Always Together

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Chapter 34

I wake up to find myself in my living room, and Alec nowhere in sight. I guess he has left when I fell asleep, I look around the room in surprise to find it clean and tidy.

Covering my mouth with my hand, while yawning I stretch myself. Then sprawling like a starfish, I simply stare at the ceiling while wondering why do we even have to wake up in the morning, I mean sleeping is so much fun and relaxing. I can sleep for hours and hours without even complaining. Soon thoughts about waking up turn into questioning the existence of some people, and then why do I have to be nice to everyone when all I want is to choke them. I feel so damn irritated in the morning just thinking about the number of idiotic people, I may cross later in the day.

Life is cruel, but mornings are cruelest.

Dragging my feet to the kitchen, I take out milk from the fridge and pour it in a glass and keep it in the microwave to warm a little, as I love slightly warm milk. Then I notice even the kitchen is cleaned, there are no dirty dishes in the sink.

“Is he real?” My mouth slightly ajars in shock, but I am thoroughly touched by Alec’s kindness.

He has not only cleaned the living room, but he has also washed the dishes even though he didn’t has to, as it would have been difficult for me to do it.

I will gift him something as a thank you.

Later in the day, I ask Mason to collect my mobile from the repair shop which I have given to repair before coming to the garage. After sending a few emails to some colleges, I lean back in my chair which makes a squeaky sound in protest.

Today is a really slow day, there is nothing much to do. Everyone is doing their work fine, without even telling them what to do. That means I can’t order anyone because they are already working efficiently.

I don’t know anything much about car mechanics other than basic, but still, I keep an eye on everything which goes around the garage.

“Here, your mobile is as good as new.” Mason strolls inside the office and places my mobile on the table.

“Thanks.” I smile then unlocking the mobile and randomly go through it, just checking whether everything is working perfectly.

“There is not much work today, so should we let everyone go early today?” Mason asks while taking a seat.

“Yeah, but just test drive the cars which are repaired today and needed to be delivered by tomorrow.” I glance at him from my mobile, “Then we can close the garage.”

“Okay, boss.” He laughs and walks outside the office.

As soon as he left, I call Alec after closing the office door. Within two rings he accepts the call.

“Thank you,” I say even before letting him say anything.

“For what?”

“For your help. Because I don’t think there is a ghost living in my house who has cleaned the living room and the kitchen while I was sleeping.” I grin.

“Freinds help each other, it is not a big deal.” He brushes off and I can almost picture him shrugging.

“You are not at home.” He states, “Why are you at the garage? And the most important question did you drive your car to the garage?” He asks.

Of course, even after closing the door, this man can hear all the noises coming from the work station.

“I got a lift from” I think for the right word, “Yeah, a friend. I got a lift from a friend.”

I was walking to the garage and find that biker baldie, whose name is Anthony, near the grocery store which comes in the way of the garage. He gave me a lift to the garage and even offered to pick me up after my work, to which I politely declined. That reminds me I should ask Pops to help me buy a bike, as it was hell fun riding the bike.

“That same friend with whom you went to that club?” He asks in a sharp tone.

“Jeez, why do I feel you are jealous of Lincoln?” I laugh.

“No, I am not. Now answer who is this new friend?”

“Anthony, he is not exactly my friend but someone I know.” Holding the phone between my ear and shoulder, I scratch the side of my plaster with a pencil.

“Anthony and his friends are part of a biker group, they look scary but in reality, they are good people.” I roll my eyes and tell him before he can ask more about him.

“He calls me girly.” I laugh, recalling how he calls me girly even when I have told him my name. He even bought me Capri Sun juice, like I am some little girl to whom he is dropping off to school.

He sighs and says something under his breath.

“What are you mumbling?” I ask.

“How are you going back home?” He asks not bothering to answer my question.

“I will walk I think or ask Mason to drop me.”

“Okay, I will come to pick you up, text me the time when you are done with your work,” he says, “And meet me in the alley behind the hardware store near the garage when I text you.”

“Hey, what if somebody kidnaps me from the alley? Sun is almost set and soon it will be dark.” I frown.

