Always Together

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Chapter 31

Be careful what you wish for

I have never understood the meaning of this sentence until now. Especially, when I am struggling to untangle my hair with my one hand.

I had always wished to have a plaster on my hand. Why? Because I thought it looks so cool. So, my this wish came true last night, and now my right hand is covered in plaster. Normally, I am not a clumsy person, but there are certain days in a month or two where I suddenly have two left feet.

Last night, while I was coming downstairs, I tripped over my foot and fell when I reached the last two stairs. Trying to save myself from landing flat on my face, I put my right hand in front of me, which took the full impact of my fall. So, now I have a fractured hand. And a broken phone, as the poor thing was in my hand.

I have spent my day in decorating my plaster. To make my plaster look less boring, I painted the entire plaster in black color and with silver stripes. I have bought different paints, so when I will get bored with this color, I will paint something new on it.

Pops and some of his friends back from the military had planned a small get together, so Pops unwillingly left this morning. He didn’t want to leave me alone, but I forced him because I knew how much Pops was excited about this week-long trip.

I make my way downstairs when I hear the doorbell. Kris went back home a few hours ago, she has to go with Jake at his family dinner, so it can’t be her.

I get a huge surprise when I open to the door to find bikes park in the driveway of my house and a bald biker with some of his biker friends standing on the porch.

“Hey, girly.” Baldie smiles, his voice is hoarse from years of smoking.

“Hi.” I slightly smile back.

“We heard your grandpa talking to the shopkeeper that you were hurt.” He gestures towards his friends, “So, we decided to check on you.”

“How are you feeling?” His eyes move to my plastered hand.

“I am feeling like I have a hand of stone.” I lightly laugh and raise my hand in front of them to show them.

“Do you need anything?” He asks, even with a scar on his cheek and intimidating size, there is a warmth in his eyes.

“No, thanks.” I smile, feeling touched by their concern.

“Would you guys want to come in?” I nod my head inside.

“No, actually we are going for a spin.” He shakes his head, “But first we thought to stop by and see how are you doing. If you need anything you can tell anyone of us.” He puts his one hand on one of his friend’s shoulder while the rest of them nod their head in agreement.

“Thank you.” I smile, “You guys are really good,” I say making them smile.

“Be safe,” I shout when they climb on their bikes and start to leave. Giving me their signature nod with the salute they leave.

Never judge a book by its cover, they are a perfect example of this saying. Beneath their scars, tattoos, and scary personality, they have a good heart. Otherwise, why would they come to check on a girl whom they barely know?

After ordering a large pizza, I rest on the living room couch waiting for it to be delivered.

“Why the hell isn’t your back door locked?”

Grabbing the first thing in my hand, which happens to be the TV remote, I throw with a great force at the intruder.

Alec easily catches the remote control while glaring at me.

“What the hell are you doing in my home?” I glare back at him.

“Frank asked me to check whether you are in the house or not.” He walks further into the living room like he owns the place, “Your phone was off, that’s why I came to see you.”

“So it means you have the right to break into my house?” I narrow my eyes at him.

“Who did this to you?” His expression darkens as he stares my hand.

“What makes you think that somebody can break my hand?” A laugh escapes from my mouth.

“If you believe that anyone can touch me, then you are certainly underestimating me, friend.” A wicked smile makes its way to my lips as I slump back on the couch, crossing my legs on the coffee table.

“I fell from stairs last night.” I sigh, glancing at his face which still holds a solemn expression.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

He looks slightly hurt, but why?

“I am sorry, I didn’t think it was important,” I say in a quiet voice while sitting straight.

He closes his eyes momentarily and sighs, then opening his eyes he gives a small smile.

“How are you?” He asks looking concerned, “Does your hand hurt?”

“I am fine.” I smile at him, “It doesn’t hurt much, as I am on medication. However, it itches like hell.” As soon as I say, itching starts making me want to scratch my arm.

“What happened?” He asks when he sees me making a face.

“It itches.” I glare at my hand hoping my itching will soothe from my glare.

He shakes his head and quietly laughs.

I walk toward the door, when the doorbell rings again, Alec close behind me. Paying for the pizza, I close the door while balancing the pizza box in my one hand. Alec quickly takes it from me and places it on the coffee table.

“Pepsi or water?” I ask him walking inside the kitchen.

“Water,” he replies and follows me inside the kitchen.

“Why are you following me?” I laugh and take out a water bottle, and Pepsi.

“I am not following, I am just helping.” He holds both the bottles with their necks and walks back into the living room.

It takes a lot of persuasions to make him have one slice of pizza because he is on a special diet and can’t have junk food.

Since when pizza is junk food? For me, it is comfort food.

“Here.” He pushes his phone towards me, “It is Frank,” he answers when I questioning looks at him.

“Hey, Pops,” I say balancing phone between my shoulder and ear while removing capsicum from the pizza slice.

“Why did you ask him to check if I am home or not?” I ask him after licking cheese off my fingers.

“Because I know you and Kris too well.” He chuckles, “I have already seen the look which you both shared, and I knew it you both are planning to sneak out as soon as I leave.”

He is right, we did plan on sneaking out. But the medication made me a bit drowsy so I thought it’s better to sleep.

“Now tell me, did you have dinner? Are you okay? Do you want me to back?” He asks sounding worried.

“Yes, I had. Yes, I am. And no, I want to you enjoy your off.” I roll my eyes and answer each of his questions.

“I will manage, Pops, stop worrying.” I smile, “I love you, now go and kick your friends’ ass in every challenge they throw at you. Show them that you are my Pops.” I laugh as I hear him laugh.

“Take care, and Pops loves you, Avy,” he says before hanging up the phone.

“Thanks.” I return Alec his phone.

Giving a small smile he just shrugs, the way he always does.

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