Always Together

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Chapter 26

Monday came by and just like a blink of an eye half week is also passed. But the frustration remained constant. I hate to accept that I am missing Alec. I hate that even if I want but still, I can’t shut my feelings when it comes to him.

I can’t tolerate being taken for granted and he just made feel the same.

However, even then I miss him.

“Ugh! Why can’t both my eyeliners can be the same?” I frustratingly wiped my right eye, as my eyeliners are not matching. Left eye wears perfectly winged shape, while the right one seems different. I don’t know why, but it is just not the same as the left one.

“Why are you taking so long, girl?” Kristan asks impatiently as she enters my room.

She made a sudden plan to go clubbing. But what I don’t understand why she is trying to set me up with her older brother’s friend. She tried to be discreet about it, but I can clearly see through her. Since I haven’t had anything much to do, so I agreed. Honestly, I am hoping it will help me to take my mind off of a certain someone.

“My eyeliner.” I point my right eye.

“Give me.” She takes the liner from my hand and forces me to sit back on my bed.

“Done.” She applies the liner and straightens up.

“Now, let’s go.” She takes my hand and pulls me out of my room, giving me just a moment to collect my clutch and mobile.

Kristan drives with Jake, and I had to go with Lincoln much to Jake’s dismay. We all have that one protective friend, and in my life it is Jake. The way he was eyeing Lincoln, it is clear he doesn’t like him.

“You look beautiful,” Lincoln says as he guides me to his car.

“Thank you,” I reply with a small smile.

“Are we going to stand here all night or what?” I arch my eyebrow at him when he doesn’t show any sign of unlocking his car.

“No... no...” He quickly unlocks the car, looking embarrassed.

It is going to be a long night... I sigh internally.

My senses are overwhelmed, the moment I have stepped inside the club. I can feel the loud bass of the music, thumping throughout my body. While neon lightings give me a headache. The smell of alcohol and sweat reaches my nose, making me regret being here in an instant, as we pass through the ocean of bodies.

Finding an empty booth we all slip inside.

“I am not coming here again.” Kristan frowns and pats her forehead with a tissue paper wiping small beads of sweats.

“I completely agree.” I nod my head while looking around.

It is not even a weekend and there is a crazy amount of people here.

“My friend is a DJ here and we just came to support him as this is his first day here.” Jake sighs, “Otherwise, I would have never asked you guys to come.” He looks at me and Kristan ignoring Lincoln.

“Life is all about experiences.” I shrug, “So, I guess it is fine. Although I don’t appreciate experiencing the smell of somebody’s sweat,” I say leaning away from some people who are standing near our booth. I think nobody has introduced them to body spray, yet.

“Should I bring anything for you to drink?” Lincoln asks when Kristan drags Jake on the dance floor.

“No, thanks.” I shake my head and laugh when Jake pushes a guy who tried to come closer to Kristan, “I don’t drink.”

There is no way, I am going to even drink water here.

“Really?” He looks surprised.

Pops will literally make my life hell if he finds any traces of alcohol on me. Also, I never had a liking for alcohol.

“Yeah.” I nod my head.

“So, umm...” He looks away then glances back at me, “Will you dance with me?”

“Okay.” I can’t help but smile when I see his nervous expression.

He smiles widely, as some of his nervousness disappears as he guides me to the dance floor.

I am glad that he just holds my hands and doesn’t place his hand on my waist. Because that would be more uncomfortable for me. Even the music is not slow, so it doesn’t require us to be closer to each other, we are easily enjoying ourselves on our spots. A laugh escapes my lips when he turns me twice, while lightly shoving a few people as he dances. He is not bad, as I thought he would be.

I see a cute looking girl, sneaking glances in our direction, especially her focus is on him. I grin at him and nod my head at her, instantly I feel he is blushing as he smiles and looks down.

“Go ask her for a dance.” I nudge him towards her.

“No.” He shakes his head, “I don’t want to leave you alone.” He looks around at the crowd.

