Always Together

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Chapter 17

When I wake up the next day, Alec was already gone which not surprising. Last night he stayed here with me, but he used to only sit with me when the waiting area was empty. When someone used to come and sit, he casually went to take a stroll. He thinks I didn’t notice this, but I did. However, I haven’t mentioned anything to him.

I thought about our talk a lot, he said he doesn’t want anyone to know about our friendship. And then also he was there for me like a true friend would, even when I have stated that we can’t be friends. Maybe he has some reason, behind why he said that which he doesn’t want to share with me, yet.

Moreover, a bond of friendship is between two people. It shouldn’t matter whether the world knows about it or not, right?

Alec is so damn confusing. I have seen him around others, he is a complete opposite of how he is with me. That Alec is intimidating and reserved, however, he is not arrogant or rude to anyone. The Alec who is with me is slightly open and relaxed, he jokes and smiles. Even though he doesn’t express much, but still, his eyes express a lot.

Alec has an enigmatic personality, yet, it is strangely easy to be myself with him.

Groaning voice of Pops snaps my attention back to him. A smile stretches on my lips when his eyes open and, after roaming around in the room, they land on me. Relief passes through his expression when he sees me. Swallowing hard, I restrain the tears which are threatening to escape from my eyes.

“Hey, Avy.” He breathes and blinks.

I launch myself into his arms and hug him, while he lightly rubs my head.

“Pops, I thought you are going to leave me.” I pull back and look at him.

“I cannot leave you until I am sure that you will be okay without me.” He gives me a small smile.

“Then you are never going to leave me because that day will never come.” I sit on the edge of the bed, clasping my hands in my lap.

Before we can continue our talk conversation, the door opens and the doctor enters the room. I wait outside the room as the doctor examines Pops.

When the doctor left the room, he informed me they are shifting Pops in the room. And in a day or two, they will discharge him as everything seems normal.

To say I was relieved is an understatement.

Later in the day when Pops was shifted in the room, many people stopped by to meet Pops including Jake. I spend most of the time, sitting on the small couch in his room.

“Avery, go home.” Pops slightly turns his head towards me, “Take some rest then come back later.”

“No, I don’t want to go.” I protest and lean back more into the couch.

“You are looking like one of the zombies from Warm Bodies.” He exasperates, “Go home and return back looking like a human.”

“I am getting a headache by looking at your zombie version.” He dramatically touches his temples with both hands.

“Wow! You are saying that I look like a zombie?” I shake my head in disbelief, “Have you seen your self? You are looking like a homeless druggie.” Leaning forward I narrow my eyes at him.

“I never knew homeless druggie looks handsome.” He gives me a smug look.

“I don’t want to go,” I whine.

I am afraid, I will go and something will happen to him. This sounds stupid, but I can’t help it. The torture which I went through yesterday has placed this weird fear in my heart. I want to be with him, just like his shadow.

“Avery, go home and come back later,” he says seriously, “Nothing is going to happen to me. Cecelia has asked me to join her on the other side of the bridge, but I refused. I told her that I love her, but I love our granddaughter more. So, I am not going to leave Avy alone here. She has to wait for like two to three decades for me.” He jokes and smiles.


“No, but,” he interjects and playfully glares, “If you don’t listen to me I will give you very cruel punishment of dishwashing for two months.”

“Okay, I will go home and come back later.” I sigh defeatedly.

After taking a shower and changing into fresh clothes I return back to the hospital. On my way to the hospital, I pick some flowers for Pops room to make it look a little less depressing.

“Hello, sleeping beauty.” I smile entering the room, “I brought some flowers for you.” I still in my steps when I see someone sitting inside the room.

“Uh...” My brows pulled together in confusion when I find Alec inside the room.

“This guy was peeking inside the room.” Pops points at him, “So, I called him in to chat, as I was getting bored alone.”

“Is he your friend?” Pops asks.

“No.” I quickly shake my head in denial.

Alec’s eyes meet mine, as he silently looks at me. Then after a moment, a small sigh escapes his lips and he looks at the floor.

What was that about? He is the only one who wants to hide from everyone that we know each other.

The people who say girls are complicated, they should meet Alec. One complicated fellow he is.

Ignoring his reaction I walk inside and put flowers in the vase near Pops bed.

