Always Together

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Chapter 36

Live Fast Die Young...

Bad Girls Do It Well...

Live Fast Die Young...

Bad Girls Do It Well...

Humming along with the song, I bob my head with the rhythm. I was going shopping when I got a call from Kris that she needs a ride because she left her car at home.

Just for the information, I still have both of my hands, perfectly in running condition, and the doctor is walking on this earth with his joystick. So, no damage is done at all.

I have to pick Kris from Jake’s practice. Since he is busy preparing for his fights as he has advanced in his group, they hardly get time for each other. Jake feels guilty by not giving her enough time, but the supportive and understanding person Kris is, she never complains about it. So she makes time for him, instead, and visits him whenever she can.

I have seen Jake surrounded by girls, as with his good looks and being a boxer makes girls attracted to him. But never once Kris is jealous or feels insecure with his female admirers. And why would she? As that boy has got eyes only for her. When he sees her, the way his polite smile turns into a full-blown heartfelt smile is proof that how much Kris means to him. It makes me happy to see that the same kind of love is reciprocated by Kris, too.

Stopping the car, near the Battleground, I walk outside the car and lean against it as I wait for Kris to come outside. It is almost evening, but the sun feels warm against my skin and I can feel perspiration starts to form on my skin.

The Battleground has a gym, where Jake usually practices, which allows their fighters to train there for free. Even people from outside can use it, but they have to pay a small fee. There are trainers who don’t only help you to learn any fighting form which you like, but they even help people who are dealing with weight issues.

The most comical thing which I have seen here once, a group of small kids around the age of seven to ten coming out holding the hands of those big badass looking guys after their classes. As they offer classes for kids, to promote physical fitness in them, many parents have enrolled their kids here.

Checking the time on my phone I frown, as I have been waiting here for ten minutes and still there is no sign of Kris. This seems weird because she had texted me that she is already waiting for me outside.

Pushing myself off of the car, I start walking towards the main gate and in the back of my mind, there is a nagging feeling that something is not right. The phone in my hand chimes and I feel a wave relief passes over me as Kris name flashes on the screen.

Immediately, picking it up, I open my mouth to speak but stop when I hear Kris’s voice.

“Are you out of your mind? What are you doing?”

These questions are directed towards someone else with whom she is at the moment. The fear in her voice is hard not to miss, which makes me instantly alert.

“You think if you have dragged me at the storage nobody will try to find me?” She questions the person, but it seems like she is letting me know her location.

Smart girl.

I hear some guy’s voice, but I focus on locating her.

Frantically, I look around to see where this place might be. Not focusing on my steps, I run into someone. Instantly, I hold the t-shirt of a boy who looks a little younger than me. He gives me a weird look but noticing my serious expression his expression also turns solemn.

“What is storage?” I ask keeping one hand on the mouthpiece of the phone, as the phone is pressed against my ear, “I mean...Do you know where is storage?” I shake my head at his confused look.

I can hear Kris is trying to buy me some time, to find her, as she is trying to keep the guy busy with her talk. Voices are a bit muffled, I guess she has kept her phone in her pocket.

I figured this place is somewhere near because Kris was here not very long ago. And she said dragged, there is a chance whoever dragged her might be on foot. Okay, let’s just hope he doesn’t have any car.

“Umm... it is at the backside of the building.” He jerks his thumb towards the building.

“Listen, go find Jake.” I firmly hold his shoulder to make him understand the seriousness of the situation. “Tell him to come at the storage as fast as he can, say it’s Kris.” I sprint off in the direction of the storage.

Feeling slightly relieved, when I hear him run in the opposite direction of mine, hoping he will find Jake quickly.

I slow my pace, not to alert whoever the guy is when I reach the backside of the building. Kris’s voice is clear now. The bulky looking guy, with greasy black hair and eyebrow ring, corners Kris.

“You bitch!” He says through gritted teeth, trying not to yell, probably in fear of getting found.

Idiot, he doesn’t think anyone could have come here, as it is just behind the building which is filled with men who looks like they inhale steroids.

“You left me, for that Jake?” Anger evident in his voice, while a loud sob escapes Kris’s mouth.

“Maddox, please you don’t know what you are doing.” She sobs.