Normally, bad things can happen in alleys at night time. I am not even feeling that much bored, to let myself get kidnapped to kill some of my boredom, along with killing some retards.

“Firstly, I will text you when I will reach there, so there will be no boogie man in the dark alley,” he says, “And secondly if some moron by chance kidnaps you, you will be back with me in fifteen minutes. And I think there will not be any problem for you to make somebody’s life hell for fifteen minutes.” He lightly chuckles.

“You have slowly started getting to know me, there is still a long way to go but still, it is a good start.” A slow smile starts to spread on my lips.

“See you in two hours then.”

“See you.”

As per his words, he is already waiting for me when I walk to the alley. A small smile replaces his rigid expression, which he was carrying earlier, when he sees me approaching him.

“No boogie man?” I ask him, looking around, as I walk towards him.

“No.” He lightly shakes his head.

“And here I was hoping to see you in action, fighting off some boogie man.” I sigh loudly, feigning disappointment.

“You can always see me in action in the Battleground.” He starts walking beside me as I reach him.

“You are not that special that I will come to watch your fight.” I scoff.

“I am offended,” he says, not looking anywhere near being offended.

“Where to?” He asks as he unlocks his car.

“Can we go and watch the bike race?” I think momentarily, then remember Anthony mentioning about the bike race which is tonight.

“No,” he says deadpan.

“If you don’t want to take me where I want to go, then why did you even bother asking me?” I huff and sit inside the car.

“Because for a moment, I forgot that you can demand weirdest things.” He chuckles then closes my door.

“Let’s play twenty-one questions?” I ask as lie down on the blanket sprawled on the truck bed of his truck.

“Are we ten?” He laughs.

“No.” I raise my head from my position, and glare at him, “But we haven’t met when we were ten, so there is nothing wrong in playing this game. Plus twenty-one questions is fun,” I say in a defensive tone.

“Okay.” He rolls his eyes and stretches his legs in front of him, settling beside me.

Since I was bored out of my mind not being able to do much, so he decided we should just go for a drive outside the town. After driving around aimlessly, he parks the car off the road. And now we are sitting his truckbed enjoying nature. There is nothing much to see around, just the clear sky with some scattered stars. But somehow it feels nice.

“Favorite color?” I ask him.

“I don’t have any.” He shrugs, “But I don’t like loud colors.” He grimaces.


“Grey.” I stare at the sky.

“Any particular reason for liking this color?” He raises his eyebrow.

“Yes, there is.” I look at him, “Grey defines humans. You can’t define anyone as good or bad, because no one is completely black or white, they are the mixture of both. Just the shade of the grey varies from person to person. Some people have more black in them, and in some white is overpowering.”

He looks surprised, then he glances down slightly smiling.

“How old are you?”


“In a few years, I will come to meet you in the senior citizen’s home.” I laugh.

“Hey, I am twenty-one, I am not that old.” He glares at me, looking offended, which makes me laugh even more.

“I am nineteen, so that makes you old.” I grin, “Hey, don’t worry some girls find old men hot.” I wink at him.

“Are you also one of those girls?” He smirks and arches his eyebrow.

I find your arms hot.

“Nah.” I click my tongue, “For me, character and personality matters and the rest of the things are just bonus,” I answer him truthfully, keeping my earlier thought to myself.

“Why do you keep drawing on your plaster?” He laughs, seeing my plaster which is now turned into a cute green dragon.

“Because, whenever I see my broken hand, instead of thinking about the pain.” I smile lightly running my fingers on my plaster, “I see something good.”

I blink and glance at him.

“Something which makes this pain worth it.” I sigh look away from him, then return my gaze back to his face with a smile.

“You always surprise me,” he says quietly, with a hint of a smile on his face.

“I am so glad that you are in my life.” He takes my other hand, intertwining our fingers, surprising me, “that you are my firefly.” He looks at me with a soft expression.

An uneasy feeling settles in my stomach, because of the intensity behind his gaze.

He slowly unwraps his fingers from mine, I can feel the reluctance behind his action. Clearing his throat, he announces that we should go home, as it is getting late now. I silently nod my head, still trying to figure his slight strange behavior.

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