Always Together

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Chapter 29

After informing Pops, that I am here and everything that has happened, I go inside my room and take out an extra pillow and blanket from the closet. Coming back in the living room, I find Alec laying on the couch with his arm over his eyes.

“Alec, why are you sleeping here?” I frown, “There is a room upstairs you can take that,” I inform him.

“No, I am fine here.” He sits up and shakes his head, “Don’t worry, you go and sleep.”

“No, you are not sleeping in the living room,” I say sternly, “Come with me, you can sleep in my room, and I will sleep in my parents’ room.” I turn around and start climbing the stairs, after a moment I hear him following me.

“If you need anything.” I sweetly smile, “Don’t you dare disturb my sleep, you can look for it yourself.”

“Avery,” he calls me when I am about to leave.

“Yeah?” I raise my eyebrows.

“Goodnight.” He smiles.

“Goodnight.” My face mirrors his expression.

After making my bed on my parents’ bedroom floor, I stand in front of my mom’s picture.

“Mom, I am not alone today.” I smile, “I brought my friend here, I hope you and dad don’t mind that I allowed him to stay in your house without your permission.”

“Mom, I think you would have liked him if you were here.” I lightly laugh, “Just like you would have liked Kristan.”

“Mom, I am very confused.” I sigh and play with my fingers, “There is a constant battle between my brain and my heart. My head says that I should not easily trust him, but my heart already trusts him. There is so much which I don’t know about him, but even then I feel like I have known him all my life. I wish you were here to help me to clear my mind.” I swallow as my throat constricts.

“Sometimes I really need you.” I look down as my vision blurs, “Just to hold me and tell that you are there for me. When somebody will hurt me, you will hold me tightly until there is no pain.” I bite inside my cheeks.

“Mom, do you miss me? Just the way I miss you?” I rapidly blink my eyes to clear my vision, “The ache of your absence never dulls, Mom. Even when I have never seen you, but still, every day I crave for your love. This emptiness in my heart never fills, because a part of me is buried with you. This void will only be filled when I will unite with you until then I will dream to be with you.”

I silently stare at my mom’s picture as my eyes burn with ushed tears. Few minutes pass, then taking a deep breath I tear my eyes away from her picture.

I lie on the floor and pull the covers till my neck to keep away the monsters. I can’t bring myself to sleep on the bed, because I don’t want to taint my parents’ memories. When I clean this room, I keep things just the way there were when my parents were alive. The most I have done is to hold the fabric of their clothes in the hope to feel their presence and inhale their scent. Because I don’t want to disturb their memories.

Tightly wrapping my arms around myself I close my eyes, wishing to feel comforted in the room which holds so many reminders of my parents.

Alec’s POV

I am feeling so annoyed by myself, how can I be so impulsive? How can I forget that no matter what I think, I can never be a normal guy? I have a lot on my shoulders, responsibilities which I have never asked for.

However, I am not ashamed to admit that I got jealous when that fucker was talking with Avery. And how could I not? His life is not messed up as mine. He doesn’t need to keep his friendship hidden. He can openly tell everyone that Avery is his friend. While me? I had to keep our friendship hidden, like some dirty secret.

I have only shared the truth with Avery which she needs to know, the truth which can’t bring any harm to her. There are things she doesn’t need to know, things which I am not allowed to share with anyone.

Exhaling a long breath from my mouth, I lie flat on my back on the bed. Closing my eyes for a moment I try to relax. While I am thinking about all the things which could have gone bad, I almost forget all the good things which this day brought with itself.

I have got my Firefly back, the only person who is my friend. She doesn’t even know everything about me, but then also she trusted me even in a life-threatening situation.

When I am with her I am a completely different person, not the impassive or cold Alec that I normally am. There is something about her that always drawn me to her, as long as I can remember. When I am around her I feel content and at peace...I feel free.

I live a life that is controlled by others, but Avery is like a breeze of freedom in my otherwise controlled life.

She is crazy and fearless, at the same time she is extremely caring and empathetic. And is it bad, that I felt good that she was worried about me? I would have never thought she would be worried about me. She is always so good at hiding her real emotions, so when her anger was directed towards me I didn’t mind at all. I liked that at least she shared her true emotions with me.

