Always Together

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Chapter 22

“What?” He asks with a puzzled expression.

“You heard me.” I lean back in the chair and fold my arms, “I am hungry, feed me.” I turn my head to him.

“Hungry at this hour?” He asks raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah, I didn’t have my late-night snack, because you drag me outside the house. So, now I am hungry.” I sigh, “I always have a late-night snack because I feel hungry at night.”

“If I would have been aware of your late-night hunger, I would have brought something for you,” he says looking at the rearview mirror then back at the road ahead.

“I am surprised you didn’t notice this, I mean, we have spent so many nights together...” I mindlessly trail off.

He is really good at observing things, he catches minute details which can easily go unnoticed. Once he abruptly told me to re-check my front door lock, when I entered home while I was on a phone with him. Because he felt it was not locked just by the sound of the lock... and it was not.

So, it feels strange he hasn’t noticed my chomping sound when I am talking to him late in the night.

He suddenly coughs stifling his laughter, I look at him with a frown. Then my mind registers what I have said.

“Oh my God!” My eyes widen and I slap my mouth with my hand.

“I didn’t mean like that. That came out so wrong!” I shake my head furiously feeling embarrassed, “By spending nights together, I meant talking to you on phone at night.”

Okay, I agree I don’t have control over my words and I don’t even mind. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy being the victim of such situations.

“That sounded so bad.” I groan and cover my face with my hands, heat rises to my cheeks when I hear his deep chuckle resonating through the car.

“My apologies for not knowing your needs even after spending many nights with you.” He smirks teasingly.

“Alec!” My mouth falls open looking at him in disbelief, hearing his double meaning sentence.

Here, I thought he was a gentleman. But I guess, under all this gentleman facade is a normal corrupt-minded guy.

I am not here to judge anyone when my own mind works in all directions... perfectly fine.

“I don’t think anything would be open at this point of time,” he says breaking the silence after my cringe-worthy incident.

There are many indecent comments just on the tip of my tongue, that what sort of other things might be opened or might be opening this zippers, hooks, packets, etc. But I keep my mouth tightly shut.

“Yeah,” I answer him and sigh, “Just take me back home, I will just go straight to the bed.” I lean back in the seat. I am tired and slowly sleep is taking over and I don’t have the energy to make something, even a snack.

My eyes open with a start, when I feel the car halts. I didn’t realize that I have fallen asleep. I look outside the window to see the unfamiliar surroundings, I turn to Alec questioningly.

“You asked me to take you home.” Alec unlocks the door, and step outside, “But haven’t mentioned whose home, so I brought you to my home.” He shrugs and closes the door.

“Huh?” I look at him in confusion as he walks around the car and opens my door.

“Let’s go, then I have to drop you back at your home also.” He motions me to come outside.

“Why?” I ask him stepping outside the car.

“I don’t have any issue with you staying here, I have many spare rooms.” He starts walking towards his front door with me trailing behind him, “But I don’t think your Pops would be happy to find you missing from your room in the morning.”

“I am asking why you have brought me to your home, instead of mine.” I roll my eyes as he unlocks the door.

“You asked me to feed you that’s what I am going to do.” He closes the door when I step inside.

“Make yourself comfortable.” He gestures towards the living room, as he wanders off somewhere.

This is the second time I am here at his house. It looks completely different because the first time I was here this place was turned into some sort of club. With all the DJ setup, dance floor and sick amount of people.

But now it feels like a normal house... extremely expensive normal house.

I run my hand on the soft leather couch as I sit down. Liking the softness of the couch I close my eyes as I wait for him to come, from where ever he has gone. I am not going roam around his house, like last time. That was a completely different situation.

Something soft brushes against my leg making me frown. Opening my eyes I look down to find a very cute little silver tabby kitten rubbing itself against my leg.

“Hey, little fellow.” I lightly stroke its head with my fingers, making it purr.

“You like this, isn’t it?” I gently scratch its head, as the purring increases.

“Yeah, you love it.” I smile and lean forward to pick it.

“Careful-” I hear Alec's voice but he doesn’t finish his sentence.

“What?” I put the kitten in my lap and it snuggles closer to me. While Alec is watching us intently.

He has changed into sweats and a t-shirt and is holding something in his hand.

“She scratches or bites if anyone besides me touches her.” He comes closer still looking at his kitten, “It is strange how easily she is letting you stroke her.”

“What can I say, this cute little thing know how amazing I am.” I pick her and coos at her.

“Yeah, you are right about that.” He chuckles when the kitten licks my cheek with her rough little pink tongue.

“What is her name?” I pet her head.

“Frisky.” He smiles, and Frisky’s ear perks up hearing her name.

“Frisky?” I laugh.

“She is extremely playful.” He shakes his head, “Henry chased her for half an hour when he was finally able to catch her. He even earned a large scratch on his arm, thankfully she didn’t bite him.”

I remember Henry is the guy that works at the Battleground.

“But surprisingly, she came easily to me.” He sits beside me, leaving a decent distance between us, “Since then she never allows anyone to come near her other than me, but now I think you are her new favorite.”

“You are the best and the cutest kitty in the whole wide world.” I scratch under her chin, and she cutely yawns.

Animals are far better than humans.

“Avery, you need to clean that.” He points at the scrapes on my calf and places the first-aid box between us.

There are scratches running horizontally below my knee, from my earlier stumble. Maybe unknowingly I have scraped against the tree bark.

“You should wash your hands first,” he says when I extend my hand towards the box.

He leads me to the kitchen area, I walk over the sink and wash my hands. Then perching myself one of the kitchen stools I open the first-aid box.

Taking out the alcohol swab, antiseptic cream, and some band-aids, I close the box.

Crossing my leg over another, I clean the scrapes with the alcohol swabs holding my breath as it stings. However, my face remained neutral, as I have been tending myself since I was a small kid.

I remember holding my breath and biting my lower lip from the pain when I cleaned my scraped knees because I had fallen from a bicycle. My vision got blurred from tears, but like I always I didn’t let them escape. Dad was at work, even if he was at home that would not have made any difference as he hardly noticed me.

He never showed any affection towards me, but he never mistreated me...he just ignored me. My room was filled with clothes, toys, and books... I had food on my plate and a place to call home. Many people don’t even have basic privileges, but I had the best of everything. I would never take for granted whatever my father did for me and I will love him always. But a little love and attention, from him, was what I always craved for.

With a sigh, I put band-aid after applying little antiseptic cream. I glance up to find Alec intently looking at my face. Turning my face away, before it gives away more than my liking, I stroll across the kitchen. Running my hands under the tap and splashing some water on my face, I look back at him to see him standing in the same position. His gaze set on me.

Suddenly smile makes its way onto my lips when Frisky padded towards Alec and tries to climb on his leg. She looks so tiny next to him.

“Of course, you would also want a late-night snack, just like your new favorite hooman.” he winks at me, then picks her up. Walking over to the cabinets he takes out some treats for her.

“You have been a really good girl, today, so you will get some extra treats.” He places treats in her bowl near the kitchen island and pets her head as he puts her down.

“What would you like to have, milady?” He bows playfully making me laugh.

“A glass of milk would be just fine, my good sir,” I reply still laughing.

He shakes his head and turns to the fridge. I sit beside Frisky waiting for her to finish eating so I can play with her.

This is the most fun day, or should I say night, I have in many days. I feel so light and happy, for once in my life. It is not like that I am not happy usually, but this happiness is different I am feeling a bit more liberated.

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