Always Together

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Chapter 43

“Alec,” I call him as he walks around my room, while I sit on the edge of my bed.

“Hmm...” he says in a disinterested tone, as he examines things on my desk.

“What happened of Maddox?” I ask him chewing inside of my bottom lip.

“Why are you asking me this question? How would I know?” He brushes off without turning his face to me as he picks up the small sand timer from my desk.

“You asked someone to take care of him. So, obviously, you know what happened of him,” I say in an unconvinced tone, “And what did you mean by taking care of him?”

“Avery, you think too much.” He sighs placing back sand timer on the desk.

“I have a brain and I put it to good use, so now answer me.” I lean back on the palms of my hand, then quickly sit straight realizing what his words might mean.

“Alec, please tell me,” I narrow my eyes at him as he turns to face me, “You have not asked anyone to take that fucker to the doctor?”

“Language.” He raises his eyebrows admonishingly at me.

“Answer me.”

“Avery, he was injured he needed a doctor,” he answers calmly.

“Like fuck, he needed a doctor.” I glare at him angrily, “You have ruined all my handiwork. He deserved some more beating, not any special treatment.” I huff and cross my arms over my chest.

“Firefly, I have just asked the doctor at the infirmary to fix him up.” He walks over and sits beside me, “I don’t think that comes under special treatment.”

“I know you wouldn’t have liked if he had died.” He places his hand over mine, giving it a light squeeze.

“Oh, please, I didn’t beat him that bad, that he would have died.” I scoff.

“On the other hand, you are right, I would not have liked it.” I smile looking at him, “Because, I would have loved it. It would have been fucking great if he had died.”

Angry pout forms on my face, “Then I would have sent his body for organ donation and donated them to someone who deserves to live. Because I am sure as hell, this world doesn’t need such lowlives roaming around.”

“Jeez, calm down girl. Has anybody told you that you have a scary violent side?” He chuckles in amusement.

“Okay, let’s talk about something different.” He smiles and ruffles my hair while standing up.

“Alec.” I scowl at him removing away hair from my face.

“What’s all this stuff in this corner?” He points at the corner wall hanging shelf, which has so many memories of mine.

“Memories.” I bite my lower lips as familiar bittersweet feelings stir my heart. “You wanted to know real Avery, well, these things are real Avery.” I laugh which sounds strained even to my ears.

“These things help to keep the real Avery alive, once in a while when I feel like reconnecting with that Avery, I look at this stuff.” My lips lift in a half-smile as I walk towards the corner.

“Buns, meet my new friend Alec,” I say, picking up the old stuffed bunny, who always brought comfort and a sense of security at the time when I needed the most.

“Say hello.” I hold out Buns hand to Alec for a handshake. Alec smiles and shakes its hand, by holding it between his forefinger and thumb.

“This is Avery’s first friend Buns,” I tell Alec, holding bunny closer to my chest, “He has been always there for her and never left her alone. He is a good friend and a great listener.”

“This is the ticket to the fair which my father brought.” Keeping back the bunny, my eyes land on fair ticket pasted on the small cardboard frame.

I blink rapidly to dry the tears remembering how much I have cried when he never showed up at home that evening. As he got busy with his work and forgot that he promised Pops to take me to the fair. But then I was happy too because at least he brought this ticket, which meant he wanted to spend time with me.

“This is the first-ever drawing which I had made.” I run my hand on the crumpled paper on which I have drawn my family, me, mom and dad, and Pops.

Dad got so angry when I had shown him the picture that he crushed and thrown it across the room. The naive me thought he was angry because I have drawn him with green color, but what I did not know is the pain which it had caused him. Because mom would never be a part of any family picture.

The next morning, I found that same drawing on my desk with paperweight placed on its corner to straighten it as much it could have been possible. No doubt dad had kept it there. He loved me but never knew how to show.

“See.” Opening a small treasure chest, I hold in front of Alec who is silently watching me, “My mom knitted these mittens for me, aren’t they cute?” I grin looking at peach color woolen mittens, internally wishing instead of Pops, mom had been the one who told me about this.

Pops have always been the bridge between me and, mom and dad. Everything which I know about them is because of him. He introduced me to them, by sharing their memories with me, making them my memories too.

“Yes, they are.” He smiles softly.

“This is my mom.” I longingly smile, glancing at the beautiful woman whom I have never met, yet I crave for her love, “Mom was so beautiful.”

“Is,” Alec says picking up the photo frame.

“What?” I blink at him in confusion.

“Your mom is beautiful.” His gaze flickers between the photo and me, “She is your mom and will always be, even if she is no longer with you. Some relations never die, even if the person leaves us. Our heart nurtures those bonds with love and keeps them alive.”

“You surprise me.” Shaking my head I look down, not wanting him to see the moisture which gathered in my eyes, and then chuckle, “Either you behave like a complete jerk, who creates havoc in normal life or you suddenly become this mature guy who can bring stability in one’s life.”

“Well, you also never stop surprising me.” He raises his eyebrows as a playful smile graces his lips, “Either you behave like a fierce tigress, who can kill anyone without blinking an eye or you suddenly become a terrified kitten when you hear dog’s barking.”

Turning away from him, I laugh glancing at the ceiling, while discreetly swiping my thumb below my eyes.

This idiot can make me laugh even when I feel like crying a few moments ago.

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