Slowly I feel myself drifting off to sleep, but a certain part of my brain is still alert for any danger.

Like always I am up before the sun, but today I am somewhat feeling relieved because I have shared some part of my life with Avery. Standing up I stretch my muscles, then I walk outside the room. This house is small but cozy. Instantly you will feel at home. The door across the room, in which I slept, is still closed which means Avery is not up yet. And I don’t think she will be up anytime soon.

After taking a shower and again putting up my clothes from last night, I walk inside the kitchen and make myself a cup of coffee. While sipping the coffee, I make some important calls, to make sure when it is safe to leave this place. I am not taking any risk with Avery again, I have to be very careful now. I can just hope nobody has found about her.

Instantly, my body tensed as I hear the faint sound of some vehicle approaching the house. Quickly, keeping the gun in the back of my pants, I keep my eyes on the dirt road in front of the house. As I see a car coming in this direction, my hand clutch the gun, the feeling of familiar metal against my palm gives me a sense of power.

When the car comes to halt, I grip the gun securely in my hand ready to use it without any hesitation. My body relaxes for a moment when I see the person behind the wheel.

Frank steps outside the car, his posture rigid and eyes scanning the area looking for any kind of threat. The way Avery talks about her Pops, one will picture him as the sweet old grandpa in classic grandpa shorts. But in reality, he is nothing like that. Frank is a six feet well-built retired military person, he looks more like a person who can knock you out without breaking a sweat.

As soon as he meets my eyes, his eyes slightly narrow. Then in a quick motion, he makes his way towards the front door. He slams me to the nearest wall keeping his hold on my neck as soon as I open the door. He’s not choking me, but still, he gives no room for any kind of movement.

“You have two minutes to start speaking the truth.” He glares at me, “Before I decide whether to keep you alive or to put you six feet under.”

I am not surprised as I already had expected a similar reaction from him when Avery told me that she will not hide anything from him. Honestly, I was relieved that she doesn’t need to keep secret from the person who matters to her, she doesn’t have to live with the burdens of secrets like me.

The first time when I had accidentally met him in the hospital when I was looking for Avery, he casually told me how he will disembowel a person who will try to hurt his granddaughter. So I am not surprised by his behavior.

He releases me then stands in front of me crossing his arms, waiting for me to tell him the truth.

Taking a deep breath I tell him everything, exactly what I have told Avery, but with all the minute details which I have skipped earlier. By the time I have finished telling him, we both are sitting outside on the porch steps. I feel like some weight has fallen off my shoulders when he reassuringly pats my back.

“If there was anyone else other than you.” He keeps his elbows on his knees, “I would have used him as target practice. But you are a good and responsible kid so, I don’t have an issue with your and Avy’s friendship, because I know you will not let any harm come to her.” He squeezes my shoulder.

I internally cringe when he called me a kid like I am some teenager.

“But you can’t let anyone know, whatever I have told you or that Avery knows me.” I sigh, while he nods his head in understanding.

“I am sorry, I never meant to put Avery in any kind of danger.” I look down feeling guilty.

“Avery is herself a danger, so, don’t worry about her much. ” He laughs, but his eyes twinkle with love for his granddaughter, “And I know you are smart enough to do what is right.”

“I promise you that I will protect Avery, and will not let any harm come to her,” I say with the determination, “My friendship will never cause her any trouble, I will make sure to keep her away from every danger.”

I want him to believe me because I can’t lose Avery’s friendship.

“I have never protected her.” He smiles and shakes his head, “I have taught her to protect herself. So, she doesn’t need anyone’s protection.” His word has a hint of pride, “Not even yours.”

“Everyone needs a friend, and so do you.” He smiles at me, “And so does Avery. Well, this is another thing that she scares off almost everyone, with her super friendly attitude." He rolls his eyes, “If you have survived as her friend, for at least one month, then you will earn my respect.”

“Freinds always have each other backs, even in the most crucial time.” He smiles ruefully, his eyes tell how much he has seen in his life, “I hope you will be a good friend to my Avy.”

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