Always Together

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Chapter 27

Walking off the dance floor I start making my way towards our booth, but Alec stops me by holding my wrist.

“Let’s get out of here.” He motions his head towards the exist.

“No, I can’t leave I came with Lincoln and it would not be right.” I shake my head.

“That loser might be enjoying here, somewhere. You don’t have to stay here for him.” He sounds annoyed.

Why is annoyed with Lincoln?

“And what about Jake and Kris?” I arch my eyebrow.

“Leave them a text that you are leaving.” He shrugs and starts walking towards the exit while pulling me along.

“What is with you today? Why are you behaving so weirdly?” I ask him, but I follow him outside.

“I just missed talking to you. So, now I want to be with you, is that such a big deal?” He frowns.

“Stop your drama.” I shake my head at his strange behavior, “And lead the way.”

He smiles looking pleased that I am coming with him as he walks towards his car. Opening the passenger door for me and he jogs around the car and slips into the driving seat and soon he pulls the car outside the parking area. I send a quick text to Kris informing her that I have called the taxi and I am leaving.

“Where are we going?” I ask as I lean back in my seat.

“I don’t know.” He purses his lip, “Just wanted to get away from there.”

“If you hate being at the club, why were you there in the first place?”

“One of the guys from my club invited me, as it was his first time as DJ there,” he answers as his eyes move between the rearview mirror and the wing mirror.

He must be Jake’s friend from the club.

“Fuck.” Alec suddenly curses loudly making me jump in my seat.

His face hardened while his eyes are focused on the rearview mirror.

“What happened?” I ask as I look into the wing mirror.

“Somebody is following us,” he says calmly, but his annoyance is visible the way his jaw his ticking.

Sure enough, I see a black SUV hot on our trail.

“I am sorry, I should not have dragged you like this.” He runs his finger through his hair and slightly pulls them in frustration, “This is why I wanted to keep our friendship hidden, I didn’t want to pull you into this mess,” he says more to himself than me.

“We will talk about this later, but first relax and focus on losing them,” I say calmly, and honestly I am not worried in the slightest.

“Don’t worry, I will not let you get hurt.” He looks at me as he maneuvers from one lane to another in quick motions.

“I am not worried at all.” I shake my head, “In fact, I am looking forward to this adventure.” I smile at him reassuringly.

He shakes his head at me, then curses when he notices the black SUV gaining speed.

“Hold on tight.” He warns me quickly shifting the gear and pressing the gas, making the car fly forward. Thankfully, the traffic is light on the road.

He leans to my side keeping his eyes on the road ahead and opens the glove compartment retrieving a gun from it. He catches my eyes as guilt flashes through his features momentarily.

“I won’t shoot until it is not necessary.” He gives me a sideways glance.

I hardly pay attention to what he is saying as my mind is going through all the possibilities of how to get rid of them.

“You are not a criminal, right?” I ask him to assure myself I am not about to help a felon.

“No, I am not,” he replies curtly.

“Can you drive in dark?” I quickly ask him as plan forms in my mind.

“What?” He asks slightly confused.

“Just answer me,” I ask, irritatedly.

“Yeah.” He nods his head still wary of what is going on in my head.

I check the wing mirror on my side and watch the only car behind us, is that black SUV which is not showing any sign of giving up.

“So, listen up.” I bite my lip as I concentrate on the road memorizing the track, “Two kilometers from here on the right, I think there is a track which will lead us inside the woods.” I narrow my eyes as I try to recall if this is the familiar tracks, which pretty much seems like.

“Memorize the path as much as you can in two minutes.” I look at him to find him already getting on the plan, “The only advantage we have is dark if they are not vampires or werewolves who can see perfectly in darkness.” I lightly laugh and he gives me are-you-serious? look.

“But there is a slight problem with this, even if you turn off the headlights, but still their headlights will be on.” I frown.

“I can take care of that.” He nods his head, clutching the gun in his one hand while the other holds the steering wheel.

Then abruptly he moves the car to the right and rolls down the window. Half leaning outside, he shoots the headlights of the car while turning off ours.

Darkness consumes us and now I can only pray he doesn’t run us into the tree and fail my brilliant plan.

I can feel the anger radiating from his body, while my ears ring due to the loud noise of the gunshots. Whoever they are surely didn’t like this, as now they are blindly shooting at our car.

Thank God it is not my car!

The way he is driving and dodging them seems like this not the first time something like this has happened.

Opening the window I try to look at the car behind us, but I am harshly yanked back into my seat. Alec angrily holding my arm, forcing me to bend forward in my seat, at the same time a few more gunshots are directed in our direction.

He takes a sharp turn and I tightly hold my seatbelt to stop myself from falling. The road beneath the tires changes from smooth to rough indicating we have successfully driven on the dirt path. After a few minutes, he stops the car.

“What the hell were you thinking?” He half yells as he turns to me. I unbuckle my seatbelt and lean back in my seat exhaling a deep breath.

“You could have got you killed, are you insane?” He runs his hand through his head messing up all his hair then he suddenly pulls me into his arms. He hugs me tightly while I still in shock.

Isn’t he being too touchy-touchy?

Maybe he is scared, that someone is after him.

“There, there.” I awkwardly pat his back, after recovering from the initial shock, remembering calming a scared little puppy.

The only difference was that at that time, the puppy and I, we both were scared. I from puppy and puppy from God knows what. But still ‘there there’ with pat pat calmed the puppy. I hope it works on him, too.

“You are going to be the death of me,” he quietly says, as he once tightens his hold on me then instantly releases me.

“There, there?” He frowns, puzzled.

Instead of replying I simply shrug. I don’t think he will like it if I compare him with a puppy.

“Even though you nearly give me a heart attack, but I must say I am impressed that you didn’t freak out.” He sighs, sounding a bit relieved.

Freaking out? Nah, not my thing.

“So, what now?” I ask him.

“We wait here.” He rubs his face with both hands, “I am sorry, we have to stay here as they might be still looking for us.” He sighs.

The idea of staying inside the car entire night doesn’t sound appealing to me, so after thinking for some time I can only think of one place where we can go without getting on the main road.

“I know where we can go.” I sigh, as I motion him to start the car.

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