Always Together

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Bonus Chapter 2

Alec’s POV

“I know, darling, you hate being stuck in here but it is for your safety.” I caress Alina’s head as she starts fussing as soon as I have put her in her car seat because my daughter just hates being tied down. “You will have a fun ride with dad.” Buckling up, I kiss her soft hair then holding her fists in my fingers I kiss them too.

This seems to calm her down a little bit, as her face is not scrunched up like she is about to go into a full-blown crying mode.

Unable to stop myself, I kiss her head again while my heart brims with love when she grips my finger tightly like she doesn’t want me to leave her hand.

I never knew I could love anyone more than I love Avery but then we had Liam and Alina and I figured another meaning of love. Although I was not a part of Liam’s life from the beginning, I have loved him since the moment I had met him... it was like my heart already knew he is mine. But then Alina came into our lives and it just feels like my heart has doubled with love. Since the moment she’s born I tried to live each and every moment which I have missed with Liam through her. The regret of not being with my son in the initial days of his life is still there, but now I try to make up for all those times by being there with him as much as I can.

If Avery is my life, then both Liam and Alina are my world... for whom I can go to any extent.

A low chuckle leaves my lips when she starts sucking my thumb by holding my hand with her both hands. Gently, removing my thumb I replace it with her binky as I slowly rub circles on her chest until she settles down.

Closing the door of the back seat, I get inside the driving seat and pull the car out of the driveway and make my way towards the Battleground.

Avery had to go out of the town for some case, and Liam tagged along with her. Normally, we don’t take kids with us when are doing something work-related, but since it is nothing serious as she just needed to discuss some case with her colleague so she took Liam with her. So now it is just me and Alina.

“Are you missing mommy, Alina?” I ask as she makes small noises while rattling her toy.

“Yeah, even I am missing her.” I smile as I think about Firefly remembering how annoyed she was when her colleague informed her that the meeting is in the morning. She nearly refused to go but after I promised to treat her with a nice dinner then only she agreed. I think she is more interested in chicken enchiladas than the case.

Alina continues to babble as I receive a text from Avery that she is on her way home and will meet us in an hour. After sending her a text telling her to come straight to Battleground, I keep my phone in the cupholder.

When I check the rear-view mirror, I notice two cars have been following me for quite some time. Shifting my gaze between the road and rear-view mirror, I call Finn and he answers on the second ring.

“Two black SUVs are tailing us,” I put the phone on speaker as I try to look who might be in the cars, but whoever it is they are smart as they keep switching lanes but still staying close to my car.

“I have got your location, we will meet you at the next intersection,” He answers, as I hear him talking to someone else, but my heart slightly drops in my stomach as I realize I am not alone.

“Alina is with me,” I inform him and I hear him muttering curses because we normally don’t know what might be the outcome of such things and her being with me complicates things even more.

A fire is shot at our car making the car slightly go off-road. Quickly, getting control of the car, I bring the car back on the road and check on Alina to see if she is okay only to find my little girl letting out a small giggle which brings a slight relief to my heart. But then anger swirls inside me when another shot is fired.

“Are you alright? Is Alina okay?” I hear Finn’s voice in which panic can be heard.

“Yes, we are fine.” I clench my jaws as I take out the gun and release its safety. “Change of plan, I will try to lose them as fast as I can, and you will follow me and take them down. I want them dead.” Any threat to my family should be removed.

“Okay, boss,” Finn curtly answers.

I press the gas, switching between lanes trying to gain more distance on them. But they are keeping up with my speed, making it difficult for me to lose them.

I realize I have to take out Alina from her car seat and bring her to the front as she is not safe there. But then I can’t drive while holding her, I need my hands free.

In a split of a second, I decided to strap her to me, where she will be safe and I can keep her calm as well.

Picking the baby carrier from the passenger seat, I quickly wear it while trying not to slow down the car speed. I might have to slow down the car later, when I have to take out Alina from her seat so for now, I am trying to gain as much distance as I can.

When the cars are not as near to us as they were earlier, I move to the side of the road, momentarily stopping the car to get Alina. Half turning around, I unbuckle her strap with one hand, which is not easy at all but somehow I managed to do it in record time, while with my other hand I grip the gun. Quickly holding her, I wrap my arm around her and pick her up from the seat.

“It’s okay...” I whisper softly, as I bring her to the front as she whimpers in protest. Strapping her to me, I wear my jacket and zip it up.

She instantly snuggles more into my chest as she settles down while I floor the gas making the car jump forward.

