Always Together

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Chapter 32

Alec’s POV

“You look tired?” She asks looking at me with a small pout.

If it was anyone else other than her, I would have snapped. But she doesn’t need to know how much shitty my day was.

“Yeah, I am.” I sigh running my hand over my face, “It was a long day.”

She just nods and doesn’t ask anything more.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you something,” she excitedly speaks, gaining my full attention, “Somebody beat that Jeff to pulp and he is in hospital.” She grins.

Somebody has been beaten severely and is in hospital, and this thing makes her happy. Wow!

“Who is Jeff?” I ask her innocently.

Innocent and me? Nah.

“That fucker who had hit Pops car.” Anger flashes through her eyes.

Angry Firefly

“I don’t know whether to thank that guy who beat him, or punch him for beating him.” She frowns in confusion, sounding like she is talking to herself rather me.

I don’t say anything just wait for her to continue. Because in this short time I have figured she half of the time talks to herself, but still she wants me to listen to her.

It is strange, but here we are talking about Avery and there is hardly anything normal about her. She is one of her kind.

“You know, I am glad he made him suffer, but at the same time I am annoyed that it is because of him that Jeff is in the hospital.” She makes a face, “I wanted to be the one to put him there,” she groans.

I almost smiled at her. I know she gets angry at anything, but I can hardly imagine her beating someone, let alone putting someone in the hospital.

But the way she punches, tells a different story. It was not easy to absorb the impact of her punch unflinchingly, a wave of pain traveled through my arm when I caught her punch. My palm was on fire and it took everything in me not to rub my palm to soothe some pain. If there was someone else other than me, the strength behind that punch could have done serious damage to them.

Hell, it could even leave me bruised, if my reflexes weren’t so quick.

“He got bailed, bloody rich ass.” She narrows her eyes, “But I am happy that he got bailed, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been beaten black and blue.”

“Actually, if he was sent to jail, then maybe I could have arranged someone to attack him in the jail.” Her brows pinched together in concentration as if she is scheming, “You should just have the money and access to the right person to do your task.”

“How do you know all this, little Miss criminal mind?” I arch my eyebrow, thoroughly amused by her.

“Watch Prison Break, you will understand all the working behind the jail and their politics.” She purses her lips and nods her head seriously.

“After watching that series I can even plan a successful prison break.” She proudly smiles, which makes me chuckle.

Even though I am tired as hell, but talking with her always refreshes my mind.

“So, back to Jeff. How did you find about him?” I question her so that she continues to talk.

I lean back on the couch and close my eyes as I listen to her. She starts telling me everything she knows about Jeff, which she heard from some guy Mason, who works at the garage. Then she tells me her friend, Kris, told her about Jeff whom police found beaten and unconscious and brought him to the hospital.

With a sigh, she finishes telling everything she knows about Jeff. But I am not done listening to her. So even though I don’t give a damn about Jeff, I ask her more about him.

“What did you say police found him unconscious and beaten?” I ask her trying to sound genuinely shocked, to which she rolls her eyes.

“Yes, that is what I have just said.” She tries to sound irritated, but happiness in her voice can be heard.

If I would have known this earlier that beating him would make her this happy, then I would have beat him even some more for making her cry.

We have found him trying to sell drugs in the club and warned him. But that fucker still had the nerve to come there and attempt to sell drugs to some teenagers. Luckily, my men were there and caught him. And this time they weren’t so lenient. And I had got the perfect opportunity to let my anger out on him, without drawing any suspicions to why I was so ready to beat the shit out of him.

I am about to close my eyes again, but I feel her touching my hand gently. I watch her lightly running her fingers across my bruised knuckles with a concerned look.

“Do you want ice for that?” She asks staring at my hand, then she takes my other hand to look.

“No,” I tell her, and her frown deepens, making lines visible between her eyebrows.

With my free hand, I straighten her eyebrows by running my fingers between her creased eyebrows, which makes her scowl even more and she swats my hand away.

“I think you should go home and rest,” she says.

“Yeah, I will,” I say while sliding slight forward to rest my head on the headrest of the couch.

“By the way thanks for coming, even though you didn’t need to.” She smiles and leans back on her side and lies down.

My lips stretch in a small smile as I nod in response, feeling relieved that she didn’t mind that I came here without informing her.

I was surprised to see Frank calling me and asking me to check on her. But then he told me Avery’s recklessness is contagious and it will not take much convincing from her side to make Kris follow her. He wants her to stay at home, that is why he is asking me to check whether she is at home or not.

I knew Jake had a match tonight, so first I check in the club, where I saw only Kris. I immediately called Avery, but when her mobile was switched off, without thinking I left the club to see her. Because if Frank wants her to stay at home, it means there is something serious.

Again, my impulsiveness clouded my otherwise rational mind. And soon I found myself parking my car near her house. I didn’t know what to do as I can’t go in front of her door and knock like a normal guy. It can draw too much attention, which I don’t want. So the next thing was to use the back door.

When I reach the back door discreetly, the first thing which I noticed was that the door was ajar. In a duration of a few minutes, every worst scenario came into my mind. Fear grappling my heart thinking about something happening to her, but at the same time, the intense rage was also present. I would never let anyone get away after hurting her in any way. I walked inside the house without making any noise, which was not difficult, as this is like second nature to me.

But what I didn’t anticipate was a flying remote control welcoming me. In a fraction of a second, I was hit with annoyance and relieve. I was beyond mad that how could she be so careless to leave her door unlocked especially when she is alone. But more than angry I am relieved that the girl shooting daggers in my direction completely unharmed. But then my eyes landed on her cast, and again I felt like losing my shit.

When it comes to her my emotions are like a roller coaster ride. Up and down. One minute I am calm and another minute I feel like exploding.

Soft whining and something poking on my side, makes me shift my attention to the source of the sound. I have to stifle my laughter when I see Avery whining in her sleep and pushing her foot into my side to make room for her to stretch her legs.

Picking up her feet, I put them into my lap. I can stay here for some more time, then I will get back to the boring work.

My work is anything but boring. However, when it comes to Avery, every other thing seems dull.

Glancing at her I recall the day first day when I have met her. I am not even surprised that she doesn’t remember that we had met before she saw me at the club. She is really unobserving, and when you are surrounded by eagle-eyed people, it is kind of refreshing.

I wonder what will be her reaction when she will find that she is the first girl I have ever talked to.

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