“C’ mon.” I roll my eyes, “I will be fine. Now go.” I push him towards her as I make my way towards the slightly less crowded corner of the dance floor.

Leaning against the wall, I watch them feeling like a proud mother hen when he shyly approaches her and soon they hit off.

“Don’t punch.” Somebody taps my shoulder, making me groan in annoyance because I know the owner of the voice.

“What do you want?” I tilt my head and ask Alec who has a small smile playing on his lips.

“Just want to dance.” He shrugs slipping his one hand in the pocket of his black jeans.

“If you haven’t noticed we are in public, and we have to pretend that we don’t know each other,” I answer him without looking his direction.

Great, the person whom I am trying to avoid is standing beside me.

“People are too busy to notice who you are dancing with.” He leans slightly towards me, making me shift my weight from one foot to another, “And we don’t need to know each other to dance.” He lightly catches my fingers with his. I snap my head at him when he tightens his hold on my hand.

Before I can respond he pulls me to the dance floor.

“Who was the guy you were dancing with?” He asks, stern look washes over his expression when he glances over my shoulder in Lincoln’s direction. The music is loud, but somehow still I can hear him clearly

“Lincoln, I came here with him.” I narrow my eyes at him when he glares at him.

“What is your problem?” I tug his hand gaining his attention, “Why are you glaring him?”

“I don’t like him.” He clenches his teeth.

“Okay, that is not a problem, it means you don’t swing that way.” I raise my eyebrows and nod my head, “You are straight.”

“Avery.” He groans, frustratedly.

“What is with you and Jake? Both of you don’t like Lincoln.” I mumble to myself, “He seems a nice guy.”

When the song ends, I try to pull my hand away from his, but his grip tightens on my hand.

“I am sorry.” He swallows.

“Alec, I don’t want to talk about it.” I forcefully pull my hand but he doesn’t leave instead he pulls me towards him, instinctually I place both of my hands on his chest to steady myself. My eyes widen in surprise when he wraps his arm around my waist holding me in my place.

“But I want to talk about it,” he says while looking into my eyes, “I didn’t mean to worry you. Honestly, I never thought you would be worried in the first place, but I should have known it better. So, I am sorry for unknowingly hurting you.”

“Please forgive me, firefly.” He leans his head and whispers in my ear, an involuntary shiver runs down my spine when his breath touches my neck. I have a strong urge to scratch my neck to make the feeling go away.

My heart is racing at an alarming speed as heat rises to my cheeks, no guy has been this close to me. So this close proximity is overwhelming.

“You don’t know, how much our friendship means to me.” He leans back and holds my gaze, “I can’t lose our friendship. So please don’t stay mad at me.” The vulnerability and sincerity behind his words, making it hard to be angry at him, even though I want to.

“You are an idiot.” I shake my head trying to suppress my smile, but I think he saw that as now the corner of his lips is lightly twitched upward.

“Yes, I am.” He nods, “So, that means I am forgiven?” He asks in a hopeful tone.

“I don’t know,” I reply honestly, “But I am not angry, anymore.”

“Please, Avery, forgive me.” He sighs defeatedly.

“Okay, I will forgive you but first please stop hugging me.” I push him away but he doesn’t budge, “It looks weird,” I whine squirming in his hold.

“Nope, you can forgive me after a few more minutes.” He shrugs keeping his hold on me, noticing my discomfort, “I am too comfortable standing like this.” His eyes hold mischievousness.

I look around and note that everyone around us is dancing, just two of us are standing still.

“Is there something in your pants which you are trying to hide?” I narrow my eyes at him, “That is why you want me to stand in front of you for a few more minutes? So that your problem settles down, huh?”

“Jeez, girl!” He instantly releases me and rakes his hand through his hair, as I start to laugh.

But my laugh dies down in my throat when he speaks again.

“I think you should know, if that would be the case then you would have been the first to feel it.” He smirks while I am trying to pick up my jaw which has fallen onto the ground.

Okay, that’s it, I don’t like this Alec.

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