“I should take your leave, Mr.Anderson.” Alec raises from the chair, “It’s nice talking to you-”

“C’ mon, don’t be afraid of her. You are a big boy.” He interrupts and motions Alec to sit back, “Her expressions have the tendency to scare away people, but she is harmless. Until you are not on her bad side.” He points at me.

“Pops!” I scowl at him, then look at Alec who wears an amused expression.

“You hate people.” He shrugs, “And that shows on your face, too.”

“I don’t hate people.” I huff as Pops raises an eyebrow at me in a challenging manner.

“I just don’t like most of them.” I throw my hands in the air in frustration.

“It means the same, Avy.” He shakes his head and laughs.

“And I don’t want to hear your any Avery-logic, as I am having a headache.” He feigns a headache tapping his bandaged head.

“So, now this how it is going to be, right?” Keeping my hands on my hips I glare at him, “You are going to use your injury every time when you want me to listen to you.”

“Yeah, I will use this weapon against you, until it lasts,” he says smugly.

“Unbelievable!” I shake my head at him in disbelief.

“So, you both haven’t met. before?” Pops asks while looking between me and Alec.

“No.” I shrug and sit on the edge on the bed, as the chair is occupied by Alec.

“He also fights at Battleground, like Jake,” he says, “And you have been lurking around that area more than once, so I thought maybe you have known him.” He looks at me.

“Lurking around?” I can’t help but laugh at him, “I am not some dark soul, who will be lurking around here and there to find their victims.”

“And yes I have seen him there, but I don’t know him.” I shrug and tell Pops, which is partially true.

I don’t know him or do I?

I pick up an apple from the fruit basket and start slicing it for Pops. An important question comes in my mind.

“Pops, do you remember who hit your car?” I ask him, as I give him a slice of apple.

“Not much, it happened so sudden, that I couldn’t see much.” He slowly chews the apple.

“Police have arrested the driver, right?” Biting my cheeks I intently look at him.

“Yeah, that is what I have been informed.” He frowns as he studies my expression, “But why are you asking this?”

“Just like that.” I clench my jaws attempting to control my anger as I forcefully slice a piece.

What is the police going to do? Just put the driver behind the bars, nothing else.

That is not enough! I should be the one who should punish the culprit. I slice another piece imagining him instead of apple.

“What is going on your mind?” Pops narrows his eyes at me.

“Nothing.” I purse my lips together in a straight line and clutch knife tightly.

I will only feel satisfied when I will slowly break his bones. The person who hurt my Pops should also experience pain.

“Avery put the knife down!” Pops says in a stern voice, “Look at me.”

I could have lost Pops because of that bastard.

“Look. at. me,” Pops again say in a tone which he rarely uses. The tone which means that I have no option but to follow his orders. Reluctantly, I look at him.

“Whatever you are thinking, just stop, okay?” He firmly holds my eyes and says, knowing too well what must be going on in my mind.

“You are in the hospital because of that accident.” I swallow and say in a leveled voice.

“It was an accident, Avy,” he softly says, “I am fine, now. And police will punish them.”

“They are just going to put that bastard behind the bars, that is not enough!” Anger starts to rise in me, breaking my control, “I want him to suffer. I will make him suffer.”

“Avery, calm down.” He sighs, “You are being unreasonable.”

“Unreasonable?” Putting down the plate, I stand up from the bed.

“You could have died!” I half-yelled, “I could have lost you forever,” I clench my hands in fists on my sides.

“Do you have any idea how much I was scared, that something might happen to you?” Tears start to fill my eyes, “I don’t have anyone beside you and I can’t bear to lose you.” I bite my lip holding my tears.

“Avy,” he gently says, “I am injured, but I am fine, child.”

“Come here.” He opens his arms and calls me.

“No.” I look down and stubbornly shake my head.

“Won’t Avy give her Pops a hug?” He makes a sad face, just like he used to make when I was a kid and won’t hug him when I was angry.

“Please, otherwise, how will I get better?”

Swallow and walk into his arms, for a moment I feel again like a little girl. Closing my eyes, I hug him tightly, trying to swallow the fear which is haunting me. Fear of never be able to hold him again.

“I need some fresh air, I will come back in a while.” Without meeting his eyes I step back and hastily go out of the room.

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