry I will not tell anyone about this,” I tell him as I vaguely look around the room.

“I know, I trust you, Avery.” His words force me to look at him.

I simply nod, not knowing what else to say. Closing the door, instead of going back into the party, I make my way directly outside the house. Because I am not in a mood to talk to anyone. I just want the comfort of my home, that is the only thing which will help me feel better.

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