They blindly start shooting at the car trying to slow down the car so that they can catch up. Slightly ducking down, I cover Alina’s body with mine when the back glass shatters while at the same time, they take another shot at my tire. I try to control the car, as it swivels causing me to drive the car into the bushes.

“We are right behind these motherfuckers... but one car is quite ahead of us.” Finn’s voice comes from the speaker, just before I disconnect the call and slide the phone into the pocket as I notice other the car about which Finn has mentioned stops right behind mine.

My eyes flicker to Alina, while she is innocently looking at me having no idea of the danger surrounding us. Placing my hand behind her head, I gently hold her head against my chest allowing myself to be comforted by the warmth radiating off her small body as the fear of something happening to her is gripping my heart which I push back.

“Alina, babygirl, you will be alright, dad will not let anything happen to you.” I kiss her head then keeping my body lower to the ground I step out of the car and move towards the front of the car taking a cover behind it.

Taking an aim at the first person who steps outside the other car, I pull the trigger taking the headshot of him, while with the other hand I press Alina’s head into my chest to cover her ears.

Instantly, he falls on the ground and they start shooting in my direction. Turning around I press my back against the headlight as my grip on my gun tightens waiting for the opportunity to shoot so that I can take down as many men as I can before the back up arrives.

My lips tilt in an amused smile because instead of crying Alina squeals while giving me a toothless smile.

My crazy girl.

Of course, she must be enjoying all this as she has Avery’s blood in her.

Moreover, her brother is always breaking things here and there so she is used to all the crashing sounds.

“It seems like you are enjoying this a lot.” Talking to her in a hushed tone, I take out my phone and use it as a mirror to see behind us to find three men slowly creeping closer to us.

“Ready to have more fun?” I smirk, while briefly glancing at Alina who starts to babble. “Shhh... quiet, we don’t want them to know we have such a dangerous baby with us.” I shush her while kissing her nose.

When the crunching sounds get louder, it lets me know they are near us. Wrapping my arm around Alina, I shield her completely, as I step out of the cover and shoot the first person who is near us, killing him instantly.

Screeching of the tires and another round of shots are heard when Finn arrives there with the backup. I use this opportunity to shoot others while moving towards my men.

Within minutes each one of them killed by my some very pissed off men. Even though we are trained to keep our emotions out of work, but when it comes to family none of us holds back.

“Is she alright?” Finn hurriedly makes his way towards us, as his eyes move towards Alina.

“She is perfectly fine.” Unzipping my jacket, I glance down at her, to notice she is touching her head which is a sign that she is sleepy. Then after a moment, she lets out a cry while she bangs her head on my chest, something which we have learned she does when she is angry.

“Why are you so mad?” I ask her, while Finn makes faces at her trying to calm her down. He is looking ridiculous but if it can stop my daughter’s cry then I don’t have any issue.

“I think she is mad because she didn’t get a chance to shoot any bad guys.” I hear Avery’s amused voice.

Looking to the side I find her arching an eyebrow at me with a hint of a smile dancing on her lips.

“Am I right, Alina?” She shifts her gaze to Alina, while hearing her mommy’s voice Alina makes grabby hands at her.

“Hi, beautiful.” Avery takes Alina from my arms after I take her out of the carrier. “It looks like you had a fun time with your dad, huh?” She settles Alina on her hip, as she looks around. Leaving us Finn joins others who are cleaning up the bodies.

“How did you find about all this?” I ask Avery while she is busy peppering kisses on Alina’s cheek.

“I have my eyes on you.” She playfully narrows her eyes at me, as she caresses Alina's head gently bouncing her in her arms. Shaking my head, I let out a small chuckle knowing that Ron must have told her as he is her personal spy.

Watching Avery, the fear which I was trying to burry inside my chest resurfaces as the thought of something happening to Alina because of me crashes my heart.

“Hey, she is okay.” Avery’s eyes meet mine, her eyes soften reading my fear in my eyes, as my glance moves to Alina who is now sleeping peacefully in her mother’s arms, “You both are okay.” Her soft voice just above a whisper, as she gives me a reassuring smile.

“She trusts her dad, just like I trust my Alec to keep our family safe.” She holds my hand and presses a kiss over my knuckles. I don’t realize how much my heart wanted to hear these words until she has said them.

Every time she says that she trusts me, I almost feel invincible.

“Thank you for being my strength.” Cupping her face in my hands I lower my head to press my lips against her, which makes her smile.

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