Maddox? Kris’s pathetic ex-boyfriend.

Boy, we have a lot to settle.

“I know what I am doing, Krissy.” He laughs, his laugh low and sinister. “No one can have what is mine, even you are ugly and fat, but you were my bitch and will always be.”

Anger consumes me when he takes out a gun from his back pocket and points towards Kris. Kris’s eyes widen in fear at the sight of the gun.

Red. All I can see is red.

“Put that thing back in your pocket before I shove it so up in your ass, that when next time you open your mouth people can see its muzzle.” I make my way towards them, Kris’s eyes flicker towards first relief then panic settles in them. “And you have exactly ten seconds.” I stand directly in front of him.

“Who the hell are you, bitch?” He shifts the gun at me.

Extreme relieve spreads over my heart when Kris is not the front of the gun. I don’t care if it is pointed at me, because my first thought is to protect Kris. If me being at the line of fire means, Kris is saved then be it.

“Avery.” I hear Kris’s panicked voice, but I don’t waver my eyes away from the bastard standing before me.

Never look away from your opponent.

“The bitch who going to make sure this gun will be permanently fixed in your ass, if you don’t throw this away, right now,” I deadpan, clenching and unclenching my jaws to release some of my anger.

He laughs at my face, making me briefly close my eyes to control get hold of my anger.

“I am so scared,” he says mockingly, “Don’t irritate me, otherwise, I will shoot you.” He suddenly turns serious.

“Okay, go ahead.” I nod my head once at him, taking a step towards him.

“Avery,” Kris’s shouts frighteningly.

Kris leave from here!

“Stop, right there or I will shoot.” He takes a small step back, keeping his gun at my head.

“Great.” I stare directly in his eyes, not stopping until I am directly standing in front of the gun. “Come on, shoot. What are you waiting for, Christmas?” I tilt my head slightly.

“You are messing with the wrong guy, I am really going to shoot,” he says glaring at me.

“And you have already messed up with the wrong girl.” I calmly smile at him.

In a fraction of a second, I notice the curling and uncurling of his fingers around the gun and the way his Adam’s apple bobs as he swallows. His glare hardens trying to hide the nervousness behind his stare.

“Shoot.” Raising my eyebrows I prompt him, knowingly full how empty his threats are.

“You are going to so regret this.” He slightly shifts his hold on his gun.

Instantly, I jabbed my right hand as hard as I can against his wrist, ignoring the pain which shoots in my hand, which makes him lose his grip on the gun. Snatching it I throw it away, vaguely registering Jake catching it, as I spin around and elbow him on his face. Holding his nose he stumbles backward, but without wasting any time I land hard punches on his face then deliver a swift kick behind his knee which makes him fall on the ground.

Holding his arm securely I twist it, and with my foot, I push his body as far as I can, still holding his arm tightly. Gritting my teeth I tug his arm in the opposite direction, as push his body away with my foot. Releasing my hold on his arm only when I hear a popping sound from his shoulder with his loud scream of pain.

So much for threatening to shoot me. Bloody wimp!

His body slumps back into the ground, but I am nowhere close to done with him.

The vision of Kris’s terrified face keeps flashing before me, which fuels my anger. Straddling him I keep throwing punching at his face, remembering the time when he almost made Kris hate herself by constantly pointing non-existent flaws in her, especially in her appearance. I used to feel so helpless when she used to cry on the phone saying that she is ugly. This bastard ingrained in her mind, that she looks disgusting and no one will love her.

I was so scared that he will push her into self-harm, that I will lose her.

Now, I will tell him what ugly is. He hurt her then, and he was trying to hurt her now. He did his life’s big mistake by thinking to hurt my Kris.

“How dare you tried to hurt her?” I yell at his bloodied, feeling satisfied seeing his blood. “I am going to fucking kill you, you filthy bastard.”

I hear Kris screaming my name, but I am beyond furious to think something rational.

I could have lost my only friend because of him, that thought alone wants me to kill him.

I am harshly yanked back onto my feet, as somebody holds me by my elbow in a painfully tight grip. Turning my face I find Alec looking at me with a terrifyingly calm expression, but his eyes are fuming in anger.

And that anger is directed towards me?

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