Always Together

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Chapter 45

Since I don’t know where are we going for dinner, so I opted out for something casual. Taking out a simple dark red printed knee-length dress which is cinched in waist and a cardigan, I paired it with wedges.

Changing into my outfit, I apply moisturizer to my face and coat some mascara on my eyelashes. As it is just a casual dinner, I don’t see the need to put any make-up. I love doing make-up, but only when occasion requires, otherwise, I simply go with mascara and lip balm.

After brushing through my tangles, I dab some lip balm on my lips. I always apply lip balm in the last so that my hair doesn’t keep on sticking on my lips when I wrestle to remove knots from my hair.

Just when I finish getting ready, I get a text from Kris saying that they are waiting outside. Picking up a clutch, I put my mobile, lip balm, hand-sanitizer, and some mints in it as these things are a must whenever I am going out.

Writing a quick note for Pops, letting him know that I made him dinner and placed it in the microwave oven, so he can easily heat it. I lock the door behind me and climb into the car in which my friends are arguing about something.

Momentarily, they stop their argument to greet me then again pick up their argument from where they have left. From what I understand they are fighting over who drives better. At one point, I feel like I need to tell them the truth that they both suck at driving the car, but doing a great job in driving me crazy.

Thankfully, my moments of agony ends when Jake parks the car in front of a restaurant. I feel relieved to find the restaurant is not some kind of fancy restaurant. Because honestly the food served in most of the top-notch restaurants just tastes average. I think they focus more on the presentations rather than the actual taste of the food.

When we walk inside we are guided to our table, where Alec is already waiting for us. Alec gives us a small smile when he sees us.

“If we are late blame them, not me.“Jake laughs, folding his arms over the table and nods his head towards me and Kris.

“Alec, since now we have become friends,” Kris says directly looking at Alec, who slowly raises his eyebrows in a surprise when he hears the word friends. Even I am surprised because we all are not friends yet. But now since Kris has decided that we are friends, then we are friends, end of discussion. “I would ask you to apologize to Avery for being an asshole and behaving rudely with her on that day.”

Jake’s mouth hangs open in disbelief while my eyes widen in shock, looking at my friend who is giving a stern look to Alec completely oblivious to our shock.

“Well, go on.” She nods her head prompting him to apologize.

Alec is trying to suppress his smile as Kris puts on her intimidating face giving him a stern look.

“Kris, no need for that, he already-” I say after recovering from my shock.

“I am sorry, Avery,” Alec interrupts me and apologizes, my head turns in his direction only to find amusement dancing in his eyes even though his face is almost showing no emotions, “For being an asshole.”

“Avery, have you forgive him?” Kris asks me, “Or do I have to make him apologize to you again?”

I know she is serious, and if I say no, I am sure she will make him apologize again even if he doesn’t want to.

“No, no.” I quickly shake my head while laughing, “I have accepted his apology.”

“Just out of curiosity, if I hadn’t forgiven him and even he had refused to apologize again, what would you have done?” I look at Kris, anxiously waiting for her to reply.

“Then I would have slashed his car’s tires and keyed his car.” She shrugs nonchalantly.

I don’t miss the way Alec and Jake flinched when they heard what she would have done.

Men and their cars!

“Why would you do that?” Jake asks sounding like even thinking about something like this, is causing him physical pain.

“Hit where it hurts the most.” Kris raises her hand to give me a high-five.

“You are learning, girl,” I say while returning her high-five, “I am so proud of you.” I grin proudly at her.

After a while, we give our orders and wait for the food to come as we talk about anything or everything.

Excusing myself to the restroom, not because I need to use it, it was just that I was getting bored with sitting in the same place for a long time. Walking inside the restroom, I make faces in the mirror then wash my hands longer than necessary.

I leave the restroom and debate whether to return back to the table or to explore this place a little. Hallway opposite the restroom leads to the backside of the restaurant. Quickly, I make my mind to check it.

Why? Because I am bored out of mind and I need something to do.

I feel disappointed when I don’t find anything interesting at the backside. Well, I was not expecting any handsome mysterious man standing in the shadows. But still, I was expecting to find some guy peeing in the bushes, so I could have scared him by screaming.

Once I had done this and it was a lot of fun, the drunk man left a wet trail behind him. As he ran for his life.

The hair on my neck raises as soon as I feel a presence behind me, out of reflex, I elbow the person behind me. If it is someone who meant no harm, then I can apologize to them later. But my hit is blocked, and before I can do something, I am spun around and my back hits the wall.

I come face to face with Alec glancing down at me with a pleased smile. But it is too late, as my knee is already raised to destroy the baby makers of my captor. But Alec is too quick, he swiftly holds my knee and pushes it back. The next moment he presses himself against me, restricting all my movements, as his thighs are holding my legs in place and both of my hands are in his tight grip.

“Firefly, you are good, but still you need to learn some more things,” he says smugly. “But don’t worry, I will teach you.”

“What are you doing here?” I try to push him, my heart beating frantically against my chest, but he doesn’t bulge.

“I can ask you the same question.” He releases my hands but remains in the same position.

I am aware of our position, hell, my whole body is aware of this position. I can feel his warmth radiating off of his body, I am sure if I get any closer than this I can feel his heartbeat too.

“I was just checking this place,” I lick my lips nervously and mumble, not liking the weird feeling with him being this close to me.

“And I was just checking up on you,” he replies. “You were gone for long.”

“Not even five minutes have passed.” I roll my eyes, making him chuckle.

“Well, with you I can’t even take risk of five minutes. I know what you are capable of.” He lightly flicks my nose.

“C’mon, let’s get back inside.” He steps back, allowing me to breathe properly. Because I was inhaling small breaths so that my chest doesn’t touch his body. Because it would have been awkward as hell.

When I return to the table, I notice the food as has already placed on the table. A few minutes later Alec comes, his face not giving away anything.

“Sorry, the call took longer than necessary.” He sits on the chair, not even glancing at my direction.

“It okay, the food has just arrived,” Kris says with a smile.

“You know, you both can talk in front of us,” Kris leans towards my side and whispers, “There was no need for making excuses.” Her tone teasing.

“I didn’t know he will follow me,” I quietly say to her, not bothering to deny her.

“When you didn’t return after two minutes, it was clear that he got worried. And soon excused himself, too,” she says stealing a glance at Alec, “He is cute.” She giggles, as she starts eating.

Glancing at him, I realize even though most of the time his expression remains impassive. But he is a genuine and caring person.

However, it still feels strange to see Alec with us because until now he never wanted anyone to know about our friendship. Honestly, even now he is hardly interacting with me, as mostly his conversations are with Jake. But still, it is not like he trying to avoid me like he used to do earlier. Alec is trying to show his friendlier side which hardly comes out when he is around anyone.

Somewhere, I am happy to see him behaving like a normal guy, not like someone who is walking with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

As if sensing my stare on him, his gaze turns to me. He tilts his head and slightly raises his eyebrows in a questioning manner looking confused.

Smiling at him, I shake my head, then he gets back to his conversation with Jake. A small smile playing on his lips and I don’t know how, but I know this smile is for me.

The next moment his eyes briefly locks with mine and his smile slightly widens, confirming my assumption.

For some reason, I like that his smile is directed towards me.

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